The most-visited blog posts of 2010 by top job bloggers from around the world.

The list isn’t ranked, I simply added the links as the bloggers sent them to me.


Top Job Bloggers’ Most Popular Articles of 2010

Lindsey Pollak Lindsey Pollak: Top 5 Recruiter Pet Peeves REVEALED!
Lance Haun Lance Haun: Your Thoughts: Twitter and Public Speaking
Dawn Bugni Dawn Bugni: Avoid these reference mistakes
Cindy Kraft Cindy Kraft: CPA CFO vs. Non-CPA CFO
GL Hoffman GL Hoffman: Heat Up Your Job Searching Skills: Networking 101 and 102
Hannah Morgan Hannah Morgan: The Best Job Search Tool Ever
Gayle Howard Gayle Howard: When advice can be too much: The Great Resume Truth
Sital Ruparelia Sital Ruparelia: Gordon Brown’s Downfall: 6 Career Lessons For Us All
Willy Franzen Willy Franzen: Google Social Search Just Changed Job Search
Grace Kutney Grace Kutney: Internship basics – What is an internship?
Susan Strayer Susan Strayer: Don’t Ask For a Job
Susan Ireland Susan Ireland: What Email Address Should I Use for My Resume and Job Search?
Melissa Cooley Melissa Cooley: HR Manager: “I Would Much Rather Hire Someone Who is Currently Unemployed”
Rachel Levy Rachel Levy: How to Cross-Post Your Social Media Updates
Jason Seiden Jason Seiden: Influence: The Gritty
Heather Huhman Heather R. Huhman: How to Negotiate a Job Offer
Joe Turner Joe Turner: Is There a Work Gap on Your Resume?
Alexandra Levit Alexandra Levit: If Something Is Needed, Create It
Phyllis Mufson Phyllis Mufson: Are You Too Old for Career Adventure?
Jeff Lipschultz Jeff Lipschultz: Are You Pressing Your Recruiter’s Hot Button?
Krishna De Krishna De: Essential tips for running promotions and competitions within Facebook guidelines
Miriam Salpeter Miriam Salpeter: Questions to ask when networking
Alison Green Alison Green: how to prepare for a phone interview
Eve Tahmincioglu Eve Tahmincioglu: Try not to look so jobless
Meg Guiseppi Meg Guiseppi: Twitter Turbocharges Executive Job Search and Personal Brand Visibility
Tim Tyrell Smith Tim Tyrell-Smith: My Favorite Resume and CV Template: Introducing TruFocus
Pamela Slim Pamela Slim: Unicorns, rainbows and work-life balance
Jennifer McClure Jennifer McClure: Can an Internal Coach or HR Pro Be Trusted With Your Secrets?
Stephanie Lloyd Stephanie A. Lloyd: To all the naysayers
Andy Robinson Andy Robinson: Get Results with LinkedIn! – The LinkedIn Daily Workplan
Mike Morrison Mike Morrison: Kurt Lewin three step model and change theory
Donna Sweidan Donna Sweidan: Extreme Makeover: Resume Edition: 2010-11 Resume Trends
Dorlee M Dorlee M: How Much Do Social Workers Earn?
Mark Stelzner Mark Stelzner: How To Live Tweet A Conference
Laurent Brouat Laurent Brouat: I have been dumped by a recruiter
Andrew Rosen Andrew Rosen: Master List of JOB VENT Sites
Chandlee Bryan Chandlee Bryan: A Most Unfortunate Resume Mistake No One Will Tell You
Tory Johnson Tory Johnson: Is it OK for Recruiters to Say “Must be Currently Employed to Apply?”
Penelope Trunk Penelope Trunk: What it’s like to have sex with someone with Asperger’s
Career Alley Career Alley: No Experience Necessary – College Grad Job Search Revisited Vol 2
Dan Schawbel Dan Schawbel: R.I.P Twitter as a Marketing Platform
J.T O'Donnell J.T. O’Donnell: 10 Things Recruiters Won’t Tell You (But I Will!)
Jennifer Pongo Resume: 3 Questions to Ask Your Would-Be Boss at the Interview
Susan P. Joyce Susan P. Joyce: Online Reputation Management for Job Seekers
Rich DeMatteo Rich DeMatteo: An example of a personal job search website
Andy Headworth Andy Headworth: The top 20 recruitment myths and why they are all untrue!
Recruiting Animal Recruiting Animal: Dave Houle on Generation Y
Chris Perry Chris Perry: Top 25 LinkedIn Groups ALL Job Seekers MUST Join
Jason Alba Jason Alba: How To Organize Your Job Search (2): Target Companies
Barbara Safani Barbara Safani: 10 Reasons Why More Americans Are Quitting Their Jobs
Jim Stroud Jim Stroud: How To Find Hidden Jobs (Video)
Jessica Merrell Jessica Merrell: When Your Personal Brand Outshines the Corporate Brand
Jason Buss Jason Buss: Job Seekers Beware
Lindsay Olson Lindsay Olson: Cover Letter Awesomeness
Erin Kennedy Erin Kennedy: How to Explain Away a Big Gap in Work History
Jacob Share Jacob Share: 117 Funniest Creative Job and Recruitment Ads
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