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At the end of every year, I reach out to dozens of job search experts to ask for their top job search-related articles from the past 12 months. Over 40 bloggers joined in on the fun this time around for your enjoyment and job search success.

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Top Job Bloggers' Best Job Search Articles of 2023

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jeff altman coach portrait Jeff Altman: The 10-Step Guide To A Career Transition
jessica h hernandez avatar Jessica Hernandez: Are You Ignoring These 5 LinkedIn Features That Could Get You 2x More Interview Invitations?
meg guiseppi avatar Meg Guiseppi: 7 Things I Learned About Resume Writing That Changed Everything
Sarah Johnston avatar Sarah Johnston: Should you use a headshot made with artificial intelligence? We reviewed the top AI headshot sites.
lisa rangel portrait Lisa Rangel: LinkedIn PSA: Always Have A “To Present” Position
thea kelley avatar Thea Kelley: How to Make an Interview Presentation Stand Out
adrienne tom portrait 2023 Adrienne Tom: Executive Resume Headline Examples
julie walraven avatar Julie Walraven: When your journey changes suddenly
erin kennedy portrait 2023 Erin Kennedy: Am I being ghosted? Real reasons you aren't getting a callback
Erica Reckamp portrait Erica Reckamp: The Recent Evolution of Hiring Priorities
Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter portrait 2023 Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter: The Difference Between Real Executive Resume Writers + the High-Profile Resume Influencers
Gayle Howard Gayle Howard: Navigating the AI Revolution in Job Search
careeralley avatar Joey Trebif: 6 Simple Powerful Resume Tips for Impressive Results
margaret buj portrait 2023 Margaret Buj: How to convert your responsibilities into achievements
Penelope Trunk portrait 2023 Penelope Trunk: Claudia Goldin won the Nobel Prize for the truth about women and work
Lindsey Pollak portrait 2023 Lindsey Pollak: A Perfectionist’s Advice for Overcoming Decision Fatigue
jeremy schifeling avatar Jeremy Schifeling: 5 Steps to Lead Your Career Center Through the ChatGPT Revolution
Debra Wheatman portrait 2023 Debra Wheatman: My Husband Cheated on Me, and I Posted about It on LinkedIn
Wendy Terwelp portrait 2023 Wendy Terwelp: Rock Your Network®: Never Burn a Bridge
hannah morgan avatar Hannah Morgan: 33 Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Job Offer In 2023
jacob warwick portrait 2023 Jacob Warwick: Anticipate The Negotiation (Before The First Interview)
Jessica Miller-Merrell portrait 2023 Jessica Miller-Merrell: How To Break Into Human Resources
karalyn brown avatar Karalyn Brown: I try “tell me about yourself” so you don't have to
Chrissy Scivicque portrait 2023 Chrissy Scivicque: How to Project Manage Your Career
teena rose portrait Teena Rose: How to Write a Compelling Manager Resume/LinkedIn Profile for 2024: 5 Proven Strategies
mark anthony dyson avatar Mark Anthony Dyson: 50 Practical Modern Job Search Tips You Need Today
Shelley Piedmont portrait 2023 Shelley Piedmont: Power Up Your Job Search With These 7 Little-Known LinkedIn Features
Mary Elizabeth Bradford portrait 2023 Mary Elizabeth Bradford: Top 10 Best Executive Resume Writing Service Reviews – What the Savvy Executive Needs to Know
Mac Prichard portrait 2023 Mac Prichard: Oregon and Washington Job Seeker Report 2023 Highlights What Workers Want
rosa e vargas avatar Rosa Vargas: Best Executive Resume Writing Strategies In 2024
mandy fard avatar Mandy Fard: Should You Put a Picture on Your Resume
Katrina Kibben avatar Katrina Kibben: Update Your LinkedIn Profile: Two Ways To Start
Jenny Foss avatar 2023 Jenny Foss: What to Do When You Botch an Interview (and Really Want the Job)
jacob share avatar Jacob Share: 🥶 One Uncommon Thing Job Seekers Need Every Morning

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