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21 Evil Things To Do On Your Last Day On The Job

21 Evil Things To Do On Your Last Day On The Job

You’ve been laid off, fired or quit. How should you handle your last moments in the office?

21. Have a nice onion-filled breakfast before heading in to work for the last time

20. Film your final day with a GoPro’ed helmet so you can later post “highlights” to YouTube

19. Post-It notes are your friend. Hide random notes around the office in places where they’ll only be found weeks or even months later. Write things like ‘I know what you just did’ or ‘It wasn’t like this when [your name] was here’

18. Make smiley faces & leave cutesy messages (‘miss you’) on random blank pages in the photocopier or printer.

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Stop Falling into Resume Gaps

Stop Falling into Resume Gaps

How to stop resume gaps from becoming a problem on your job search.

Need a better way to explain what you did between jobs?

Trying to re-enter the job market after a long time?

Here’s how to explain your resume gaps.

Not all resume gaps are signs of poor job searching, sometimes there were legitimate reasons for the break between jobs.

During my job search in 2006, the question was often phrased like this:

“I see that you worked at in France until August 2001, but that your next job only began over a year later in October 2002. What happened there?”

I would usually grin out of familiarity with the question and then reply with something like this…

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37 Ways to Meet People Who Can Refer You to Jobs

37 Ways to Meet People Who Can Refer You to Jobs

How to start growing your job search network today.

Networking is usually the best way to find a job. But growing a network takes time so you want to build it before you need it.

Employed or not, spend at least 30 minutes per day actively reinforcing your brand and growing your network through the activities listed below.
Ways to grow your network online and off

The key question to ask is not “what can you do for me?” but rather “what can I do for you?” The more you give to your network, the more you can get from it.

1. Get an email address that’s easy to remember

A good format is (or,, etc.). This address should be for your job search only.

2. Choose your personal tagline

Find a 3-4 word phrase that relates to who you are professionally and puts you in a positive light. You want people to think that phrase when they hear your name, and everything you do work-wise should match your tagline. Use it in your email signature and begin by saying it when people ask what you do. Get ideas by seeing how people describe you in recommendations or reference letters.

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[POLL] Have You Felt Age Discrimination on the Job Search?

Have You Felt Age Discrimination on the Job Search

How common is it really?

One of the most common job seeker complaints

According to the AARP, in 2013 alone there were 21,396 claims of age discrimination filed in the US. Most people won’t even bother to file, so you have to think the actual number of incidents is much, much higher. Those claims were filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, based on the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, which “protects workers 40 and older from personnel decisions based solely on age in hiring, firing, layoffs, promotions or demotions.”

According to the Guardian, however, it’s not only older people who have reason to be frustrated. The UK Department for Work and Pensions published a report in 2012 that found that “experiences of age discrimination were more common for younger groups, with under 25s at least twice as likely to have experienced discrimination than other age groups.”


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Which iPhone Apps Do Job Seekers Need?

Which iPhone Apps Do Job Seekers Need?

100+ apps for job search success with your iPhone.

This awesome list is brought to you by Surc, a hard case that snugly turns your iPhone into a handy universal learning remote that can control almost any infrared device or appliance. It’s time to toss out that pile of remotes!

On to the list…

The apps are categorized for easy browsing and each app includes its official description.

All the apps are free unless their description says “(Paid)”, and all apps are in English unless another language is specified.

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