Last week, I asked you if you could describe yourself in one word. In anticipation of that personality-testing job interview question, here’s some adjective help that will also make you happier.

130 Positive Personality Adjectives For Your Next Job Interview
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Dilbert blog

Uplifting subliminal messages?

When Scott Adams asked his readers to look at themselves, he made an interesting discovery with the results. According to the Dilbert creator – also a trained hypnotist – reading the below list of adjectives quickly will boost your spirits. And you know what? It works!

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  1. agreeable
  2. alert
  3. alluring
  4. ambitious
  5. amused
  6. boundless
  7. brave
  8. bright
  9. calm
  10. capable
  11. charming
  12. cheerful
  13. coherent
  14. comfortable
  15. confident
  16. cooperative
  17. courageous
  18. credible
  19. cultured
  20. dashing
  21. dazzling
  22. debonair
  23. decisive
  24. decorous
  25. delightful
  26. detailed
  27. determined
  28. diligent
  29. discreet
  30. dynamic
  31. eager
  32. efficient
  33. elated
  34. eminent
  35. enchanting
  36. encouraging
  37. endurable
  38. energetic
  39. entertaining
  40. enthusiastic
  41. excellent
  42. excited
  43. exclusive
  44. exuberant
  45. fabulous
  46. fair
  47. faithful
  48. fantastic
  49. fearless
  50. fine
  51. frank
  52. friendly
  53. funny
  54. generous
  55. gentle
  56. glorious
  57. good
  58. happy
  59. harmonious
  60. helpful
  61. hilarious
  62. honorable
  63. impartial
  64. industrious
  65. instinctive
  66. jolly
  67. joyous
  68. kind
  69. kind-hearted
  70. knowledgeable
  71. level
  72. likeable
  73. lively
  74. lovely
  75. loving
  76. lucky
  77. mature
  78. modern
  79. nice
  80. obedient
  81. painstaking
  82. peaceful
  83. perfect
  84. placid
  85. plausible
  86. pleasant
  87. plucky
  88. productive
  89. protective
  90. proud
  91. punctual
  92. quiet
  93. receptive
  94. reflective
  95. relieved
  96. resolute
  97. responsible
  98. rhetorical
  99. righteous
  100. romantic
  101. sedate
  102. seemly
  103. selective
  104. self-assured
  105. sensitive
  106. shrewd
  107. silly
  108. sincere
  109. skillful
  110. smiling
  111. splendid
  112. steadfast
  113. stimulating
  114. successful
  115. succinct
  116. talented
  117. thoughtful
  118. thrifty
  119. tough
  120. trustworthy
  121. unbiased
  122. unusual
  123. upbeat
  124. vigorous
  125. vivacious
  126. warm
  127. willing
  128. wise
  129. witty
  130. wonderful
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  • Interesting to see that just adjectives can give you so many ideas to describe yourself. Nice one! I like this!
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  • Yea. This is good. But what the hell has hypnotism got to do with this?! This isn’t hypnotism, this is simply positive/good/happy things – of course it’d make you feel a bit beter reading the list — good things make you feel better and this list would also probably make you think of a few positive things which will also make you feel better. All good and valid, just don’t tarnish it by calling hypnotism. please.

  • This did not help me with my interview. They called the cops on me and said i was weird. I then yelled the positive words at the boss, but that did not help either. This site is a sham! Don’t yell the words does not work.

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