What almost a million people enjoyed most on JobMob this year.

The Most Unbelievably Popular JobMob Articles of 2014

Top 10 Most Popular New JobMob Articles of 2014

These articles were all published in 2014. The list is ranked according to pageviews, where 1) had the most views.

For the 3rd year in a row, almost half the list was contributed by guest bloggers. #10 is the one I'm most proud of, but #7 is my favorite in the list.

10) 35 Resume Filenames Recruiters Won’t Respond To

What if you’re accidentally aiming for the resume black hole?

9) Over 100 Salary Surveys, Guides and Calculators For 2014

Know the market rate for a job before recruiters ask what the rate is for you.

8) Keyword Research: All Job Seekers Need to Know

How to find the right keywords for your job search.

7) 150 More Funniest Resume Mistakes, Bloopers and Blunders Ever

And all of these really happened.

6) 15 Nerve-racking Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Preparation is the zen of the job interview.

5) The Secret to Boosting Your Reputation Online

How to spin your online presence for best results.

4) 55 Great Job Recruitment Ads From Around the World

What the most creative companies are doing to get you on board.

3) 30+ Internships and Fellowships in Israel for 2014

All you need to find the best internship in Israel this year.

2) Where To Find Israel Internships and Fellowships Online

You just need to know where to look.

1) Introverts’ Guide to a Smooth Job Search

Looking for a job doesn’t have to be so hard.

Top 10 Most Popular JobMob Articles Overall of 2014

These were the JobMob classics that have attracted millions of people in the past few years.

10) 111 Smart Resume Section Headings and Titles

The list is divided into sections, just like your resume, to group the related headers together for easy reference.

9) 5 Ways to Find Jobs in Israel Before Arriving

If you’re considering a move to Israel, you’re likely asking yourself the same questions that Bari did in a recent email:

I am planning to move back to Israel this summer (most likely in August). When should I start seriously looking for a job? Is it unrealistic to have a job in place before I arrive?

8) 500 Positive Resume Action Verbs That Get Job Interviews

Positive action verbs make your resume achievements sound even more impressive. Use this long list of action verbs to make your resume sizzle.

7) 150 Funniest Resume Mistakes, Bloopers and Blunders Ever

People write the strangest things on their resumes, sometimes downright hysterical. Why should only recruiting managers get to laugh at these? The Top 10 are at the bottom. Enjoy!

6) 117 Funniest Creative Job and Recruitment Ads

The most creative and funny job ads that recruiters are using to get your attention.

5) 9 Tips for a Surprisingly Helpful Hobbies & Interests Resume Section

Why you might include the one resume section that most people don’t.

4) 60 Resume Achievement Writing Ideas and Expressions

As a salute to Israel’s 60th birthday, here are 60 kinds of achievements that you might not be emphasizing enough on your CV or resume.

3) 123 Beautiful Personal Logos, Monograms and Wordmarks For Your Inspiration

A personal logo or monogram is a great way to look professional. Here are over 120 designs to inspire you.

2) 130 Positive Personality Adjectives For Your Next Job Interview

Last week, I asked you if you could describe yourself in one word. In anticipation of that personality-testing job interview question, here’s some adjective help that will also make you happier.

1) 36 Beautiful Resume Ideas That Work

Make your resume stand out by using a beautiful design that most people have never seen before. Here are some terrific resume ideas to inspire you.

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