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Top Job Search Articles of 2017
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Every December, I reach out to dozens of job bloggers for their top job search-related articles.

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Top Job Bloggers' Best Articles of 2017

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Resumes and CVs

adrienne tom portrait Adrienne Tom: Executive Resumes: Longer isn’t Better!
candace davies avatar Candace Alstad Davies: Teacher Resumes: A – Z Resume Writing Strategies for 2017
joey trebif portrait Joey Trebif: 8 Tips for Printing Your Resume Professionally
biron clark ortrait Biron Clark: 10 Resume Summary Statement Examples That Get Interviews
maryann riggs avatar Maryann Riggs: 3 Top Reasons Resumes Get Rejected By Employers
jessica hernandez avatar Jessica Hernandez: 3 Tips to Freshen Up Your Resume in 2017
robin schlinger avatar Robin Schlinger: Your Job Search Strategies and Your Resume
heather rothbauer portrait Heather Rothbauer-Wanish: Top 5 Resume Mistakes to Avoid
dana leavy detrick avatar Dana Leavy-Detrick: 3 Tips for a Quick Resume Refresh
ibro palic avatar Ibro Palic: Resume Tips for 2018


christie mims avatar Christie Mims: 3 Big Networking Mistakes (That Lose You Money)
jenny foss avatar Jenny Foss: 7 Ways to Get Out of a Job / Career You Hate (When You’re Feeling Totally Stuck)
wendy terwelp avatar Wendy Terwelp: Networking Got You Spooked?

Social Media and Personal Branding

jason alba portrait Jason Alba: Finding The Gold Vein In LinkedIn
meg guiseppi avatar Meg Guiseppi: 29 Biggest LinkedIn Mistakes Most Job Seekers Make
jeremy schifeling avatar Jeremy Schifeling: The Only 4 Things On Linkedin That Matter
james hu avatar James Hu: 3 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Search (and 3 Ways to Avoid)
erin kennedy avatar Erin Kennedy: The LinkedIn Rules You Should be Following
marc miller portrait Marc Miller: Free Version of LinkedIn is Dead. May It Rest in Peace.
miriam salpeter avatar Miriam Salpeter: How to clean up your social media accounts


margaret buj avatar Margaret Buj: How NOT to network with a recruiter
will thomson avatar Will Thomson: LinkedIn Recruiter is Dead. Recruiters, It is Time to Learn How to Recruit Again!!
mary bradford avatar Mary Elizabeth Bradford: Looking for a C-Level Position? Companies Who are Hiring Right Now
karalyn brown avatar Karalyn Brown: How to get yourself headhunted in 2017, no it’s not really the same as in 2010.
jacob share avatar Jacob Share: 77 Particularly Creative Job Recruitment Ads For 2017

Job Applications

patricia edwards avatar Patricia Edwards: The recruiter told me I am OVERQUALIFIED – Truth or something Else?
brie weiler reynolds portrait Brie Weiler Reynolds: Top 20 Companies Hiring for Part-Time, Work-from-Home Jobs
barb poole portrait Barb Poole: 12 Ways to Measure Your Job Search Progress
Penelope Trunk Penelope Trunk: How to tell a new story about yourself

Job Interviews

mark anthony dyson avatar Mark Anthony Dyson: Mastering the Job Interview Process with Lavie Margolin
mac prichard portrait Mac Prichard: How to Ask about Salary and Benefits in a Job Interview
thea kelley avatar Thea Kelley: How to Answer Impossible Interview Questions, Part 1
lisa rangel avatar Lisa Rangel: 8 Insights into HR’s Mind When You Are Being Interviewed

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General Job Search

alison green avatar Alison Green: I ghosted my ex, and she’s about to be my new boss
julie walraven avatar Julie Walraven: Why Negative Thinking Gets Negative Results
hannah morgan avatar Hannah Morgan: 50+ Best Websites For Job Search 2017
lindsey pollak portrait Lindsey Pollak: HOW TO GET STARTED ON MY CAREER: 90 TIPS FOR SUCCESS
angela copeland avatar Angela Copeland: Breaking the rules and finding your perfect job
jeff lipschultz avatar Jeff Lipschultz: Staying Focused Throughout Your Job Search
maggie mistal avatar Maggie Mistal: Success Tips to Leverage a Layoff into your Dream Job or Business
ford myers avatar Ford Myers: It’s Not About The Job; It’s About Your Life!
dan mccarthy avatar Dan McCarthy: Leading with Trust
jim stroud portrait Jim Stroud: Would you hire a social justice warrior?
jacqui poindexter avatar Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter: Career Changer: What to do when you doubt your ideas + grapple with fear
martin buckland avatar Martin Buckland: Job Search – Don’t Press Pause!
mildred talabi avatar Mildred Talabi: Changing careers? Prepare for a rough ride in your job hunting!
animal portrait Recruiting Animal: Job Search Optimism
david hults avatar David Hults: 5 Job Search Detours To Avoid
jeff altman avatar Jeff Altman: The Three Things You Need to Know About Self-Sabotage & Your Job Search

Career Advice and Work Life


suzanne lucas avatar Suzanne Lucas: Kevin Spacey: Netflix Can't Fire Me
andrew rosen avatar Andrew Rosen: What To Do When You Have Nothing To Do At Work
donna svei avatar Donna Svei: How to Use the New Google for Jobs to Rock Your Career
debra wheatman portrait Debra Wheatman: Death by Meeting
lavie margolin avatar Lavie Margolin: Do you really want that promotion?
dorlee michaeli portrait Dorlee Michaeli: 25 Social Workers Share Why They Love Social Work!
shayna lee avatar Shayna Lee: REAL TALK: 5 Career Transition Myths & Tips
david shindler avatar David Shindler: How to Get Out of an Early Career Dead End
candace moody avatar Candace Moody: White Sheet, Pink Slip – Yes, You Can be Fired for Your Off-duty Behavior
janet scarborough avatar Janet Scarborough: What Introverts Need to Be Happy at Work
Caroline Ceniza-Levine avatar Caroline Ceniza-Levine: How To Build A Successful Career In A Future Without Jobs
brad waters avatar Brad Waters: My Job Sucks and I Don't Know What Makes Me Happy
darcy eikenberg avatar Darcy Eikenberg: Tough Conversations at Work: Scripts for When It’s Time for Change
career treasure avatar Sharon McCormick: Around the World: 5 Career Paths for Travel Geeks
daisy wright avatar Daisy Wright: How to Participate in the Gig Economy (Even as an Executive)
classy career girl avatar Anna Runyan: 10 Best Personality Assessments For Your Career
kirk baumann avatar Kirk Baumann: Why Skills Matter More Than Your Degree
lei han avatar Lei Han: 9 Most Important Business Communication Skills
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    – 29 Biggest LinkedIn Mistakes Most Job Seekers Make (Meg Guiseppi – under the Social Media and Personal Branding category): the article has good tips and valuable reminders about utilizing LinkedIn effectively.

    – How to Answer Impossible Interview Questions, Part 1 (Thea Kelley – under the Job Interviews category): when faced with an interview question that you can’t answer or can’t immediately answer – this article offers guidance on getting unstuck and navigating successfully through a particularly tough question.

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