Starting a 5th year and counting…


Although JobMob's first blog article appeared back in December 2006, I waited until March 21st 2007 before officially launching the site with press releases and fanfare.

Part of it was that I didn't really know much about blogging back then, and part of it was that I just wasn't sure in which direction JobMob would go.

Of course with that name, it would be mostly about job search (although the first article wasn't) and I always felt it could appeal to a wide audience (although the first articles didn't), but it took some time for me to discover my blogging voice or rather, for me to really become comfortable with growing that voice in public, with its ups and downs while you, my kids, the Googlebot and just about anyone was watching.

That must be why one of the first posts was a craptacular piece about making mistakes in public and coming out smelling like roses. (It's ok, you don't need to read it. Seriously, resist the urge to click.)

Still here? Good 🙂

I've had a lot of fun so far, a lot more than I expected. And if you can believe it, I don't even like writing (!).

Well, that's only partly true. I don't like doing what I consider to be writing, but I definitely still enjoy blogging, being creative and looking for ways to do things differently.

Most importantly though, I love meeting and re-meeting great people from around the world, across all professions and cultures, while trying to help as many people as possible and getting some help myself. From people such as…

Thank you for all the support

Jason Alba of JibberJobber. Gold Sponsor of 2010's 4th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest and a co-blogger who regularly mentions JobMob. One of the people I appreciate most online and an all-around great guy.

Susan P. Joyce of Another good friend, fun to chat with and great for bouncing ideas off of.

Tim Tyrell-Smith of Tim's Strategy and the Career Sherpa, Hannah Morgan. Two of the most underrated job search bloggers coming out of America.

Dan Schawbel of The Personal Branding Blog. Also a sponsor of last summer's guest blogging contest, a friend and a Twitter RT champ of JobMob articles.

All other JobMob sponsors, of contests, events, articles, etc.

Melissa Cooley of The Job Quest. Another up-and-coming job search blogger who chips in to support JobMob in every way.

The many guest authors, whether they contributed once, or multiple times in the past year like Nisa Chitakasem of Position Ignition, Moshe Egel-Tal of IsraPay and Ronni Kives.

All other job search & recruiting bloggers who respond quickly when I ask, like with the 56 Most Popular Job Search Blog Posts of 2010.

All Community Favorites contributors, especially the repeaters such as Susan Ireland of Susan Ireland's Job Lounge and Heather R. Huhman of Come Recommended.

Every insightful commenter such as josh, Nir of JobVoyage, Teresa Hessler, Hayim Abramson, Jonathan Degani – the latter were also guest posters

Regular Twitter RT champs such as Jorgen Sundberg, Donna Sweidan, Recruiting Animal, Greig Wells, Hannah Katsman, Dawn Bugni, Dorlee, Brad Shorr, Phyllis Mufson, Meg Guiseppi, Miriam Salpeter, Karen Swim, Maria Duron, and more

Friends like Uriah Av-Ron of Oasis PR and David Corman of J-Town Productions, who are quick to bring mentions of JobMob to my attention and others'.

Everyone who emailed, messaged, called, and reached out in anyway to give me feedback about the site or JobMob content they saw anywhere else.

YOU, for reading, learning, sharing, enjoying and giving back in any other way that you do.

A look back


It would be easy to say that the past 12 months have been the biggest yet for JobMob, but that doesn't tell the whole story.

It was also gratifying to finally upgrade to better hosting services, just one of the updates that were made throughout the year to make JobMob faster and better.

However, I missed out on my main goal for the year, which was to launch my first paid product.

But that last one has only been delayed, and work has been ongoing for some time…

A look ahead

  • I'm now aiming to launch not one, but at least 2 products & services in the coming year.
  • At least one ebook is coming but a book might be in the mix, too.
  • In a word: video
  • There will definitely be a 5th Guest Blogging Contest in the summer of 2011

The first announcement with more information will appear next Monday, March 28th 2011 due to technical issues: Wednesday, March 30th 2011.

Wish JobMob a happy birthday in the comments below…

Jacob Share

Job Search Expert, Professional Blogger, Creative Thinker, Community Builder with a sense of humor. I like to help people.

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  2. Jason Alba

    Congrats!! You’ve had a great run, have raised the bar, and will have a fantastic future 🙂

  3. Tim Tyrell-Smith

    Jacob – Congrats on four awesome years – amazing what you have accomplished! I greatly appreciate your friendship and guidance. I’m lucky to know ya. 🙂 Cheers to “4 more years” of greatness.

  4. Melissa Cooley

    Yes, a very happy birthday to JobMob! And congratulations on an amazing year for you, Jacob 🙂

    Ditto what Tim said — I feel very lucky to know you and have much gratitude for your advice and the questions you’ve posed to get me thinking. Can’t wait to hear about all the wonderful things yet to come!

  5. Roseli A. Bakar

    Happy B’day JobMob and congrats Jacob. Wishing you another great year ahead.

  6. Tahl Wilson

    I love reading what you have to say- your creativity is refreshing and I look forward to every new post!

  7. Stephanie Share

    Joyeux anniversaire ! Je suis fière de toi !

  8. Jorgen Sundberg

    Well done Jacob and that’s very impressive numbers!! Now I’m just wondering when that Twitter book is ready 😉

  9. David Corman

    Happy Birthday! Here’s to many more years of helpful and interesting posts from JobMob!

  10. Career Sherpa


    Happy 4th Birthday! This is a wonderful milestone for you and I am so excited to hear about what’s on the horizon for you in the future!

    Full steam ahead!

    And, by the way- many, many thanks for noting me in your post! I am deeply flattered!

  11. Natasha Shine

    Congrats Jacob! You truly are amazing! Happy 4th Birthday JobMob!

  12. Karen Swim

    Congratulations Jacob on 4 amazing years and all that is too come! You are truly a superstar and I look forward to celebrating even greater successes!

  13. Kate

    Wow! You’ve probably been running this blog longer than you’ve held any job.

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