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Apr 23
Are Salary Surveys Actually Useful? [PODCAST]

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The numbers are there, but do they really mean anything?

After I recently published Over 100 Salary Surveys, Guides and Calculators For 2014, Mark Anthony Dyson, creator of blog, reached out to interview me for Episode 34 of his ongoing podcast series.

The podcast is split into two parts.

In Part 1, spanning the first 23 minutes of the podcast, Mark and I discussed:

* Why I spent so much effort to create the compilation
* The differences between salary surveys, guides and calculators
* Important: a typical mistake job seekers make with salary resources

And more…

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Apr 10
10 More Reasons You Should Exercise Regularly

Work Search Work Out - Dumbbell

You know you should do it, and your job search is a great time to do it.

Here’s my original list of 10 Mighty Reasons to Work Out During Your Job Search.

With those first reasons in mind-

Regular exercise will also…

11. Settle at least part of your job search into a routine. Too much of a routine is boring and can lead to job search-prolonging inertia, but some routine is good so you don’t feel like your search is ever spinning out of control.

12. One nice element of routines is that progress is easier to track. Even simple tracking of your exercise will build the habit of tracking your job search progress, which will ultimately lead to faster results.

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Apr 3
The Biggest Job Search Problem With LinkedIn

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LinkedIn might be great for job seekers, but it has one big flaw.

Why LinkedIn is great for your job search

No employer likes to think their employees are actively looking for a job outside the company, and that’s regardless of whether you’re doing it on company time or not. Pretty much every employee understands and knows this.

It used to be that if you posted your resume online as part of your job search and your employer found out about it, you could be:

* invited to an uncomfortable, trust-straining meeting to explain the discovery
* quietly put on an internal HR list of people to be replaced asap (possibly before you find a job elsewhere!)
* or even, fired outright

LinkedIn essentially put an end to this.

Nowadays, most employers expect or even require you to be on LinkedIn.

That’s right- where in the past employers frowned upon you having your resume online, those same employers now want you to have your resume online.

However, though you can now have your cake, it doesn’t mean you get to eat it too.

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Mar 27
Over 100 Salary Surveys, Guides and Calculators For 2014

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Know the market rate for a job before recruiters ask what the rate is for you.

Salary surveys help you:

* Understand your current market value, locally or abroad
* Learn about options for relocation, where your market value is that much higher
* Learn about other career options where you could earn enough, or even more

And that’s why I compile these lists for you.

How to use this list

As much as possible, I try to only list sites that are credible and have compiled their own numbers from their own sources. For best results, compare multiple surveys to reinforce your impressions, especially since you might end up making decisions with these numbers in mind.

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Mar 20
It’s JobMob’s 7th Birthday!

7 year birthday cake

7 years and counting.

It’s been a strange year.

A few people have even asked whether I’ve lost interest in blogging, or they’ve just come out and said that I seem to be putting in less effort than usual.

The latter is actually true. I did put in less effort this past year than usual. And you can tell:

* JobMob readership continues to grow, albeit more slowly than in recent times, while traffic has dropped significantly both from search engines and social media.
* People are still sharing JobMob articles at a high rate but we’re all suffering more than ever from info-overwhelm, leading fewer people to click through and visit even if they do go on to reshare the link that was first shared with them.

But this isn’t because I’ve lost interest, mind you, not even close. Rather, it was because I’ve been focused on creating an Internet startup company. (Surprised? Tell me in the comments)

You’ll hear more about that soon enough, but in the meantime, change is coming and you can expect me to remove all doubts anyone’s having about my ongoing commitment to you and JobMob.

Next year, I’m going to look back on the best year yet and hopefully you will too.

Count on it.

And it’s already begun…

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