Can You Describe Yourself in One Word?

Scott Adams asked his readers to describe themselves in one word. We usually find it pretty easy to call other people names, but could you do it for yourself in a job interview?

Positive Words Poetry MagnetsIt's a good intellectual exercise that's harder than you'd think.

One real-world example

From one of the comments on Scott's article:

“I was asked this very question in an interview.

I stammered, so he (the interviewer) revised it, “One *good* word”. I was still dumbfounded, so he revised it yet again, “One *good* word, one *bad* word.”

Smart. Ass.

Easy 🙂

I got the job.”

Funny bonus

Actually, the exercise was a 2-parter. Scott also asked that people describe him in one word too and some people linked the two together. ‘Me' is the commenter, and ‘you' is Scott Adams. Here are the ones I liked most:


Me: Hamburger
You: Tofu-burger

Me: Enginerd
You: Philosotainer

me: drunk
you: which one

You : Entertainer
Me: Audience

Me: Unemployed
You: Over-employed?

You: Confuser
Me: Confused

Me: Tarzan
You: Jane

Your turn

Imagine if you were asked to do this test in conciseness in your next job interview. Without using ‘unique' (too easy), how would you respond?


Need suggestions?

Here are 130 Positive Personality Adjectives.

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