These are some of the most popular articles from the top English job search and career blogs in the world.

Chain linksThis article took a long time to compile. Enjoy!

Job search strategies

Recessions, Layoffs & Unemployment

Personal branding & marketing

College Graduates & Gen-Y

Job interviews


Job search resources

Social media




Entrepreneurship & Freelancing


In the workplace



The idea for this article came from my blogger friend Jacob Cass, with his The Most Linked to Pages of Top Design Blogs, in which he explains how to make a list like this one using Yahoo! Site Explorer. If you think I've missed any blogs, it might be due to how Site Explorer ranks them but you never know, so feel free to suggest them in the comments below.

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  • Simon- thank you

    Jennifer- don’t thank me, thank the people who linked to your blog.

    Mohammed- your blog is off to a good start, and I like what you’re doing, but you need more inbound links to crack this list. Hopefully by next time?

  • Great collection! Of course, I always love article collections that include one of mine. Thanks, for your work on this, Jacob! I’ll share this link with others.

    Joe Turner, The “Job Search Guy”

  • Thanks for choosing one of our best articles to feature on this list! Sadly the more I learn and read the less I know – I have a lot of reading ahead of me now.

    Is there any different between grey and blue text?

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