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At the end of every year, I reach out to dozens of job search experts to ask for their top job search-related articles from the past 12 months.

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Top Job Bloggers' Best Job Search Articles of 2019

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jessica h hernandez avatar Jessica Hernandez: 12 Resume Writing Tips for 2019
hannah morgan avatar Hannah Morgan: 31 Tips for Your 2019 Job Search (from the pros)
biron clark portrait Biron Clark: How to Answer Desired Salary Questions on Applications and Interviews
teena rose portrait Teena Rose: Reference Checking Services For Jobseekers (In-Depth Guide)
robin schlinger avatar Robin Schlinger: Have Applicant Tracking Systems Made Recruiters Less “Resume Smart”?
donna svei avatar Donna Svei: Awesome New Tool for Resume Keywords
margaret buj photo Margaret Buj: 4 tips to write a compelling cover letter
meg guiseppi avatar Meg Guiseppi: How to Write An Irresistible Executive Resume in 10 Steps
sharon mccormick avatar Sharon McCormick: 4 Ways to Have a Life Outside of Work
dawn rasmussen avatar Dawn Rasmussen: LinkedIn Profile Killers That Make Employers Ignore You
Chrissy Scivicque avatar Chrissy Scivicque: How to Hide Your Age on Your Resume
adrienne tom photo Adrienne Tom: Executive Resume Strategy: Share Your Leadership Story
dana leavy detrick avatar Danna Leavy-Detrick: Your Complete Guide to Creating a Winning LinkedIn Profile
Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter photo Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter: Your Resume and You: Are You Standing in a Social Media Fog?
debra wheatman photo Debra Wheatman: Why Women at Your Workplace Don't Report
Mandy Fard portrait Mandy Fard: Tell me about yourself
career metis avatar Nissar Ahamed: 190+ Top Career Advice Websites (Updated July 2019)
jenny foss avatar Jenny Foss: How to Use Job Boards to Find Your Next Job (& Which Ones to Use)
gayle howard portrait Gayle Howard: The Frustration of the Over 50s Job Hunt
darcy eikenberg avatar Darcy Eikenberg: How to Start Finding What's Next: A Guide to What's Working Now
erin kennedy avatar Erin Kennedy: I Was The Perfect Fit! Why Wasn't I Hired?
Candace Davies avatar Candace Alstad-Davies: Write a Modern Educational Leadership Resume by Digging Deeper
heather rothbauer portrait Dr. Heather Rothbauer-Wanish: How to Not Appear Old on Your Resume
marc miller portrait Marc Miller: Ageism – What It Is, How to Identify It and What to Do About It
anita bruzzese portrait Anita Bruzzese: The Best Way to Answer Questions About Strengths, Weaknesses

JobTestPrep personality test

Free bonus: Download a PDF version of this article to use as a handy reference. Download it now.


rosa e vargas avatar Rosa Elizabeth Vargas: How To Build Your List of Top 10 Executive Resume Writing Services
thea kelley avatar Thea Kelley: When the interview begins with “Why are you interested in this job?”
jeremy schifeling avatar Jeremy Schifeling: Everyone Says “Follow Your Passion”​ – Here's How to Actually Do It
mark anthony dyson avatar Mark Anthony Dyson: Human Resources Trends Job Seekers Should Know for 2019
wendy terwelp avatar Wendy Terwelp: 6 Tips to Create a Networking Plan that Works
karalyn brown avatar Karalyn Brown: Want to meet someone you think is out of your league? The power of #JustAsk the question!
miriam salpeter avatar Miriam Salpeter: How to Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts
workology avatar Jessica Miller-Merrell: HR Department Job Descriptions & Templates
kirk baumann avatar Kirk Baumann: Are Your Soft Skills TOO Soft?
julie walraven avatar Julie Walraven: Why do some people struggle to land a new job?
lisa rangel portrait Lisa Rangel: The One Resume Rule That Must Die
lindsey pollak avatar Lindsey Pollak: Top 4 States And Cities Offering Financial Incentives To Relocate Remote Workers
jeff lipschultz avatar Jeff Lipschultz: Smart Strategies plus Sample Answers for Behavioral Interview Questions
daisy wright photo Daisy Wright: Your Breakthrough Might Just Be Around the Corner
marty nemko portrait Marty Nemko: 24 Rules of Thumb For a Better Life
ros toynbee portrait Ros Toynbee: Changing career to pursue an interest
J.T. O'Donnell avatar J.T. O'Donnell: How To Write A Cover Letter Recruiters Will LOVE
andrew rosen avatar Andrew G. Rosen: Bring These Gadgets on Your Next Work Trip
careeralley avatar Joey Trebif: Your Guide to Writing a Cover Letter
patricia edwards avatar Patricia Edwards: Your GOOD resume just Cost You the Job you Wanted
barb poole portrait Barb Poole: 10 Tips To Tap Into Your Career Strengths
nick jones avatar Nick Jones: How To Email Your CV To 150 Hiring Managers In 30 Minutes
angela copeland avatar Angela Copeland: Below Average Recruiter Seeks Above Average Talent
karen adamedes photo Karen Adamedes: 7 Practical Career Tips for 2019
jeff altman portrait Jeff Altman: The Truth About Fake Jobs
janet civitelli avatar Janet Scarborough Civitelli: How to Land a Job
dana manciagli portrait Dana Manciagli: Three Steps to Building a Successful Job Search Plan
jacob share avatar Jacob Share: Career Changes After 40: True Stories of Real People Who Succeeded
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