If you're considering a move to Israel, you're likely asking yourself the same questions that Bari did in a recent email:

5 Ways to Find Jobs in Israel Before Arriving

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I am planning to move back to Israel this summer (most likely in August). When should I start seriously looking for a job? Is it unrealistic to have a job in place before I arrive?

These 2 questions are slightly different but very much related. Let's look at them in reverse order. But first-

El Al jetKeep in mind these 2 points

  • You will almost always want to physically meet the key people with whom you're going to be in close contact at work i.e. your boss and colleagues. Budget for at least one trip to Israel to meet them and sign the contract.
  • The higher your level of Hebrew is when you begin your job search, the higher your chances of finding work in Israel quickly. This is true regardless of whether you begin your Israeli job search in Israel or halfway around the world.

On to the questions…

Is it possible to find a job before moving to Israel?

If your profession requires a license to practice in Israel – e.g dentistry or medicine – forget a job search from abroad. You should focus instead on getting the conversion exams done as quickly as possible after arriving, perhaps by beginning your studies at home first.

For most other people it's also unrealistic. Israeli companies will simply not be willing to take the chance on someone they can't see in their office during the next week or two. For all they know, you may decide not to come, or to postpone and then where would they be?

However, there a few cases where it is possible:

  1. You get lucky – the company you're targeting is having trouble hiring locally. To compromise, they're willing to wait a reasonable amount of time until you arrive. In Israel, this is not as unusual as in other countries because so many companies work on the international level and may have trouble finding people who know the necessary languages and culture. This is where researching your target companies can pay off.
  2. Internal transfer from your current multinational employer – for example, if you work for Google in California or Zurich, you can try to be relocated to Google Israel.
  3. Freelancing for an Israeli company – using a website like Xplace you can begin working for an Israeli company today. You'll start learning about the Israeli sector of your industry right away and make contacts that can help you transition into a full-time, salary-paying job later.
  4. Aliya organizations' placement programs – in France in 2005, the Jewish Agency was pushing an employment program aimed at bringing people to Haifa and the northern regions of Israel. The program promised to help you find work in your field with employers who were willing to wait up to 6 months for you to begin in their offices. Contact your country's aliya organizations for information about similar initiatives.
  5. Your moving date is soon – which leads nicely into the next question: When Should You Start Your Job Search Before Moving to Israel?

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  1. Justin

    I am an Indian searching job in Isreal,I wish to work as caretaker of older people, I am 43 years old and have a travel document.

    1. Hitesh

      I am an Indian searching job in Israel,I wish to work as caretaker of people, or in hotel or any type of good work I am 21 years old and have all documents ready. i have done my Diploma in computer application.
      waiting for your reply.

    2. mr okoro emmanuel

      Am a Nigerian and wish to live and work in isreal.pls I need your assistance to get a job, thanks.I expect your reply.

      1. lakpa

        Hiii sir my name is lakpa mulan i am. Mechanical engineer so i am esarching for job

    3. Lijo Joseph

      please contact me with your docs to work in Israel as a caretaker +91 8893167224

    1. nishant adhikari

      dear sir
      i am nishant adhikari from nepal.i worked in nepal police before and now searching sponcer and a job in abroad as a security officer of any country i have vip and vvip tranning and weapon tranning in nepal police .you can contact me +9779861181717 or my gmail adress (adhikarinishant2050@gmail.com)

    2. Romeo ragunton

      Sir i am willing to work in esrael and my possible target is in the janitorial service group there, i am an experience hardworker before i am in tje military here in my place and welling to find another much better opportunities in esrael for future.

    3. basanti chetri

      I too want to do job as a caretaker,my age is 24.I want to know how to go Israel and what is the expenditure of going like visa and all that.

  2. prax

    I am an Indian searching job in Israel,I wish to work as caretaker of people, or in hotel or any type of good work I am 21 years old and have all documents ready. i have done my Diploma in computer application.

    waiting for your reply.

  3. Jacob Share

    Prax, you should also check the link above that I gave Justin. But, why would you want to work as a caretaker or in a hotel if you have a diploma in computer applications (not sure that that means)?

  4. stalin prabhu .k

    I am an Indian searching job in Israel,I wish to work as caretaker of people, or in hotel or any type of good work I am 23 years old and have all documents ready. i have done my B.sc {HOTEL MANAGEMENT } & M.B.A.

    waiting for your favourable reply

  5. Peter Lydon

    Hi,I am an English qualified & experienced welder & fabricator with extensive experience & knowledge.I am looking for a change, having worked all over europe & think Israel would be great.
    Do you think there would be many opportunities to come & work in this field?….If so, would you recommend me actually coming in person too look?
    thanks for your advice in advance.

    1. Ranjan Sah

      Proses to job

  6. Peter Lydon

    Hi Jacob,
    To be honest with you, Id be looking for secure employment…..working in construction is something I have experience of & Im not opposed to working in any capacity as long as its legal.
    Having trawled this website, which I find informative, I still am a bit of a new guys in the ways of finding work in Israel.
    Thanks for the advice not to come jobhunting as a first step……I’d been thinking it was my best chance.,
    regards, Pete.

  7. Jacob Share

    You’re actually in luck. If there’s one field in Israel where foreigners can get easy work, it’s construction.

    Here’s what you should try. You seem to be surfing via the Netherlands. Many foreign construction workers are contracted via manpower organizations, such as Manpower. I’ve contacted Manpower Israel to see what they recommend you do but in the meantime, you can contact Manpower Netherlands and ask them the same thing. Perhaps you can be hired over there but put to work here. Might simplify everything for you.

  8. Peter Lydon

    Dear Jacob,
    Thanks for your helpful reply.I did actually look on both the manpower & addecco israel websites & now realise that I also should be studying Hebrew , as their websites are all in Hebrew……( I have already started )….I will check directly with those agencies both here in Netherlands & in my home country England….see what comes up.Also I’ll keep a close eye on any info here on this website.
    I very much appreciate your advice so far .

  9. Jacob Share

    Peter, Manpower Israel just replied. To quote in translation:

    “Please send in a relevant CV in Hebrew indicating where he will live in Israel (or is hoping to live) and we will check his work possibilities”.

    By “relevant CV”, they mean a resume/CV that emphasizes your welder/fabricator and any other pertinent experience.

    I had suggested “construction” but you shouldn’t feel limited by that; decide what you’d most like to do and go for it. Let the Manpower company propose something different if that’s all they have available.

    1. George

      Hello Jacob. I’m just arrived in Israel. I’m Georgian And i have only a tourist visa.i want to work on construction,hotel or gardening erc.Any suggestion? Thanks…

  10. Jim Schultz

    I am a helicopter pilot and am looking for a job in Israel. Any suggestions? I looked at several websites but I don’t read Hebrew?

  11. Jacob Share

    Jim, for many English job listings, take a look at the Israeli Must Reads section of the Best Of tab here on the right. In particular, the Ultimate guides and the Yahoo groups article.

    However, the Israeli Ministry of Transport criteria for converting a foreign helicopter pilot’s license to its Israeli equivalent requires “the ability to read, speak and understand Hebrew…” (#5). So that’s where you’ll need to begin.

  12. amit shah

    I am an nepali searching job in Israel,I wish to work as caretaker of old or child people before i work in nepal 3 years old and child people,i don`t speak hebrew langauge.

  13. nawfal

    im nawfal 25 years from moroccain …im a moroccain origin boy i search a job in israel …
    can i do enything for thats …

  14. Joseph Ginsberg

    Hi I am a South African Jewish Male considering Aliya. I currently work in the franchising industry primarily in the food sector, where would I begin the process of finding employment and moving across?

  15. Jacob Share

    Hi Joseph, I’m not very familiar with your industry and your description isn’t very clear (you could be an exec or a hamburger flipper).

    Aside from the article above, you should also see some of the related articles if you haven’t already.

    If you have a higher-level job ie. don’t actually work in a restaurant or processing center, I would leverage your international background and apply to multinational franchisers that are in Israel like McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut and non-fastfood restaurants.

    A useful site for you is Israel Franchise Promotion Center

  16. joseph

    Hi Sir, i am an indian presently working in a 5 star hotel. having good experience in care taking elderly men housekeeping all laundry works gardening etc. i love israel. i wish if any elderly men hire me. my tel. 009656586064

  17. Net Sophea

    I am Asian, married with Jewish guy and moving to Israel soon with my family as Aliya . I have an accounting degree and was working in hospitality industry. It looks not easy to find the job without Hebrew. I would like to get some recommends. Thanks

  18. Jacob Share

    Sophea, Hebrew is important but there are jobs in Israel that don’t require Hebrew fluency initially, especially if you’re planning to learn Hebrew as you live here. The accounting industry will require it but the hospitality industry – tourism in particular – will have some openings albeit entry-level or just above. But that can be a great way to ‘get your foot in the door’ and learn the Hebrew you need to advance.

  19. Net Sophea

    Dear Jacob,
    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’m going to learn Hebrew in the ulpan but as you know learning languages it takes time. Do you have any idea which recruitment agencies specialise in hospitality industry? Do you think an Israeli company able to provide opportunity for an asian graduated accountant even as an entry level position?

  20. Jayantha K.Piyadigamage

    I am a manager working in a private recruitment company since last 17 years and now I am trying to move to Israel company to work as any suitable position to develop my career and to find a business partner from there to start a recruitment.

  21. Jacob Share

    Sophea, regarding the hospitality industry, the most well-known placement agency is HR Search. You may also find useful information in this article: Tourism and Hotel Work – Second Edition.

    Regarding the accounting industry, it depends on where you got your degree. Are you familiar with local practices or international practices? Consider also- would you be able to help a company with business in Asia?

  22. Jacob Share

    Jayantha, do you have a question? Read the comments above and especially the linked articles.

  23. Net Sophea

    Thank you for the links.

  24. joseph

    sir i need a job in israel. please reply

    1. jiju k. chacko

      I am an indian aged 43years.I am looking for a caregiver job in Israel.Isnt any chance to get a visa for males.what is the age limit same field
      thanking you

  25. Allan Leicht

    I have just made aliyah (Feb. ’08). I worked in NYC government for the last 10 years as public information, press and public relations officer (Giuliani, Bloomberg administrations), writing speeches, official testimony, policy, reports, articles, etc. Prior to that I had a Hollywood career as a producer and writer of television series and movies.

    Any suggestions? Thanks and Chag Sameach!

  26. Jacob Share

    Allan, mazel tov on your aliya. It sounds like you’re a very talented guy who has a lot to offer, and you should be able to attract attention in both those industries here in Israel. The first question people will ask is- how’s your Hebrew? Do tell.

    There are 2 immediate ways that we can help you here at JobMob.

    1) You can do a JobMobber Profile and see if the JobMob Community has leads and suggestions.
    2) You can join the JobMob LinkedIn Group and be found by the jobfinders there.

    What would be your dream job in Israel?

  27. vipinkumar

    iam an indian now iam in kuwait working as a custumer relationship officer in kuwait in almulla international exchange company iam graduate in commerce how can i get a job in isreal

  28. Joyce Pearl Javier

    Hi! I’m a Filipino and planning to go to Israel early next year as a tourist and hoping to find a job as well. I’m a pharmacist, medical transcriptionist and can work as a medical secretary as well. Are there any hospitals that I can apply for? I’m willing to learn Hebrew. I’m so much interested to work in Israel. Is it possible for me to find a job when I’m there and get a working permit?

  29. Vee

    I am a 22 year old female looking to work in Israel for a few years but have my boyfriend with me. I have been working in a quantity surveying company now for 3 years as receptionist but have learnt a lot and can now also measure on AutoCAD to some extent. What would the chances be of me going into a job straight away? Or would I be better off working in a Kibbutz?

  30. Jacob Share

    Vipinkumar, Israel’s labor laws are similar to other countries’. As a foreigner, you need to convince a local company to sponsor you so that you can get a work visa. There are manpower agencies that can help if you work in construction or agriculture.

  31. Jacob Share

    Hi Joyce, the answer to your question is “yes”. It *is* possible to find a job here and get a work permit. If you can get such a sponsor company, you can even get your tourist visa converted to a work visa without you having to leave the country. That said, it will be hard without the Hebrew unless you are willing to begin in health care (like many other Filipinos in Israel) at least until your Hebrew is improved. It sounds like you might be overqualified in that role, however. You might consider volunteering initially as a way to get your foot in the door somewhere and to give you chance to learn Hebrew here.

  32. Jacob Share

    Hi Vee, do you have an Israeli work permit? What does it mean that you “have my boyfriend with me”? See the other responses here in the comments, but in general, it’s very difficult to arrive from outside the country and go straight into a job even *with* a work permit (unless you had already signed the job contract before you arrive).

  33. Joyce Pearl Javier

    Hi Jacob! Thanks so much for the info. I appreciate it a lot. My mom is an Israeli citizen (I forgot to tell you). Will it be an added point? Well, do you know of any company or hospital that sponsor someone like me? I can do any jobs related to my profession as a medical graduate.

  34. Jacob Share

    Joyce, I just spoke with the Israeli Interior Ministry and the answer surprised me. Apparently, the fact that your mother has Israeli citizenship is actually an *obstacle* for your work visa. As illogical as it sounds, the representative was very clear that “based on the information I gave her (the rep.)” even if a company was willing to sponsor you, your work visa request would be rejected because someone in your immediate family is an Israeli citizen.

    I would suggest asking your mom to make more inquiries for you with her closest Interior Ministry branch because it’s always possible that some information you haven’t shared could be helpful.

    1. sanjeev

      Dear sir
      I request I need job Israel iam frm india hyderabad I still working dubai emirates flight catering I need job in Israel please help me how to apply visa process and any company recuirement iam complete bachelor of Commerce and 4 years experience but I want Israel any job sir…

  35. Joyce Pearl Javier

    Hi Jacob! Thanks a lot again. I was surprised also to hear that. Well, can you help me some more? Can you just give me other ways to find work there? Are hospitals sponsoring for someone like me? I hope there are still ways that I can do to work there. I would gladly appreciated any help you can give me. Thank you for the effort.

  36. Paul David Pollac

    Hi, I am a senior project planner with experience in EPCM and construction planning (petrochemical).
    I would love to do an aliya to Israel with my family but am not sure if there are availabilities for my line of work.
    I am fluent in english, hebrew, french, flemish and italian.

  37. Jeffrey Arulraj

    I am Sri lankan christian,I love Isreal,And I like to work in a Cafe or a coffee shop,I have worked at Starbucks+Kentucky fried chicken,American fast foods,At the movement I am working in Sri lanka as Health Coordinator For local Medical NGO,I have worked at church elders home,I have expeirance in working with old and Rich,and Humble,Please concider me,I will always love and respect Isreal,If you give me a chance to come,I will serve your Country Faithfuly,I love Jewish food,I am cook too,I love to cook with Olive oil.I make New recipes.Please mail me I am ready even to work as House boy too.I am 35years old Still Single.please mail me.
    Yours Faithfuly.
    Always loving Isreal.
    Jeffrey Arulraj

  38. Paul David Pollac

    Hi again,
    i’ve been hoping to get kind of an answer by now regarding my question.
    Jacob or anyone else from Jobmob, would you be so kind and give me your opinion. I would really like to come stay and work in Israel.
    Paul Pollac

  39. Jacob Share

    Jeffrey, please read the other comments above, there are some included links that you would find useful.

    Paul, I do remember seeing your first comment but then it slipped my mind. I apologize.

    If you’re fluent in Hebrew and have the specialized experience you mention, there are opportunities. You may not be able to stay in the petrochemical industry but you should definitely try to do so initially.

    Are you currently employed?

    Would you be willing to fly in for interviews?

    If a job opportunity arose, how quickly could you relocate to Israel?

  40. Paul David Pollac

    Good morning Jacob,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I am currently a permanent employee of THYSSENKRUPP Engineering and that since 2006.
    Yes i would be willing to fly in for interviews but at the companies expense though. I wont be able to bare the cost personnally.
    Regarding the relocating time, i have one month notice to give to the company i work for and then would be available.
    What are the laws regarding my family if i get a job and do an aliyah?
    My wife doesn’t work and my son is only four so he will only start school in 2 years time.
    Paul Pollac

  41. Jacob Share

    Paul, it’s not clear why your current employer would fly you in to look for work at a different employer and if it’s an abuse of company resources, that’s not going to help you find work when people google your name and read the comment. I’m assuming that you sometimes have business in Israel but please be clearer in the future.

    One thing to know is that the Jewish Agency sometimes arranges pilot trips for people considering aliya. Try contacting your nearest JA office to see what the options are. Once you have a date to give companies that want to interview you, and your resumes (Hebrew and English) are updated, you can start looking.

    Have you seen When Should You Start Your Job Search Before Moving to Israel?

  42. Paul David Pollac

    No Jacob,
    I think you misunderstood me.
    I have been called for interviews in the past, in Dubai, Canada and Australia and the company that wanted to interview me bared the costs, not the one i’m working for currently.
    Why would i expect from my current employer to pay for my trips?
    Thanks in any case, i will contact the JA office and get more information.
    Kind regards
    Paul Pollac

  43. adewale j alaka

    plz i adewale .j by name. i am 25 years of age and from nigeria. i am looking job in israel from company or private owner work i have computer knowlege and if there is any of this either organisation that have any other job level to offer me i can do it.i am looking forward to various respond.tks

  44. Jacob Share

    Thanks for clearing that up, Paul.

    Except in extremely rare cases, no Israeli company is going to pay to fly you in for an interview. What can happen for senior positions (albeit still rare) is that they would fly you in to sign your job contract with them, but that would be at the end of the recruitment process after they had already physically met with you in Israel or abroad.

  45. adewale j alaka

    hi plz may i know if there is a way of geting any jobs to offer me in israel netherland either dirty or clean job that can also allow me to study for my computer programm plz i need your quick respond on this.
    from nigeria. and let me know my preparation if there is chance for this requirement
    wale from nigeria

  46. Maarten

    I am from Netherlands. Is it possible for me to find a job in Israel at a construction company. I speak English, Dutch and want to learn Hebrew. I’m 20 years old in 2009 I robably have my diploma; construction regular (middle educated).

  47. Joyce Pearl Javier

    Hi Jacob! I’ve been waiting for your response to my last post regarding sponsors from the hospital or any jobs for me (post #37). I want to ask another thing. Will it not be illegal if I enter Israel as tourist and then job hunt? What do you think? Because I’m afraid that the immigration there might send me home. Jacob how long can I stay there as a tourist? Is it only for 6 months or can I stay more? Pls reply to my inquiries. I really need your help right now. Thank you.

  48. Jacob Share

    Adewale- you sound like a young guy without much professional experience and your English isn’t very good yet. It will be very hard for you to get a job in Israel. Try contacting international manpower organizations in Nigeria that also have branches in Israel.

    Maarten- the advice to Adewale is good for you as well, but since your English is better, your chances are slightly better.

    Joyce- reread #36. If the Interior Ministry isn’t willing to validate your visa request, there’s no point in looking for a job in Israel.

  49. mohmed

    hello my name is mohmed from egypt
    i wanna go to israel so i can live and work there permanently i speak and write very good english i know some hebrew because it is familiar to arabic and im 23 year old graduated from the higher institue of social work and im wondering if i go to israel to live and find appropriate job how would it be for me ?
    thanks for listening . waiting for your reply

  50. Jacob Share

    Hi Mohmed,
    Please read the comments above. Unless you are Jewish and are willing to make aliya – become an Israeli citizen – getting a job in Israel will require that a company be willing to sponsor you for a work visa. Not many Egyptians try to work in Israel, and that will work in your favor in getting your resume noticed. Your knowledge of languages will definitely help you as well. Would you be willing to work as a caregiver, in other words, someone who takes care of older people? That is a field more accessible to foreigners.

  51. mohmed

    HI MR. Share
    first of all thank you for replying to me
    i read your reply and i would love to work as a caregiver in israel and i would be so happy that any israeli company would like to sponsor me this is a great chance for me to settle down in israel . now tell me MR Share what should i do to get the visa work and be sponsered ?
    thanks again for your reply

  52. christine

    I don’t know if anyone can offer any advice on this but I am Irish, non-Jewish and wanting to move to Israel. It seems very difficult as you need to have the job before you can get the working visa but I understand I can look for a job while on a holiday visa. What would be the chances of finding a job within this 3 month period? I don’t spek Hebrew.

  53. Jacob Share

    Christine, the jobs that are quick to find – like a salesperson in a store – are ones for which companies won’t be willing to go through the sponsorship process. So your chances are minimal via that strategy. However, depending on your qualifications and the kind of job you’re looking for, there are manpower companies that do bring foreigners into the country and that’s the best way to go in your case.

    All the information you need is in the Guide for Migrant Workers.

    Mohmed, you should also read through that guide carefully.

  54. Peter Thomas

    Ya hi,
    It me who is interested to come to to the holy land and work so i can give good support to my family financially. I could not study much but, but have sound knowledge of many jobs.

  55. Jacob Share

    Peter, please read the comments above. You want the Guide for Migrant Workers as well.

  56. shimaa

    hi every one
    actully idon know what ihave to say its first time to me to visit ur website or any jwish websit ..im an egyption muslim girl 23 years old im looking for anice job iwas workin in makeup career ihave 4 years experince in that matter & im quick learner ican work in any new career easly
    to b hounest with u im not intersted to go to Israel but iwish if ican travel to usa for example can u help me in that ?? im sure u have alot of companies there & may b ihave achance to work in one of them it will b great

  57. Maarten

    Hello Jacob,

    Is in Israel a job for me as carpenter in construction? I go this summer to kibbutz, and in februari I have course from scool. I want to do my course in Israël. I have a lot of knowledge in contruction and course costs approx. 2 dollars per hour: cheap. Kind Regards,


  58. mohmed

    Dear MR .Share
    when you offered me a job as a caregiver in israel you told me that i would need a company to be sponsered so i can travel and live and work there as well . my question is how am i going to be sponsered by any israeli company ?
    what am i suppose to do so i can have this support ?

  59. Joyce Pearl Javier

    Hi Jacob!
    You said that maybe some info that I haven’t shared with you might be helpful that is why I’m still hoping and inquiring with you regarding finding a work there. I hope you could answer my inquiry on finding a work permit. Again, can I job hunt if I am only holding a tourist visa? Please Jacob I really need your help. Thank you.

  60. Jacob Share

    Shimaa- like for most countries, getting a work visa in the USA requires a company sponsorship but there are other options as well such as manpower companies, or even the so-called Green Card Lottery.

    Here are some links for you:
    How to Get A Visa
    How to Get a Work Visa Without a Job Offer

    Maarten- via a manpower company, it is possible to find a job in construction. What do you mean about a course? If it’s a course from school why does it cost $2 per hour?

    Mohmed- Unfortunately, I don’t currently have any specific manpower services to recommend in your case but when I do, I will post them here.

    Joyce- yes, you can job hunt while on a tourist visa, you just can’t work on it. Regarding a work permit, try emailing the Israeli Interior Ministry directly and explaining your situation in as much detail as possible.

  61. mohmed

    Hello MR Share
    i read your reply and i thank you for your effort.
    im going to apply for visa work in the israeli embassy in egypt by the way . my question is : Is the israeli embassy capable of getting a sponsorship from any israeli company so i can work there and be sponsored at the same time ?
    MR. Share i seem that i care alot about this sposorship the reason is that i wanna go to israel and live permanently and find a good job for me and this sponsorship seems better instead of going there and searching for jobs because i have some fears of going there and not being able to get a job that would be a problem for me but i alraedy made my decision that im going to israel for sure but going with sponsorship is more comfortable for me . i hope you understand what i mean

  62. anwar mustafa musallam

    arav tove yacob , i am regester nurse of israelian M.O.H sience 1981 i have many course in israeli hosp .ICU.ICUU and emergancy care in beillenson hosp and hadahssah hosp ‘i know to read write and spoke hebrow .i have expeiraince 25 year in west bank hosp /can you accept me anumber of nursing team in beilleson or hadassha hosp full time duty ;ICU ICCU ER UNITE big thang for your help and Ezra [arav tove[

  63. Jeffrey Arulraj

    I still Didnt get any job opening from Isreal Please some body give me a visa to this countryor mail me.any kind of Domestic job or Coffee shop,or eldely.I love to work in your Country.
    God bless.

  64. Amit Malhotra

    hello sir
    i Amit Malhotra aged about 22yrs.son of Mrs.Emma Malhotra nee Jeremiah by faith jewish residing in india(kolkata),very soon will be migrating to israel.I am a Bachelor of commerce.please suggest me any course which will help me to get a job in israel.i know that hebrew is the most important thing if i am thinking to get a job.

  65. john richey

    i m looking for work in israel – moving to beit shemesh area

    i ve been living in london as a kosher food salesman for 15 years and am looking for companies in israel who could use my experience and knowledge for expansion of products into uk

  66. Jacob Share

    mohmed- the Israeli embassy might have some useful information about companies but I’ve never heard of them helping people get job sponsorship. Look for manpower companies that can arrange sponsorship for you, or try to contact Israeli companies directly for openings where you qualify.

    anwar- do you have an Israeli work permit? have you tried applying directly to Beilinson or Hadassah?

    Amit- I hope you’ve subscribed to JobMob so that you can get the guidance you need. Hebrew is important and you should start learning it as soon as possible, but once you arrive you can find a first job where you don’t need much Hebrew or any at all at least until your Hebrew improves and with it, the number of job possibilities.

    john- have you tried contacting the food companies whose products you’re already familiar with? They already have a proven record of needing someone in the position you’d like. Also, I know that every year in Europe (Antwerp?) there’s a large kosher food merchant conference, and it might be a good place for you to network, if you can attend the next edition before your aliya.

  67. Andrei

    Greetings! Shalom le kul-kem!,I have been working ha eretz metzuyan yoter kamesha shanim and really necessary wanted to work again.My israeli driver license was just expired only last 2006 of december.Ani rotze lavod ode pam le ha eretz metzuyan!En baya lidaver ivrit, noheg ha auto, metaplim ha zakhen. A medical graduate and willing to work as medical sales representative ASAP.
    Haverim tov’im shel’lakem!
    Harve Toda!

  68. wassima


  69. Toyin

    I am an agriculturist and willing to cross over to israel. I am a nigerian female married with 2 kids how possible is this


    Iam temitope akinrinola i’m born again christian i need a job in isreal and love isreal so much.

  71. Laxman chaudhary

    Hi! sir i, am 33 years old Nepali citizen, and im willing to work in isreal as care giver for old ages people. im bachelor of commerce. hope to get favorable answer.

  72. tsering

    Accept my greetings.

    I’m Nepal Origin guy of age 25. I own a recruiting agency here in Nepal. So, my question is how can we get connected with the Israeli recruiting agencies for recruitment business purpose as Nepali people recently have been permited to work in Israel after a year long forbid. Would you please suggest us the website where I can find the list of Israeli recruiting agencies. Your help on the matter would be highly appreciated.

    Thanking you.

  73. Jacob Share

    Laxman- please see comment #2 above.

    Jo- do you have an English or Hebrew resume prepared? If so, please reply to the comment email with it.

    tsering- here’s a pretty good list, but I don’t guarantee that they all speak English: http://tinyurl.com/5vjwrw

  74. Raksha

    Hello I am a 22 years old college girl. I am a hard worker with good health and trying to find a job in Israel as a care giver or in agriculture. Unfortunately I don’t have money to pay to nay recruiters and consultant

  75. Alejandro M. Sta Ana

    Good morning to all I am a Security guard in my country in the phillipines my present job. I fund the work in Israel for the maintenance dept. becauce my high school life is a Janitor in the rest. To help the need of my parent & sester.I am understance English language & write too.I am a poor person please the help me.

  76. Mikael

    Hi Jacob ,

    I’m french and I’m currently looking for a job in embedded system.
    I’m engineer in electronic/computer science.
    I speak english and my hebrew is not excellent.
    If somebody can help me , or oriented me , I will be enjoy.

    Thank you

  77. Subodh


    I’m Indian I’m looking for a job in “Shipping & Logistic Indusrty” in Israel.

    I’m PG of Commerce and ICWA(Inter) , I Specialized in Logistic and supply chain Management and self motivated professional with a decade of qualitative experience in overseeing Strategic Planning, Business Development Launches, Administration, Vendor Development, Operations Management, Client Servicing, Training & Development, Team Management and Quality Control and Resource Management.

    I speak english and my hebrew knowledge is very little.

    If somebody can help me , or oriented me , I will be enjoy.

    Thank you
    Subodh Verma

  78. Thusitha

    I am a Sri lankan.34 years old.Ex.Navy store Keeper.and have experience as sales executive and sales field.Last year I have selected to Royal Oman Navy As A Logistics Accountant and they have sent me Visa but after that they refused me due to I’ve been in Israel for 03 months in Israel Defence Forces for a training as a SAAR 4.5 crew member. So I need to find a job in Israel Because of Oman Navyrejected me as a Israeli Spy.Please help me to find a job in Israel

  79. Thusitha

    Dear Jacob Sir ,Please Show me a way to find a suitable job

  80. JEN

    Dear Jacob :

    I am a chinese,female, learnd english in university and had working experience more than ten years as a public servent,cafe owner,reportor and editor of a magazine(I am quite good at write and talk with ppl),I am here in israel since the january of this year with my boy friend who is a israeli citizen(we lived in china more than one and half year,and I am learning hebrew now), I got the work permit visa now…I am wondering if there is some kind of job like working for international organizes in Israel or some MNC,or some jewel companys …thanks a lot .

  81. JEN

    Dear Jacob :

    By the way ,my phone number is 0526659508, I am looking forword your help, thanks advance…

  82. subhajit das

    dear jacob, this is subhajit from india,iam 25 years of age and having completed graduation from commerce stream, at the year 2005 from Calcutta University .since after that i was attached with a consultancy which are associated with ge money.I was played a role of cashier cum accountant over there,immedietely after that i hav joined to a govt sector in contractual basis and still working there in the office administration,but i am looking for something more,would you provide me a chance by which i can be able to make my dreams to a reality?

  83. yaniv

    my name is yaniv and i am returning to israel after 18 years in South Africa, i am fluent in english and hebrew and looking for a challenging job, i have work experience and a ready CV, what are the right sites to send my CV to. i will be ravailable as from the 1st of september 2008.

  84. Raj Kumar Thapa

    I am a Nepali ,Male, learnd Tribhuwan university up to Bachlor level at Nepal and had working experience more than 29 years as a Military Service,I am quite good at write and talk English I was in israel some time i use to Drive in Israel with UN Driving permits.Many time i was Participated in UN Mission So i have many international security experience I am wondering if there is some kind of security officer job to me in Israel thanks a lot .

  85. Shubh

    Hi, I am Shubh from India, now working in Kuwait. I am a Management Consultant with a top-notch global advisory services organization. I would like to move to Isreal and I am even willing to take an Israeli citizenship. I have no knowledge of Hebrew, but would surely like to learn it. How do I start looking for job in HR (middle-senior management)€ or in Human Capital consulting? I have over 5 years of experience in HR as practioner and as consultant. Regards

  86. utsobha shrestha

    hi…my name is utsobha shrestha ,I am from Nepal..As I am a nurse in oncology department…with 5 yrs experience in this field ….i would be happy if you could find me a job in Israel…I love Israel very much.

  87. Raj Kumar Thapa

    hi my name is Rajkumar ,I am from NepalAs I am a Lt Col in Military department with, 30 years experience in this field, i would be happy if you could find me a job in Israel.I love Israel very much.

  88. Trejo Johnson

    Dear M/S,
    My name is Trejo. I am a Christian, roman catholic. My nationality Indian, I am 22years old. i am Working in Malaysia. I can Speak Malayalam, English, Tamil, Malay, and Hebrew knowledge is very little. I wish, interested to come to the holy land and work in Israel. and like to do help to old people and take care them. i have experience of this holly work around 2years. And i am a professional cookery, Hotel management and Hospitality experience and have certificates. i am Single and very good health to help old people. I’ll Praying get for this Job in Israel. I am really interested in social and community development.


  89. Siju.P.Joseph

    Dear M/S,
    My name is Siju.P.Joseph. I am a Christian, roman catholic. My nationality Indian, I am 30years old. i am Working in Malaysia. I can Speak Malayalam, English, Tamil, and Malay. I wish, interested to come to the holy land and work in Israel. and like to do help to old people and take care them. i am Married and very good health to help old people. and i like to work in a hotel Department, i have been experience of in this field near the 5 years. and till i continue this work now. I’ll Praying get for this Job in Israel. I am really interested in social and community development.


  90. Laxman

    Dear sir/Madam, i am laxman Baral from Nepal and i had worked in cruise line before as a housekeeping staff and i also have travel some country like :India,Malaysia,Singapore,Hongkong,China and some others country too and now i would like to work and travel in Israel but i don’t know how i get the job in Israel & i don’t have any one in Israel so please let me help to find the job in Israel in hotel or in Age care or in farming job.


    l am mgaya a Tanzanian male aged 26yrs old,l am looking for job in israel.jobs in restaurant or care jobs.

  92. Anita Acharya

    l am anita acharya from Kalaiya 7, a nepali female aged 30yrs old,l am looking for job in israel.jobs in nurshing or care jobs.

  93. Jacob Share

    Mikael- First of all, subscribe to the french jobs list from the Leavi Foundation if you haven’t already. Email info [@] leavi [dot] com to ask for the subscription and ask directly if they have anything in embedded systems. Also, read the The Ultimate List of Mailing Lists For Your Israeli Job Search and other Israeli Must-Reads under the Best Of tab. There is also a French LinkedIn group for Israeli professionals called ICB that you should join if you’re on LinkedIn. I will also forward you some recent embedded leads I received in Hebrew.

    JEN- it sounds like you are someone who has many skills. There are lots of Israeli companies who are struggling with finding a way to enter the Chinese market and you could help them. That’s where I would start, and the jewelry industry is a good fit if you have experience. Do some research on the Internet on the companies websites, or if you’re familiar with Chinese job boards, try to see which Israeli companies are hiring in China. You could act as a bridge based in Israel.

    yaniv- Mazel tov on your return to Israel. Good for you. Are you on facebook? You can send me your CV, details there: http://jobmob.co.il/go/facebook.

    Anita, Mgaya, Laxman, Siju, Trejo, Raj, utsobha, Shubh, subhajit, Thusitha, Subodh, Alejandro- please see the Guide for Migrant Workers.

  94. williams raphael chichi

    please,have been here in israel for two years now ,with a child,how can i get my citizenship or working permit with a good job.please reply

  95. Jacob Share

    Williams- read the above comments. Then go to a manpower company to see if they can help you with a work visa.

  96. Durga rai

    Dear sir,

    I am nepali guys, Now i am working in iraq as a Admin assistance KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT lnc. from 2007 to till now. befors days i worked in nepal SWISSA (swissa reiver rafting runners (p)Ltd). it is femouse company to trakking, rafting, mountain viewing, bungy jump for isreali pepole. so i wnat to work in you country, plz give me right way what i do need ?

  97. Yogendra Ghimire

    Hi to all,

    I am CEO of Our Destiny Employment Services Pvt Ltd, Kathmandu,Nepal and we are supplying the Caregiver to ISRAEL.

    If anyone need Nepali caregiver they can contact me and if any Nepali Qualified female interested to go Israel for work as Caregiver they can contact to me, I am ready to help them.

    Yogendra Raj Ghimire
    Chief Executive Officer
    Our Destiny Employment Service Pvt Ltd
    GPO BOX:-12027, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Cell: +977-98510-51403
    Direct Tel: +977-97410-13153
    Direct E-mail: yghimire@gmail.com
    Direct Online Talk: Hotmail/Yahoo/Skype/Jaxtr: bumleeng
    Tel: +977-1-4104597
    E-mail: info@nepaliworker.com
    Website: http://www.nepaliworker.com

  98. Lekh Nath Sigdel

    This is Lekh Nath Sigdel from Kathmandu Nepal, a student of Bachelor of Business Study (BBS) TU Final year. I’ve 4 years experience of Gulf. I can speak English, Hindi, Arabic and Nepali is my Mother Language. I wish to work in Israel for couple of years. OR, if there are any kind of Internship Program in Agriculture specially Organic Development Field. I wonder to have the practical training being a student of any Reputed University or Host Farm. i want to develop my career in Organic production.
    Email me : sigdel_np@hotmail.com/ supersigdel@gmail.com
    Kathmandu, Nepal

  99. tirtha raj

    hi!it’s me Tirtha 35 male from nepal.i am very interested to work in israel on farming ,on fruit picking but i dont ahve anyone in israel.but from my country have gone for care giver & agriculture job.so if any one are ready to help me with my about 8-10 people we are ready to come on above mentioned farming job.

    i would be very grateful if you send me your rate,timing ,process & salary


  100. Tiffany

    Hi there,
    I am a 26 year old from New Zealand, I have a Masters Degree in Social Work and work as a social service manager. My husband is a Fijian and he has been in the Fijian Army for the past seven years with the engineering corps and is currently in Sinai with the Fiji Batt. of the MFO. We both love Israel and would love to move there. Is there anyway for either of us to find a job there ? Where do you suggest searching ? We don’t really mind if one of us or both of us works.
    Many thanks,

  101. abdallah massine

    i’m abdallah from Morocco was born in 1978,i lived in the south of Morocco in agadir city.i’m Amazighian man,talk Tamazight langue as my first one.i like it i find a job in Israel,i work in the resturants here in serving foods,i ll like if i find a job there,and thank you for any one can help me.
    my msn is: massineabdou@hotmail.com

    thank you

  102. Pakchanya

    Shalom Jacob.I’m Pakchanya from Thailand.This is the first time to visit this website.Your suggestions were great.I think you can help me too.I’m physical therapist in Thailand.I married with Israeli man.Now he waiting for visa for me to go to stay in Israel.Can you give me an advicement to work at physical therapy job in Israel.
    Toda raba.

  103. Stephen Maramwidze

    I am a half jewish male born in Zimbabwe and aged 23. I am an experienced Drafter (Architecture and civil engineering)and considering job hunting in Israel. How can I do this successfully?

  104. cricket_rabbit

    Hello Jacob,

    Thank you for the article. It was helpful. But I have some queries; hope you can clarify them as well….

    I am currently living in New York, doing my Masters in Electrical Engineering(EE).

    I am interested in working in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and relevant areas in EE.

    I read in an article recently that there are lots of DSP jobs in Israel, comparable to the US.

    I want to know what the first step for a non-immigrant like me would have to do, to get a job there, without being physically in Israel.

    As this is a technical area of work, and is internationally available, would not knowing Hebrew make a difference?

    I’d be glad if you could offer some insight into this area of work, and getting into Israel w.r.t this field of expertise.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  105. shankar pande

    hi im shankar pande from nepal. im looking for job in farmingin iserael.

  106. moses john

    i am coming to work is isael, how soon i can find i job there.

  107. SriUma

    Hi Jacob,

    First time i’m visiting your website really you are doing a great job. Helping people that really ‘WoW’
    I am Sriuma Indian with Gulf experience(Dubai) experienced in a Courier company as Operation Assistant nearly 2 years, as a HR cum Admin Cum Customer Support 2+. Im back to home town Six Months Back now working here. I have option to work in singapore/ Muscat/ Dubai still im really intrested to work in Israel only in Israel. I know English,Tamil,Telegu,Malayalam,can manage to speak Hindi. Now trying Hebrew to speak started recently. Can you help me i cant speak Hebrew i wish to start my career in Israel as early as possible. Anybody there to help me. Love Israel.
    God Bless You.
    Thanks And Best Regards,

    Sriuma- India.

  108. janaki Muthukumarana

    we are one of the leading manpower recruitment office from sri lanka and we are looking for isreal care giving office to start a manpower recruitment business

    pls contact me on my mail


  109. Kiran Kumar Gautam

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    ” warm Greetings from Nepal”

    We KBL International Overseas Pvt. Ltd (with Government of Nepal approved recruiting License No: 634/063/064) feels happy to bring out this introduction for the use of our prospective clients to source requiredmanpower through our agency in Nepal.

    We always focused aims at providing a wide range of information to the employers to source their workforce from Nepal. We are ever in your service to provide professionalized services while supplying manpower from Nepal. We have faith in our prospective clients. Their preference is what bestowed us with success.

    This introduction is our commitment for quality and better service. We will continue to provide competent manpower to work for unskilled, skilled and professional jobs. Heartily, we request you to let us have a chance to serve you and we assured you guarantee that we will do our best to give completed satisfaction to meet your expectation while arranging necessary manpower from Nepal through our agency.

    We hereby want to assure you the quality service and better cooperation in future.
    Thanking you,
    With Best Regard,

    Kiran Kumar Gautam
    General Manager
    KBL International Overseas Pvt. Ltd
    Recruiting License No: 634/063/064
    G.P.O. Box No: 25011
    Kathmandu , Nepal.
    Mobiles Nos: + 977 97410 97982 / 97410 97983
    Other Email: kbl.international@gmail.com

  110. janaki Muthukumarana


  111. Jeffrey Arulraj

    Hi Janaki Muthukumarana please let me Know your Address or Contact No.or mail.so I can Be in Contact with you.
    Jeffrey Arulraj.
    You can mail me to this mail.

  112. Laxman Baral

    I am laxman Baral from Nepal and i would like to work in Israel in agriculture field or as a Age care or any other.please inform me if you have any job which is suitable for me.

  113. simione.roqica

    if you got any vacancy in your agriculture section please give me a chance,at the moment iam serving in the sinai with the fiji military forces,i will complete my term on OCT this year.look for your approval.

  114. simione.roqica

    I am a fijian and serving in the sinai egypt at the moment with a fiji military forces,so i want tp join your army.

  115. gary

    Hi i am an ex south african married with 3 children living in Israel for the last 8 years, i am looking for a job that is international i donot mind travelling.

    1. Jayalal Shantha Kumara

      I am kumara from sri lanka i have experience work in restauarant in dubai 10 years as a steak grill cook. Line cook and pizza and many more. Sir can i apply any restauarant jobs in good country please give me information. Thankyou

  116. mounir mostafi

    i am moroccan i al 29 years old i am graduatedin arabic, i speak engli sh and fresh too i am looking for work , so how could you help me?this is my e-mail:lvatpreb@hotmail.com

  117. Audrey Barber

    I am a 44 year old Sri Lankan Hotel Administrative Professional currently working in Dubai, I am very interested in working in Isreal, Could someone please help me, with the correct advice.

    May God bless you


  118. Kushdandi Sherpa

    Dear sir/mam,
    I am Nepali 42 yrs old male.I have worked in U.S.A as cook and security gaurd.
    I love Israel. And love to work as caretaker and cook in your country.
    So if there is any vacancy in your home or company please contact me .
    Ph no. :977-9841074758


  119. chandra sekhar

    iam an indian searching work in israel i will do caretaker job for older people in israel,please help me. i am working as a messianic gospel worker without any salary. thank you (toda raba)shalom.

  120. kushdandi sherpa

    I am 42 yrs Kush Dandi Sherpa from NEPAL. I am Looking for jobs in Israel. I can do the job of caretaker,Cook, Maintenance and also for framer.So if you have any vacacy PLease contact me in this number:977-9841074758..If any one can help me so contact me.
    I have expriences of all the jobs……..

  121. Jeff


    I am an American serving in Iraq with the USA department of defense in an investigative position. I have over 20 yeasr as an investigator an collector. I am very interested in moving to Israel and I am asking for advice and guidance on my job search. I will be in Israel in early to mid November for a vacation from the war here and I would like to meet with any prospective employers you may assist me in locating.

    Thank you,


  122. Aggad

    I am a British citizen carrying a university degree in chemical engineering. I have recently graduated and actively seeking for employment in Israel. Are there are opportunities in my field as a graduate chemical engineering?
    I just recently visited Israel loved it and I am at the moment in Jordan so I can easily come over for interviews and stuff. I need some help and advice.
    Thank you,

    A. Aggad

  123. Leah R.

    I am a successful real estate broker/owner looking for a job in Israel.

  124. awofolaji bidemi

    want to live and work in isreal

  125. Reva LaCross

    I am 37 years old and I am looking to make Aliyah with my daughter in 6 months. I am currently working in healthcare as a medical records technician, though I have an interest in becoming a nurse. I have not studied Hebrew since I was about 12years old. So my vocabulary is very limited.

    Is there any work as a medical records technician in Israel? Would I also be able to study nursing in Israel to get my degree?

  126. Jacob Share

    Reva- The answers to your questions are Yes and Yes, although you will almost certainly need some Hebrew in both cases. Here’s information on becoming a nurse in Israel.

    Awofolaji, Kushdandi, Chandra, Audrey, Mounir, Simione, Laxman, Jeffrey, Shankar – read the comments up top for information on how to work in Israel.

    Aggad- yes, there are opportunities in that field but not many and Israeli companies would probably not be willing to go through the sponsorship process for a graduate unless they had discovered you first. Try to use your university contacts to find openings for students here.

    Sriuma- there isn’t much demand for Tamil, Telegu or Malayalam in Israel. Learning Hebrew would help a lot, but you would still need to find a company willing to sponsor your work visa. Perhaps if you were willing to work in construction or agriculture.

    1. Joseph

      Hi sir am Joseph from India I wish to work in isarel am diploma holder what should I do ………

  127. mohmed

    Hello Mr: Share
    this is mohmed from egypt , i have sent you comments before at that site about living & work in israel , when i read that article about finding a job before going to israel
    i was wondering because i have sent my resume and work request with my photo by fax to 3 construction companies that hires foreign workers from the israeli ministry of industry and trade & labor (http://www.moital.gov.il) and i did not get any response from any company so far
    my question to you Mr: Share Are these companies hire people from egypt ? and If i dont get any response from these companies, Is there any companies that can hire me ?
    thank you
    i will be waiting for your response

  128. Jeff

    I am planning to make Aliyah when I finish my military obligation to the USA Department of defense in March 2009. I will send my resume and evaluation on request. I hope you may be able to assist me in finding employment. I have a very heavy background in Homeland Security and I am currently in Iraq working counter-insurgency If I am not the right person for a job with your organization I would appreciate your advice and guidance in assisting me in finding employment.

    Thank you,


  129. Yashwant Rao

    Hello , well I am Yashwant with age of 35 years from Mumbai ( India ) and working here as project manager with these role – Project Management , Implementation and customization in a software company on Oracle platform with 6 year experience . I know English only . This company deals in ERP ( Enterprise Resource planning ) . I am planning to move Israel and like to work in any software company or in IT department any non software company . Can you help me out to get some links or list of companies where I can get chance to work. I am waiting for you replay .
    Thank you .


    shallom… laila tov…
    My name is Leo, I’m 32 years old. I’m Brazilian looking for a job in Israel, my fiancee is israeli-jewish finishing her school in USA, I’m in Brazil at the moment. We are planning to move into Israel in mid 2009, maybe do our wedding over there. I’m a computer expert with good experience in hotel enviroment as event techonology specialist, and would like to find a work in correlated area, prefferably before arrive in Israel. I’m looking for a place here in Brazil to convert to Jewish before I move out. And I’m willing to learn Hebrew to move on as soon as I get there, but I know it takes time to learn a new language, so at the mean time I’d need to work with some English, Portuguese or even Spanish speaker company.

    Where to begin?

    Thank you kindly,


  131. reva lacross

    Thank you for your response and the additional information. The next question I have is, where would I start to look for work as a medical record technician or medical record data entry personel


  132. lucas

    i am 25 years of age from nigeria. i wish to live and work in israel.im very good at doing farm work and other casual work.pls email to me if you need me. lucased4love@graffiti.net

  133. S YAAKOV

    SHALOM,I am looking for a job in south israel.I have 10 years working experience in government as well as (multinational) corporate body.I am commerce graduate and also holding diploma degree.Right now i am learning hebrew.i know english,hindi and other 3 reginal langauage of india and hebrew.please suggest me how to apprach and where to apprach for a good oppertunity.
    thanking you
    yom tov

  134. Matt

    I am a 24 year old male moving to Israel in 4 months to be with my partner, who is currently studying at the Technion. I have been an Executive Recruitment Consultant for the last few years and previously was the Managing Director of an outsourced sales & marketing company within the ICT sector. I do not speak Hebrew and have no formal qualifications, though I have recently started a Bachelors of Business and plan to study the language on arrival. Are there any organisations or specific industry sectors which would have an interest in my skill set for sales, recruitment or sales training roles? Or will I have to resign myself to a role in an English speaking call centre or something similar?

  135. Matt

    Also, I will be living in Haifa so will there be ample employment opportunites around that area or will it be best to find something in Tel Aviv and commute?

    Thank you

  136. Jacob Share

    mohmed- each company can decide to hire whoever they choose, Egyptian or otherwise. Keep trying, there are more than 3 construction companies in Israel but you’ve done the right thing by going through the website of the Minister of Industry, Trade & Labor.

    Jeff- I’m not currently hiring, however, clearly you can learn from following JobMob.

    Yashwant- I see that you’re from Mumbai. I hope you weren’t too affected by the recent terrorist attack. Regarding moving to Israel for a hitech job- there are still jobs, but the market is not as hot here as it was a few months ago before the economic crisis began. Use google.co.il to search for companies that use Oracle and have ERP needs but it will be very tough to find a sponsor at this time.

    Leo- you can see from this article above, it is possible albeit difficult to find a job in Israel before arriving. Also, converting to Judaism in 6-9 months will be difficult and will look suspicious in the eyes of the Israeli Interior Ministry. Before beginning the conversion process there, look into doing it here instead. In the meantime, start learning Hebrew and improving your job skills for the Israeli market.

    reva- There are many places to look for your kind of job: Israeli HMOs (kupot cholim), private clinics, insurance companies, etc.

    lucas- please see comment #2

    S YAAKOV- continue learning Hebrew as quickly as you can. Business and government jobs are very Hebrew intensive. Also, look for other Indian olim who have already integrated and who might be able to help you.

    Matt- one way to get an idea of what kinds of English-only jobs there are in Israel is to look at the list of job openings from the recent OU job fair, the purpose of which was to find jobs for English speakers specifically. As you can see, there’s more than just callcenter jobs. If you know you’re coming to Israel, check that your Bachelors of Business will be recognized here; you might be wasting your time on it. Regarding city of choice, it’s true that most English jobs are in the center of the country or Jerusalem but Haifa does have Israel’s oldest hitech park at its southern entrance and you might be able to find something there.

  137. mohmed

    Dear Mr: Share
    thank you for responding to me as always im glad that im taking the right steps as u told me , i only have one question to you Mr: share
    IS there any companies or institutions in Israel that looking for hiring foreign people ? and if so i hope you give me a link so i can particiapte . by the way i graduated the higher institue of social work and im learning now hebrew and it’s awesome it’s similar to arabic and if you have any companies or institutions that looking for social workers that would be great for me because i love that field and it’s my study as well
    Thank you again

  138. Tham Raj Gurung

    I am 30 years old, from nepal. i want to work in israel caregiver. i have a good experience in this job. you can contact me 9841266132. your help will chang my living standard from property.

  139. Endale Tsegaye

    i am 33years old ,married and have two kids.I now live in Ehiopia,ofcourse am Ethiopian. I can speak English very good. Am very hard working.
    I have the experieence to work as a chef .Can u help me with that?

  140. sumesh benjamin

    iam 26 yearsold man in india job visa in israel pls replay thank you

  141. Jay


    My family and I would love to make aliyah but we need to be practical. I am the only bread winner so I need a clear idea of what types of work are realistic for me to get.
    I have five years experience as a Trader in derivatives, credit and risk. Previous to this one year experience as an analyst in a hedge fund. I have an economics degree. Back at college I also interned for several months with multinationals in the motor and insurance industries. At present I have basic hebrew but I learn fast. What options do you consider would be realistic ?

  142. Jacob Share

    mohmed- the best way to find a job for a foreign worker is by using the government site that you’ve tried in the past but should still use (mentioned in comment #2).

    Tham and sumesh – see the link above

    Endale – see the link above unless you’re Jewish, in which case you should consider making aliya (immigrating to Israel), which will give you immmediate citizenship and full rights to work in Israel.

    Jay – Everyone needs to be practical, aliya or not. There are lots of jobs you could do in Israel and improving your level of Hebrew will only open more doors. English mother tongue is a very desired skill for any company that has international business and there are many in the hitech and financial sectors, to name a few. One suggestion would be to contact one of the recruiters I’ve interviewed here on JobMob. Send them your updated resume and ask them if they have demand for people with your skills. Be realistic though; if aliya is more than 3 months’ away, their reply won’t be representative of the market and they’ll likely tell you so. You would definitely find something but you might need to be flexible about where to live, salary, etc.


    CALL ME OR WRITE ME. (630) 267-9385, 1163 W. WILSON AV, BATAVIA, IL. 60510.

  144. irene purigay

    hi, im irene from philippine im looking for job in israel housekeeping or caretaker.im 32 yrs old can speak english and perseverance.thank you im waiting for your reply.

  145. abdo

    HI I am a Moroccan. I am 28 years old I’m looking for work in Israel, the type of installation and maintenance of elevators. Or cosmetics and hair-cutting for women.thanks

  146. sayed

    to any israil organization that can offer any jop iam egyption looking seriouslly for agood jop so please if you can ofer me any kind of jop iam ready ..thak you

  147. Hari Sharan Khatiwada

    I am 23 yrs male from Nepal. I have completed my Bachlore degree from nepals renoned university
    Tribhuvan university with major subject english
    I want to take care of older people as care giver in Isreal.I am un married.

    i want reply from urs


    I an nigerian how will like to work in isaerl
    iam a welder and will like lo work and live in israel am in egypt now how can i come and find a work in israel.

  149. Sonja

    Dear Jacob,

    I am very pleased that I have found your website, for it gave me a different perspective on my wishes to find a job in Israel, which at first seemed like Mission Impossible:-)

    I am 27 years old, have bosnian citizenship, but am currently employed and living in Slovenia, for the same multinational american FMCG company that I have worked for the past 8 years. Recent promotion got me a job in Slovenia, where my current company is centralised for overview of the region. I have a wast experience in Sales planning, Sales analysis and logisics as well as SAP based processes and procedures, currently I am handling coordination of a project with outside consultants for a new software so I have exceeding computer knowledge. Even though I am satisfied with my current job I am seeking a job in Israel for I am emotionally involved with an Israeli and see my future in this country.

    I would be very grateful if you could advise me on a few points, first being can a person of my above described qualifications find a job in Israel regarding the fact that I do not speak Hebrew but am currently (starting) learning? This being said I am highly fluent in english as any native speaker. Second if applying for a job is it wise to reviele that my motives for such are change involve my personal life seeing as employeers tend to have long term plans (although I do not plan on staring a family in the next 3-5 years)? Third is it any more complicated for me seeing that I am a Bosnian national and would this in anyway influence my chances of getting a job or a visa for that matter?

    Thank you very much in advance for your reply!

  150. govinda budhathoki

    hi i am 26yrs male unmarried from nepal.I have completed diploma engineering from nepal renoned university council for technical education and vocational traning (CTEVT)IN electronic faculty.I have driving licence of car,moterbike.i can drive car ,moterbike perfectly.I want to take care of older people as a care giver in isreal.i worked 2yrs as a medical assistance . i completed ANM FROM from renoned university CTEVT. thankyou i want reply from urs

  151. Boris


    I am a 29 year old Israeli citizen who has been living in Thailand for the last 7 years. I graduated with a BA(English)from Thailand.
    In April I will fly back to Israel and I would like to find a job there. I am interested in a position where I can use my English language skills together with International experience. Please advise me on how to start and tell me what you think about my chances to find a good job.

    Thank you in advance.

  152. Joyce Javier

    Hi Jacob! Good day! I will be arriving to Israel pretty soon. Do you know any agencies or company that I can apply for who can give me work permit (not in the caregiver field) so that I can go back to Israel after my tourist visa expired? When I am in israel can I apply for jobs who can sponsor me for a working permit so I can go back to Israel? Please help me. I really need your help now. Thanks.

  153. Shan Dissanayake

    I am looking for any suitable job in Israel
    I have experience in hotel field as a waiter.food and beverage supervisor and as barman in sri lanka/Dubai/Hungarian and Maldives.

  154. Laxman Baral

    Dear sir/Madam, i am laxman Baral from Nepal and i had worked in cruise line before as a housekeeping staff and i also have travel some country like :India,Malaysia,Singapore,Hongkong,China and some others country too and now i would like to work and travel in Israel but i don’t know how i get the job in Israel & i don’t have any one in Israel so please let me help to find the job in Israel in hotel or in Age care or in farming job.
    email me at :-laxmanpbaral@hotmail.com

  155. Jacob Share

    irene, abdo, sayed, Hari, John, govinda, Shan and Laxman – please see comment #2.

    Sonja- if you marry an Israeli and then come to live here together, you will be entitled to a work permit. Regarding your questions-

    1) Yes, you could find work here with your qualifications and lack of Hebrew. It wouldn’t be easy and the job market is very tough right now for everyone, Hebrew speakers included, so you may need to lower your expectations temporarily or work as a freelancer based here but working with clients outside of Israel. If you do choose freelancing, make time to learn Hebrew and improve your chances for finding a job locally.

    2) Israeli employers are not allowed to ask if you’re planning on having children, but if they do anyway (which happens), don’t lie but don’t give all of the truth either. Just say that you want to focus on your career right now. That’s it.

    3) Discriminating against candidates because of their origins is illegal in Israel, and when it sadly does happen, it’s usually against Arabs or ultra-religious Jews. You should be ok, and more worried about not having any Hebrew.

    Good luck!

    Boris- it depends what you mean by ‘a good job’ in your case. Do you speak Hebrew? What kind of international experience do you have? There are already many English speakers here with little Hebrew knowledge who compete with each other for English teaching/translating/writing/call center positions.

    Joyce- if you are coming to visit, take my advice from back in May and go to the closest office of the Israeli Interior Ministry with your mother to confirm whether you would be able to get a work permit or not.

  156. Sonja

    Jacob, I thank you very much for your helpful insight. I would further kindly like to ask you if you could recommend any agencies that deal or specialise in placing english speaking proffesionals in Isreal? Also I would prefer to get a work permit and visa due to a potential job I would aquire and not due to marriage. So I suppose freelancing is not an option. Does this make things any more difficult?
    Thank you in advance.

  157. govinda budahthoki

    hi mr. jacob i govinda budhathoki from nepal.what document required for caregver?whats the process please tell me to work in israel for caregiver.

  158. Jacob Share

    Sonja- for recruiters, see the interviews that I’ve done here on JobMob, people like Anna and Tahl might be able to help you.

    If you’re planning on moving here without being married to an Israeli, getting a work permit will be more difficult but not impossible. Come on a tourist visa and try to find a job from a company that will sponsor your work permit. However, keep in mind that the Israeli economy isn’t doing well now. You will be at a disadvantage to similar local candidates that won’t require the sponsorship.

  159. joseph

    dear jacob, i am an indian citizen, having experience in elder care, housekeeping, laundry, gardening agriculture, farms, i love israel and i like to be there. i dont mind about the salary. whatever they pay i will take. and i dont have any demand. i can pay for work permit, and air ticket to reach Israel. please help me who will provide a sponsorship. please give me the address of people those who give visa to enter israel. If you help me in this connection i will be grateful to you. please reply.

  160. arif

    I am egyption i am interested to any job in israel.


  161. Keshav Raj Paudel

    Dear Jacob

    I am Nepalese. I want to work in Israel as a caretaker. What is the procedure? please write me.

  162. chandrasekar

    Shalom .,
    I am an Agriculture graduate and did my international course on Irrigation and Extension at the RUPPIN INSTITUTE OF AGRICULTURE in 1994.

    I am 44 years old and has 20 years experience in Agriculture ., mainly Cotton crop – cotton hybrid seed production and research and Farm forestry crops such as Casuarina and santalam album sp crop etc.,
    I am expecting an Agronomist jop on cotton seed production or cotton entomologist or Irrigation system designer .or any suitable jop for my experience and skill .
    I am looking every one to help me to get a good jop in ISRAEL .

    i am available in +919364126293

    with regards

  163. kirti patel

    i m kirti patel . i like job in israel and want job in caregiver

  164. Joe Paez


    Im interested in a security job in Israel. I’m a former U.S. Navy serviceman and would like to get a job in that field. Also don’t speak hebrew but lots of experience in the security field…

    Thank you

  165. jignesh patel

    hi i am jignesh patel from baroda.i want job in israel .i wnat job in caretaking or hotel or agriculture job or any other good job .i like esrel.i m exciting for job in israel.israel is nice country so i want any job find pls sene my email adress. my contact number is 919898682848. im from india male.

  166. manish

    hello sir.
    i am from india i like job in israel house boy
    my age 36

  167. shiju.k

    hii jobmob,
    i am shiju from india. i have worked in isrotel royal beach in israel as a kitche steward from 2003to2007.I returned from isrel because the Eilath emmigraton ban forien workers in eilath. now i want to know can i go back israel?hope u will send me ananswer

  168. Jacob Share

    joseph, arif, keshav, chandrasekar, kirti, jignesh, manish- please see comment #2.

    Joe- are you Jewish? If so, have you considered making aliya?

    shiju – the Eilat foreign worker ban is still in effect and due to the economic crisis in Israel and around the world, there is talk of creating other restrictions on foreign workers in the rest of the country as well. If you can, try to contact some of the people you knew at the Royal Beach and see if they have openings for you or know someone else that does. How did you get the job in 2003?

  169. Laxman Baral

    Dear Jacob, i am laxman Baral from Nepal and i had worked in cruise line before as a housekeeping staff and i also have travel some country like :India,Malaysia,Singapore,Hongkong,China and some others country too and now i would like to work in Israel but i don’t know how i get the job in Israel & i don’t have any one in Israel so please let me help to find the job in Israel in hotel or in Age care or in farming job.

  170. Nalli suresh

    Hi,I am an Indian searching job in Israel, i have experience in telicom field &electrical. I am 30 years old and have all documents ready. i have done my B.com.

  171. JOVY.V.J

    Hi, I am jovy an Indian searching job in Israel.I am christian (roman catholic).My age is 37. I am male.Not married. My education is pree degree.I have many experiance in Care taker,Housekeeping&cooking.Please reply me. Wish you all the best,God bless you.

  172. Prakash Chandra sad

    I wish to work as caretaker of people, or in hotel,studio,office,bank, i have diploma in computer.i know visual studio dot net.i can teach computer in school. and i many experience also.

    if you have any kind of job.

    Plz Reply to me very soon.

  173. يوسف

    انا مصرى اريد العمل فى اسرائيل لن انا مبحبش مصر

  174. Jacob Share

    Laxman- Hi Laxman, nice to see you here again. Here are some cruise ship jobsites for you

    Nalli, JOVY, Prakash- see comment #2.

    يوسف -يرجى الاطلاع على الرابط أعلاه

  175. daniel

    i looking for job labourer in construction,

  176. piyasena weerathunga

    my namis piyasena weerathunga. i am from sri lanka I am working past 10 yers hilton hotel I have lot of experince abbout cooking continantalfood chineese arabic.Iam working as a chef in hilton hotel u a e and park hotel al khobar in k s a.now I am in sri lanka looking for job. thanks

  177. Zeke

    Hi Jacob,

    I’m an American Christian interested in expatriate opportunities in Israel. Are there opportunities for temporary work periods Israeli companies are interested in finding? What websites are most helpful for Americans in seeking these opportunities?

    Toda and boka tov.

  178. yehoshua Rachmann

    Hi I’m a helicopter pilot looking for a job in Israel. We made aliyah a few years ago but ran out of money and had to return.
    Are there any civilian helicopter jobs in israel?

  179. Emmanual Benjamin

    I would like to know some recruitment or employment agencies in Israel which are approved by Govt. of Isreal. We are manpower supplier authorized by Govt. of India, Ministry of Labour we have candidates which are interested to work in Israel, some of them are return from Isreal. So, some one give me contacts of Recruting agencis then i shall be very thankfull.

  180. Stephanie J Borrett

    Dear Jacob,

    My name is Stephanie, 25, W, English South African female. I am a graghic designer as well as a kickboxer. I would like to live and work in Israel. Idealy i would like to work freelance design and join a kickboxing academy. Or perhaps just join a kickboxing academy and do inhouse design and marketing for them. Point is would love to live there. I would concider voluteer work in a kibutz if i could continue to do the sport i love. I have excelled in kickboxing rapidly and have been chosen to represent SA in the World US Open in only one year of starting. I have now graded to blue belt. Is there any way a Israeli club could use me? Im going out on the limb here i know but any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jacob 🙂

  181. dasonam sherpa

    hi i am from nepal i am seeking a isreali job
    i have fulfile isreali joj experience i am forming and care gever so that i like job in isreal.there are any job contact me dasonam sherpa from nepal kathmandu -arubari
    mobile number 9841168048

  182. vee

    Hello sir,

    I’m seeking job in israel. can you help me or recommend some agencies where i can submit my resume? I can work as a caregiver. I have a good sense and very good relationship with Israeli people. I know basically the attitudes and cultures of Israeli people. Can understand and speak basic hebrew but I’m a fast learner.

    Hope you can help me.


  183. Michael Ayigi

    I am a Nigerian in search of travel sponsored job in Isreal in the manufacturing sector.

  184. essam

    انا شاب مصرى اريد الانتقال والعيش فى اسرائيل للعمل بها والاقامة الكاملة بها والتزوج والاستقرار هناك هل من الممكن شرح ماذا افعل مع العلم باجرات الامن المصرية المشددة فى السفر الى تل ابيب

  185. Jacob Share

    piyasena, daniel, Emmanual, dasonam, vee, Michael – see comment #2 above.

    Zeke- that’s a good question. There are such opportunities but I don’t know of an Israeli website that caters specifically to American expats, and you would still need an Israeli work permit. The yahoo groups and mailing lists are a good place to ask as well. In Where To Find Temporary Jobs in Israel Now, I list places that might be useful in your case but most of them are Hebrew-based. You could try contacting the US Consulates here to see if they have any recommendations in your case.

    Yehoshua- yes, there are civilian helicopter jobs in Israel. Have you seen comment #13 here above?

    Stephanie- contact the Israeli kickboxing Federation. Judging by their website alone, they can probably use your skills.

    essam- (2) هناانظر التعليق أعلاه

  186. Olatunji Anthony

    I’m a citizen of nigeria and i wish to know about how work in isreal possible.
    pls get back to me so know the step to give.

  187. Besmir Qinami

    Hi, i’m a 20 year old guy from Albania and i’m looking for a full time job in Israel just because i like this country too much, the history, the culture, the way of life and i think i can fit in well! I speak italian as well as english and i feel i can do different kind of jobs like recepsionist, waiter, barman, caretaker, construction works, security guard, fruit picking etc.
    Waiting on your reply, best regards B.Q. Toda 🙂

  188. nori bhuju

    i am nori bhuju from nepal .i want to work for care giver in israel.i learn herbew language .i am nurse.i am 29 years old.i can do this job very perfectly.waiting your reply

  189. moses ambrose

    Hi moses ambrose from mumbai india as i completed degree in hotel mangement as experience of 2 years in 5star hotel as well in cruise liner. Looking a job in reputed hotel or in restaurant as waiter. Will be ready to work as soon as poosible .Thank you
    AS i am beliver christian

  190. Lynda


    I’m mexican 28years old, going to Haifa next month but I would like to stay and find a proper job. I’ve read about the working visa and know I need to find a company to sponsor me.

    I have 5 years of experience in logisitcs and procurement and hold a second degree as MBA in England. Do you know a recruitment website specialized in procurement or logistics? Do you have any recommendation that could help me in my search?

    Thank you very much in advance (btw all the previous post have been helpful)

    Ps I’m just starting hebrew leasons

  191. russel

    hi!gud day!i just wanna ask u a question,i hope you can help me.ive been in israel for more than 3 years and worked as a caregiver in a private betavot.then i got pregnat after a give birth i stayed for another year before i decided to went back home in philippines with my child.its been a year now after i left israel,my question is,if it is possible that i can come back again in israel to work?do u think the ministry will allow me to get working visa?hope u can help me to answer my question.thank u!

  192. Miriam


    I found your article very helpful. My father is Israeli and my husband and I are strongly considering moving to Israel. I am a senior executive in an international film sales company. I also have experience in entertainment law (contract administration)/ business affairs and bookeeping including knowledge of foreign witholding taxes, etc. Any thoughts on the film industry? I am quite familiar with Israeli distributors but they are quite small and many times family run. I am also interested in working for a law firm that has dealings in the US. I can read and write hebrew but my vocabulary is limited.

  193. Madan

    hi i am madan & i am nepali i interst work to isreal any catwory job, still now i am working to qatar ,office asst. do u like to any body pls help for me & after i will send my all cv & document.
    madan dhakal

  194. Kurt

    I’m a public relations student in Philadelphia. I will be graduating in May of 2010 and am interested in finding a public relations job in Israel. Where would be a good place to find out information about the field? Also, is public relations in demand in Israel? Please advise. Thanks.

  195. Sasha

    Hi my name is Sasha i am form Macedonia I would like to come to Israel and to work there like electrician in the construction i have expirience working 7 years in U.K. , Can you please tell me it is posible to find job with eanglish language alone i dont know herbew but i am willing to learn, but it is the best if i am there and working theare thanks

  196. Indika Kariyawsam

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    i ma looking for a suitable job in Israel…please help me on this..i hopwe you will reply me soon…

    i got an accounting experience for 12 years…presently i am working as an Laser Machine Operator in South Korea..

  197. Amala Antony

    I am Mrs.Amala Antony,residing now in India Looking care giver job In Isreal.I having 14 years of exp[erience in nursing cum care giver job.If ony employer want to provide visa and work permit on his cost kindly contact my e-mail : avargheseamala@yahoo.com

  198. Serah

    Hi am a kenyan and would like to work in israel i have been there a couple of times and like the place i went to the ulpan so i can speak abit of hebrew.I would like to get a job as a secretary or as a customer care representative and mostly in companies that need English Speakers,i have applied in several companies and most wouldnt take me since i had no Work permit.How would i go about that?


  199. Baljinder Jutla

    Kindly advise to get job in Israel/abroad.
    I have 14 year experiance on Accounts / Office Line with Materring in Computer Programming in Foxpro/Visual Foxpro Working on Senior Position in Accounts Line also Prepair my self as AutoCad Technician to go abroad and also having experiance with Busbody manufacturer.

    I am Indian
    At presently lining in India
    I have also visited in Korea,Hondkong,Chiana in 1991 to 1993.

    I request you to kindly provide me a change to worked abroad eighter in my line or I can also adjust my self for Hospitality Industries/Retai Sale/Sale Man Runner Etc.

    Awating in Good Response

    Thanking You

    Baljinder Jutla

  200. rameshreddy

    hi.im an indian im looking for job in israel plz help me.(B.com) rameshreddy

  201. abdilah

    hey my name abdilah im 19 old from in morocco what i do 4 get visa ? because i want living in israel

  202. migrma sherpa

    am 23year old form nepal i am looking job in israel just because ilike this country too much iam nurse iwant to work for care giver in israel
    i already have experience as an au pair in germany
    i like to much exchange our cultural and language
    this days i am satying with my host femily and i´t´s
    big dream of my i hope it will come true.

  203. Mohammed

    I am an palestinian live in Ramalah my age 35 searching job in Isreal,I wish to work as wedding planner in hotels .

  204. sarin

    i am sarin a garduate and well fluent in english, very good in marketing and computers. i realy wish to work in isarel as any kind of job, i am realy interested to work in elder care and baby sitter jobs cos i am realy interesting for that. any body can give some oppertunity pls inform me. sarin sarin.2005@rediffmail.com

  205. Jeevan

    hi, me from Nepal ,24 years old ,I m loking job in isarel, i wanna work in isarel as security, caregiver, farmer,sale man, i have a experians in those fild ,,,Now ,i m working security guard in gulf,,,

  206. shemesh

    shalom, im looking for jobs in hertliya pituach/caesaria area in house management/caretaker per hour job & legal in israel, a phil-israeli citizen, u ca call me – 0526044743

  207. Ana

    Hello. Can you tell me how hard it is to get a job in tourism, hospitality, marketing in the city of Netanya? Thank you.

  208. Alexander Melo Burbano

    Hello. I would like to work in Israel, I just finished my bahchellors degree in Electronics Engineering. I am from Colombia and right now I am in Israel. I just have 6 months of job experience and my last study was the CCNA Certification in computer networking (configuration of switches, routers and networking design). I am 26 years old and I’d be greatful to work here in Israel. Looking forward to it. I would like to know which are the requirements. Thank’s a lot.

    The last thing, I don’t know hebrew just english, is there any problem??

  209. joby m george

    hi am an Indian male staying beer sheva Isael,2 years&6months experience as a caregiver needs ajob in beer seva

  210. joby m george

    I know hebrew,english 2speak write &read
    Also cooking.

  211. Michael Robinson

    Hello and thank you for providing this excellent site, from which I have already learned so much.

    My situation is that I want to come to live in Israel with my girlfriend(an Israeli citizen) but will need to find work in order to make this possible. She is currently here with me in the Uk but will be returning to Israel in October.

    I am a native English speaker, educated to degree level (law) and with experience of working in the banking industry. I do not yet speak enough Hebrew well enough to consider most types of work but I would be prepared to do any type of work simply to allow me to live in Israel legally.

    I am not Jewish so making Aliya is not an option that I have.

    Can you suggest the best places (websites etc) for me to find current job vacancies in areas such as care for the elderly, non-skilled construction work, tourism or any other types of work that would be suitable for someone such as myself? I am keen to make the first steps in securing a job as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your time

  212. Sharon

    I’am a Filipina working as a temporary foreign worker here in Israel and my work permit expires this coming February 2010,and the condition of my employer is not good because she is very sick…if she died i can’t get already a working visa beacause im 6 years here in Israel…So can you please help me to find a agency that can help me to find a job in another country?please and thank’s 1

  213. TIRTHA

    Dear sir

    It’s me Tirtha from Nepal.now i am in Nepal.but we can send maximum nepali caregiver from here so for that what type of manpower you need ,process,timing their salary.waiting your posetive repply with detail process.

  214. Hari

    Dear Sir

    I am Hari Paudel, Nepali national. I am currently working at 5-star hotel in Doha. I am searching for a job in Israel. Can you help me where can send application while I’m here in Doha, Qatar

    Thank you,

  215. khaled samir

    Dear Sir

    I’m Egyptian and have very good experience in export sales and retail sales and supply chain sales stores and i speak french and english and arabic very good.
    my experience in different fields such as garments and home appliances and marble
    if someone interested please contact me to send my CV

  216. KatharineE

    Hi there – I have a Bmus Honours and a teacher’s diploma and would like to teach English in Israel. Do I need to have a TEFL certificate and where do I look for jobs on the internet for teaching. Many thanks. Kath

  217. shiva raj acharya

    hello everyone this me shiva. i am nepali but now i am in qatar i am working in a hotel but i want to move the other country i mean to the isrel if u know about it.and how can i find the job is in hotel of isreal. please help me

  218. stella

    Hi! Im here in the Philippines and i want to have a job in Israel or other country, can u help me fine one for me? I graduated with two degrees Bachelors of Science in Business Administration major in Management and Bachelor of Science in Nursing and i have also my Master’s degree in Business Administration. I work in a company for three years and manage my own business for 6 years but now due to economic crisis i closed it and i need to find a better job for a greener pasture. Thank u so much and i hope to hear from u soon.

  219. Van Moore

    Hello, I am Van Moore, 45 Male from London, UK. I am single father and looking for nanny that will come and work for my family and I have two kids joy and terry,and am ready to offer 450 pounds weekly and if you are interested in the job offer pls contact me through my email id(vanmore67@yahoo.com)waiting for your response.Thanks

  220. awojobi olusola

    please i am a nigeria,and i have both Bsc,and also HND in microbiology,i have a diploma in desktop publsihin undergoin ma CCNA trainin,and will be writin ma exams in fews months,i need a job in israel,i need a job in any infromation system organinsation.and would also like to relocate.here is my phone nunmber 2348024188662.and i want an english speaking job.

  221. Danko Dasic

    Butler/Receptionist looking 4 a job in Israel 31old Serbian Regards!

  222. Dall Tonn

    Good day to you sir!
    My concern is can i still work as a caregiver as i am 47 years old? I am male filipino nurse with the interest of coming to work in Israel as a caregiver. I am robust and strong to care for the elderly and or person with disabilities.I have previous 2 years experience in caring for the elderly in a nursing home setting. Thank you in advance for any information you can give me regarding this matter.

  223. Dall Tonn

    Hello! anybody out rhere!

  224. jagath de silva

    i am recruiting agent in SRILANKA i need to find an agnet in israel to send workers From srilanka.

  225. simon peter coelho

    Iam an Indian serching job in Isral I wish to work as Caretaker of older people Iam 47 years old and have a travel Document

  226. abdo

    I am a Moroccan, and age 29 years, I have a diploma in the maintenance of elevators,and soon I get a diploma in hairdressing and beauty devoted women,I have work in montage aluminium for 4 years.I woork good, somone can help me get job!!!!!thanx

  227. saad

    i love israel

  228. Lekhanta Acharya

    it has become one of my dreams to work in Israel. i am a Nepali by nationality and currently i am working in one of biggest car rental company here in Qatar(Thrifty Car rental) as office secretary. i love Israel and its people and country of walling wall i love so much and the climate of this country is just better. And at the moment i am seeking a job in hotel there can anybody help me out in this regard?? I am very desperate to go there..

  229. Amala Antony

    I Amala Antony from India looking forward job for care giver in Isrel or Uk I am diplomal in General Nursing and above 15 years of experience I am waiting a positive reply My e-mial : antony.amala19@gmail.com

  230. shane

    hi. i hope you can help me. I am living in ireland and my partner is israeli living in Tel Aviv. I am hoping to move to Israel next April. I was wondering how difficult is it to find a job in a hotel as i have experiance in this industry. I am also a fully qualified hair stylist but im sure i will need to learn hebrew to a high level for a client to trust me with there hair. So im guessing hotel work would be a good platform to learn hebrew. What sort of work permits do i need for a job in a hotel and how do i go about getting one.
    thanks so much for your help.


  231. bardal zouhair

    I’am a Moroccan citizen,30 years old i obtained last my certificate as a security agent grade,i can speak many languges English,French,German, spanich,Arabic also i would like to learn hebrew i had professional training in hotels and i was wondering if i could find job equivalent in Israel and i am ready to have any kind of interviews and to give any further information you may need to know.

  232. Purnel Ellise

    Hello Dear,
    I am Mr. Purnel Ellise 38 years single parent with a kids, a Boat driver here in LONDON, looking for a nanny who will be looking after my little 5 years kid in my home,when i am off to work. the reason why i am looking for an nanny is that my present nanny will be resigning for her post to go back to her home town/country People Republic of China by this month, so due to the nature of my job, i would be needing someone to take over from her in my absents. I needs an aupair that is homely, careing,experienced that can take good care of my kid. I will put up a good offer 600pounds per week to secure the services of someone with good qualitie to look after my kid, and Kindly email me in regards to this offer. I will be very grateful if i can get a positive reply from you. purnelellise@yahoo.com
    Mr. Purnel Ellise

  233. bardal zouhair

    I am a Moroccan citizen,30 years old i obtained last my certificate as a security agent grade,i can speak many languges English,French,German, spanich,Arabic also i would like to learn hebrew i had professional training in hotels and i was wondering if i could find job equivalent in Israel and i am ready to have any kind of interviews and to give any further information you may need to know.
    My email:lovelight2009@live.fr

  234. paulo

    Hi my name is Paulo I’m originaly from Portugal but i have been living in Ireland for the past 6 years, I’m a fully qualified Health Care Assistant.I have a Diploma in Health Care Support and occupational First aid training, I have experience working with people with disabilities and the elderly and 26 years old and i would love to work in Israel

  235. Michael Reyes Jr

    Hello my name is Michael from the Philippines.I would like to apply as a fruitpicker in your beautiful country of Israel,hope you consider this as my first step of application,thanks.

  236. shibu George

    Hi,Iam 37yrs old now working as a driver in Qatar.I came to know about lot of jobs in Israel. If I get a chance I can be a caregiver,driver or in any construction field.I hope you will notice my request.Thankyou.

  237. Anita

    Iam Anita from Nepal and looking for job in Israel, iam 21 years old.

  238. Yanna

    My name is Yanna, im from America i dont speak hebrew very well
    i live in Beer sheva now and its really hard 2 find a job without any hebrew i started taking hebrew classes but i need a job English speaking Anything

  239. Laura

    I am an American without Hebrew. I have a Ph. D. in Marriage and Family Therapy, a Masters in Clinical Psychology and have worked for many years in counseling. I have also spent my adult life helping my husband in his golf career. Unfortunately, he is leaving me for another woman and I have to make plans for my future and the future of my children. I have always wanted to emmigrate to Israel. I am okay with an entry level job as long as it would allow me to find affordable daycare for my two year old daughter. I would work in any field and am very intent on learning Hebrew as quickly as possible. I have lived in Italy, Thailand and China and have done well learning those languages, though I would not say that I am currently fluent. If anyone has any advice, I would appreciate it.

  240. Rosalie Joy

    Dear Jacob,Im willing to work again in israel but how come.I worked there and stay as a caregiver for almost 4years and seven months.If there is a possible that i can work in Israel again? i have a visa but i decide to go back for good with no entry visa at all.if somebody wants to sponsor me. Im willing to work i know how to speak and understand hebrew language.Please help me to find a good employers wherever country.my contact number is 09294353238.

  241. david omondi

    i am a diploma holder in aeronautical engineering and currently planning to pursue my degree at technion please may someone help me get aviation job in israel

  242. Michelle

    I am an African American desiring to move to Israel. I currently hold a B.A. degree in education and a Master’s of Education degree in curriculum and instruction. I have taught in the public school system for 17 years and the adult education sector for 4 years. I was wondering what the prospects would be for me finding a job in Israel and assimiliating to life there.

  243. Geeta Pandey

    Nameste ,
    I am lady of 37 years from Nepal.I have an experience in a primary Level teacher for seven years and 11 months in women empowerment office (Maiti Nepal).I can speak Hebrew and English . I have taken training of a caregiver for Israel last year.So I am looking for a job of a caregiver in Israel.I will be very greatful if I get a positive reply from you. My email ID:- gcbs_65@yahoo.com

  244. Amala Antony

    I am Mrs Amala Antony ,47years ,diploma in Nursing and above 15 years of work experience,at present working in <Mumbai,India,I lookign forward nursing or care giver job with visa and workpermit,If any one interested kindly contact my e-mail : antony.amala19@gmail.com or call 9890330549

  245. ethel

    hi i am a social work graduate from the philippines
    working as caregiver in israel for 3 years
    could it be possible if i would apply job related to my course as a social work graduate?

  246. khalid

    my name is khalid from morocco i love isreal country i m workin’ as assistance of lawyer in morocco anda i learn all article of isreal penal law any1 help how 2 find job in isreal
    by way i hate arabic i wish i could burn them

  247. Andrey

    28 years old – plan to move to Israel due to personal reasons and currently looking for a job. I have an engineering degree, PhD, a bit of management education, studied in Germany and the Netherlands,currently based out of Amsterdam,work in management consulting in one of the Big 4.

    What are my chances in getting the job in consulting? Thanks a lot in advance!

  248. Tolu Idowu

    Hello Jacob,
    I’m a female relocating to israel to meet my husband,i’m an accountant in Nigeria with an importation & sales company with 3 yrs work experience.My english is very fluent but i can’t read or write hebrew.Kindly advice me how to go about job placement.

  249. Ken

    Hi, I am a pilot(american)who lives in Israel. i am searching for a job in logistic or aviation. Still learning hebrew but speaking mostly English.

  250. احمد

    انا شاب من مصر من بئر العبد فى العريش سنى 25انا امنيت حياتى اشتغل فى اسرائيل لانه الحياه فى مصر وفى اى دوله عربيه متسعتشى على امعيشه حالص ممكن اشتغل فى اى مجل ويريت ترضو عليه فى اسرع وقت ممكن دى رقم تليفونى 0924125955 وده اميلى medo_love1564 انا حالين فى لبيا

  251. patil pappu

    i have an experience of care taker(mittapel) job.because i have done job in israel oct & nov 09.now im in india i want to go back

  252. Anura Santha Rathnayake

    Hi,I am an English qualified & experienced electrical Officer marine (ships) & ETO with extensive experience & knowledge.I am looking for a change, having worked all over europe & think Israel would be great.
    Do you think there would be many opportunities to come & work in this field?….If so, would you recommend me actually coming in person too look?
    thanks for your advice in advance.
    My e-mail acc:anurasanthasrilanka@gmail.com
    Con;Telephone no;+94352257157/+94772328636/+614150878220

  253. dinesh

    hey what’s up
    this is dinesh from india and looking forward for job in israel in any category related to care giving, driver, house boy, office boy, marketing jobd, sales man, agriculture.i am aged 25 and a perfectonist in the field related to driving.so if u guys find a job vacancy for me please give me a try.
    god bless u all

  254. Ram


    Im 27 years old male from nepal. searching jobs in Israel for hotel.. I have hospitality Management Diploma Level and also two years work experience as a Assistant Service Manager at Bakery Cafe from singapore. I can speak english, nepali and hindi..

    Pls kindly contact Me my e-mail :- subba_dilli2000@yahoo.com


  255. Elvin Wannatume

    I was just wondering if it is possible to come over from america and hangout for awhile hitch hikeking around and pan handleing for cash,food,shelter and Beer? also do you guys got any good chronic bud over there I’ve heard so much about what y’all do with flowers and all.if nothing else I know those lebanese and probably them palistinians have access to some realy rad hashish (strictly for medicinal purposes of course)….how much are the taco’s over there? and how hard is it to get the american embassy to spring for airfare home? I hope to see y’all this summer, you guys do believe in air conditioning right? and is there any such thing as an israeli geisha girl if so do you have any telephone numbers for them….thanx and we’ll see ya soon that is if I aint on the no-fly list.

  256. Mary Lee

    I am Mary Lee,a worker with inwent intl company for Fifteen years.Just relocated to London,Uk some days ago.I have Three kids and am seeking for the services of a Special Nanny/housekeeper/ outside the United Kingdom to come and work for me in the U.K.I am willing to offer Eight Hundred and fifty pounds sterling per week (850 pounds) provide monthly shopping allowances as well as accommodation as a live-in AS Nanny/housekeeper/. No Qualifications inclusive but must be able to speak ENGLISH little and witting Minimum But must be current with foreign affairs especially the Asia email world me on mary.lee9232@yahoo.com ..Thank you.
    Hope to hear back from you
    Mrs Mary

  257. Mohammed

    Hi all My name is Abd elghaffar Iam Egyptian from Alex I heard that there is a lot of jobs in Israel I am Security System Eng and have 6 years exprince in this filed
    Also I have Master in Security Since- Computer since – from USA
    my email eljoker70000@gmail.com
    how can I send my CV

  258. patil pappu bhaskar

    i have an experience of care taker(mittapel) job.because i have done job in israel oct & nov 09.now im in india i m return from some personel reasions now i want to go back israel for job

  259. kofi

    i am a ghanaian resident in south africa. i hold diploma in information technology, i would like to know if i can get a job in any part of isreal. thank you

  260. Sheshe

    Hi, I am filipina looking a job in Israel. Currently working in dubai as Admin Officer for almost 3 years. In addition,I had also studied 6 months caregiver in the Philippines.

    Please do contact me at sherylgalanga@yahoo.com


  261. Santiago Flores

    hola soy santiago busco trabajo en la constuccion soy de ecuador tengo 53 años


    This is Ram p paudel from doha qatar, an employee of ccc groups I’ve 6 years experience of Gulf. I can speak English, Hindi, Arabic and Nepali is my Mother Language. I wish to work in Israel for couple of years. OR, if there are any kind of Internship Program in Agriculture specially Organic Development Field./security & administration I wonder to have the practical training being a student of any Reputed University or Host Farm. i want to develop my career in Organic production.
    Email me : ram.paudel@bca.com.qa
    doha qatar

    Read more at: http://jobmob.co.il/blog/israel-job-search-from-abroad/#ixzz0iuTN1vrV

  263. Nima Lama

    Dear Sirs/Madams,

    I am Nima Lama of Hansqua T.G, Post: Bagdogra, Dist: Darjeeling, Pin: 734014, State: West Bengal, India, interested to find a job in israel. I am Class XII Pass with Bio Science, I have done Diploma in Financial Accounting and Information Techonology.

    So, I shall be highly obliged if I get an opportunity to serve in Isreal. I am very interested to work in israel and shall not hesitate to do any kind of job there.

    Thanking You, Yours faithfully,
    Nima Lama,

    Mobile no: 00919614780964

  264. Jeffrey Hochman

    My name is jeff Hochman and I am an Oleh hadash and have been in Israel for 10 months. I have had trouble getting a job in Israel for a few reasons.
    1. My background is law enforcement and security. i was a supervisor with the new Orleans Police department and later was a supervisor at the FBI organized crime task force. After leaving the assignment at the FBI i went to Iraq for 14 months working with the military there. There are many israelis whos background is similar to mine so i am competing against local Israelis who have great hebrew language skills and a similar background.

    2. My age in the business is a problem also as far as possible government jobs are concerned. I am 44 years old and government jobs want younger people.

    If anyone has any advice or suggestions or would like to see my resume/CV and other documents that verify my credentials please email me direct at


  265. Robert A Barker

    I’m A 38 yaer male looking to move to Israel. I have 7 Seven with CDL and Hazmat. Look to move to God Country.An I wait to become A citisen of Israel. All I need is a Job.

  266. Gergana Ilieva

    Good evening!
    i’m from Bulgaria, 28 years old.
    I want to know if there is a chance to begin work in Israel in tourism’s industry – I worked 5 years like hotel manager in big hotel at the Bulgarian sea.
    I have a diplom for finished program for hotel’s and restourant’s managers and work experience in this area …
    Hope I receive your answer soo

  267. Amy Gleichman


    I am obtaining my ESL certificate in May 2010 and would like to teach in Israel this year. I do not speak Hebrew yet, but would like to learn. I am interested in secular teaching jobs and also ones in Christian schools (I am a Christian). I have already been teaching on/off for nearly nine years, both locally and internationally. How difficult do you think it will be for me to find a job, and when should I begin applying?? Thank you for your help!

  268. Mark Caruana

    Hello Jacob,
    I am a 27 year old Maltese and would like to work for a few years in Israel. I studied Civil Engineering at uni.
    Are there any local resources for Civil Eng job hunters? Do you think that it is possible to find a job in this area prior to arriving in Isreal (Willing to travel for interviews, etc) but at least not spending a whole month or more searching for a job and eating away any saved resources? I am not Jewish.

    Shalom ve Hag Sameyach


  269. Bhupesh A Khatri

    Dear sir
    I am Graphicdesigner from India. I wnat to come Israel for job. How can I get Work perimit.
    My age 50 running now

    Bhupesh Khatri

  270. rodger crawford


  271. Daniel Tolu

    I am a nigerian. I want to do my masters in Israel at Technion institute of technology. I plan to work along side my studies. Is it possible to get a trainee job in a construction or consultant firm there in haifa. I would love to get it before i arrive, because i really need assistance for my studies. Please reply. Thanks!

  272. biju.n.gopi

    sir,iam an Biju,30ys old fom INDIA ,need a job in Israel.iam working in a ready made garment indusry as a production co ordinator.i belong to very poor family ,if u can help me plz arrange me a job in ISRAEL. MAY GOD BLESS U !!!!

  273. gary mc garvey

    hi i am looking for a security job in israel,i have no herbrew but am willing to learn,i work in security in ireland and have a close protection certificate in which i completed in israel,i am 41 years of age i would really appreciated if you could help me thank you

  274. anand

    I’m a hotel management student specelized in culinary, I also was working for ritz carlton, doha qatar. now am back in india and I was helping in our family building materials stores. now i’m searching for a culinary job in ISRAEL. sOI request you to guide me by giving me any information about the employment agencies or the employers who can sponsor me the job. so, I request you to please guide

  275. John Keds

    I need job in isreal

  276. Sam Ahmed

    I m an IT Professional,Egyptian Citizen,with 12 years experience in the IT industry an have worked in different countries,my last 6 month was like hell trying to get a suitable position in Egypt so i decided to look up a job in israel as the technology is appreciated there
    I know it will be gard to find a sponsorship before i arrive there,i speak englishmArabic and Russian languages but no hebrew
    any advise what is the best way to proceed in the job hunting challenge
    thanks in advance

  277. Sam Ahmed

    I m an IT Professional,Egyptian Citizen,with 12 years experience in the IT industry an have worked in different countries,my last 6 month was like hell trying to get a suitable position in Egypt so i decided to look up a job in israel as the technology is appreciated there
    I know it will be hard to find a sponsorship before i arrive there,i speak english,Arabic and Russian languages but no hebrew
    any advise what is the best way to proceed in the job hunting challenge????
    Thanks in advance

  278. Melinda O. Castro

    hi i`m 41y.o singlemom,a Filipina,just recently i joined a Messianic Movement and presently learning the Hebraic roots of the bible,in short i learned to love and desire for Israel,.i`ve been working for a long time as a private nurse caregiver,nanny,massage therapist,yes i`m multi skilled and hardworking,can u pls help me find an employer to sponsor me since employment agencies here charged too much i can`t afford,by June-July.i wiil be ready with my travel documents..i hope you can help me.Toda Raba !

  279. Damond C. Bateman

    I’m a 52 year old US citizen of mixed heritage, who is an Army vet, studied History in college, been a teacher in private schools, also worked retail, been a licensed agricultural fumigator, and worked as a special needs chef for camps (diabetic , allergies, blood pressure ,etc). I speak , read and write Hebrew and have considerable skills with others. I am part Jewish, but the wrong part. I am very interested in working in Israel and maybe staying. What can you suggest? Thanks.

  280. Kareem

    Good morning Sir,
    I am Kareem from Egypt, I am a pharmacist working as medical representative in an american company in Egypt but wants to change my career to be in clinical researchand start as Clinical Research Associate..
    I want to start working in that field in Israel due to its leadership in that field and its developed companies and people.

    Thanks in advance
    Best Regards
    +2 011 012 9191

  281. Ксения

    My name is Ksenia.I.m from Ukraine.I want live and work in Israel,have 2 higher education- menedger and designer of clothing.Wait .+380971118781

  282. Ксения

    my tel.+380971118780.


    Hello ,. I am an INDIAN ,.45 YEARS ,.Degree in AGRICULTURE and Ia International course in IRRIGATION AND EXTENSION fro RUPIN INSTITUTE OF AGRICULTURE ,.


    Hello ,.

  285. Jeet

    Hi! I am a Nepalese citizen working in Middle East for 5 yrs in hospitality and has desire to work in Israel either in hospitality or caregive. Please advise the effective way to find work there.

  286. Adir

    Hi! I am a German citizen, 41 years, jewish and my Hebrew isn’t to bad. I am an aeronautics engineer and a Airbus A320 pilot. Is there a realistic chance to work as an airline pilot in Israel?
    Toda ve lehitraot!

  287. Albert Rodrigues

    I am working as Air condition & Refrigeration maintenance supervisor/technician(some time required)in UAE multinational FMCG group co. I am Indian origin love Israel & like to work, is it possible? please give me some contacts.
    Thanks & Regards

  288. Amit Shrestha

    Hi I am Amit Shrestha from Nepal. Is there any way to work in Israel from Nepal. If yes than please contact in my mail id.

  289. Amado Nervo

    I´m spanish, needing a change in my life, I have Architecture degree and 16 years career experience. I should like to travel to Israel with a job agreement. Could somebody tell me something about it? From where have I start?


    am from Nepal, Worked as Counsellor (Aids and Drug Patients) in Israel for for 1/2 years. My contract just expired,I am here right now in the and planning to apply again with the same work. Is it possible to return to Israel? Thanks.

  291. vinay sukla

    hello sir…
    i m from india…
    i want to search my friend address he is in israel. but i dont know his address..
    his name:- denzil gayus parmar
    job: old care
    father name:- gayus chotalal parmar

    india addres :-
    city – nadiad
    district: kheda
    state – gujarat
    counter- india
    pincode- 387002

    please send his address detail

  292. ramy elnahas

    اريد ان اعمل اى عمل لانى فى احتياج الى المال ولا اعرف الانجليزى كتير وعندى 21 سنة وانا طيب الطباع جدا

  293. lovena

    am from Nepal, Worked as Counsellor (Aids and Drug Patients) in Israel for for 1/2 years. My contract just expired,I am here right now in the and planning to apply again with the same work. Is it possible to return to Israel? Thanks.

  294. jason v

    hi, i am finishing up my MBA degree in professional accounting. I will be visiting israel this summer for about 1 month. I would like to meet with somebody who can give me insight into the accounting field. I know there is a demand for USA CPA’s in israel. Do you know of somebody who I can speak to and get going in the right direction?

  295. jason v

    i forgot to add, i would be seeking potential employment (entry level) as of winter/spring 2011 after I complete my CPA licensing exams

  296. bimal eranga

    Hi my name is bimal 26 years and living in Srilanka. Now i find caregiven job in israeli. I followed one year diploma couse about the shuject. I am good kind and honest person. So please let ne know how about find the caregiven job in isreali? Ny mail is chaturakn@yahoo.com
    My phone number is 0094334925183

  297. marlou

    i am filipino 35 years presently working here in macau china, as casino security,looking for a job in israel,any jobs that fits to me am also a cook in one of the best restaurant in the philippines, the aristocrat restaurant and im also a kitchen staff in chowking food corp. number one chinese fastfood chain in the philippines,i finished also 2 years in college , i hope that you can help me and more power…

  298. janaka bandula

    i live in israel.00972543540418

  299. chandra sekhar.ch

    Shalom israel..

    I am an indian,I love to serve israeli old men as a caretaker.
    toda raba
    in his love(ahava)
    my cell 9989970579.

  300. Raad S.

    Dear sir
    am a dentist, graduate from the university of jordan (1996)
    have 9 year experience in royal medical services
    5 years experience in my private clinic in amman .
    very skilled at my job ,have 2 implant courses,looking forward to work and/or continue my implant education in Israel , i believe in piece and harmony among all religions .
    your advise will be greatly appreciated about my chances to do that
    N.B. am of circassian origins and have far relatives in kofer kamma but i never got the chance to visit them

  301. Bhupesh Khatri

    Dear Jecob
    I am 49 years man from India I am 20 years Experienced in Graphic designing (Print Media)
    Now I want t9o come Israel for a job.
    i love Israel I ready to for older age peaple work as a caregiver in israel.

    how can I get work permet ??
    Pleasee give me advise or Recruitment agencies
    pleasee help me sir

    Bhupesh Khatri

  302. Bhuwan Khadka

    Hi I am 22 years man from Nepal.
    Now I want to come Israel for a job.

  303. emmanuel brooks

    looking for job in israel had class a since 98

  304. Karim

    Dear Sir.
    My name’s Karim. I am 30 years old. I am Egyptian, i am not looking for a job but i have a good project with high profit i want to make it in Israel and i looking for partner. If i make this project, Israel will be from the first countries who make this products in the world.

    cell : 0020124347645
    E-mail : mardiny25@yahoo.com

  305. B. Vijaya Nirmala

    Dear sir and madam greetings to you in the name of most high Christ Jesus,I am 36 yrs unmarried Indian. I have completed my Bachlor degree and diploma in medical and sanitation courses. 9 years I have worked as caregiver for a mentally handicapped child in a christian organisation. I would like to work as a caregiver of childer or elderly women in Israel. Please contact me
    email: vijayanirmala.2010@rediffmail.com


    Hello sir i am 30 years wold from nepal, but now i am still working in Afghanistan with American army and with NATO since 2006 oct. before i was security guard and then security lead and now security badging liaison officer,,,, now i wants to work in Israel in any job,,,i have a computer deploma, high shool pass, 6 year neplese army and 4 year security in afghanistan.

  307. S.K.Jayachandran

    Hello sir I am Jayachandran,39 yrs.Still I am working in US ARMY BASE,KUWAIT last three years as an UTILITY TECH in ELECTRICAL SEC.My wife is already working in ISRAEL as a caretaker job.So I wish to search any job in over there.Me holding all certificates and traveling documents.I expecting a positive replay..thanks

  308. احمد سليط

    انا مصرى وعايز اشتغل فى اسرائيل انا مش عارف اسافر ازاى

  309. احمد سليط

    انا مصرى وعايز اشتغل فى اسرائيل انا مش عارف اسافر ازاى

  310. ishwor bohora

    Hello sir i am ishwor bohora from nepal i like to work in israel as a caregiver for old man and woman. i am experienced in such work. i hope you would provide me the job and help me.

  311. Anilbhai M. Parmar

    Salom ,Adoni.
    I am an INDIAN age 45 years Bcom graduates.I am looking for oldcare job in Israel.
    I have good knowladge of spaeking hebrew.I was there in Israel From 30 th of March 2005 to January 2008 because of my mother suddnly death in hurry Icame back to India I didnot know the Ruls of Israel.Now I am In deep trouble in India of money please help me sir.I worked in Rahovote With Sarabi family my BALABITE was 103 years old now he was not in this world.I know all kind of work as oldcare.Please give me one chance to come over there.

  312. S.K.Jayachandran

    hi sir..i am an indian working in kuwait as an utility technician in US ARMY BASE.i proudly seeking any job in israel.my wife is working in israel(care taker job. give me a chance to serve your old peoples in your nation..i am holding certificates and traveling documents..thanking of Jayachandran

  313. Dmytro


    I am from Ukraine .I am working in the hotel industry for 6 years and got hospitality diploma.
    I am manager in F&B department. Better to say I am outlet manager. I would like to work in Israel. I have Arabic knowledge. As well German, Romanian, Russian. How I can start my search? and where?

  314. Ashok Kumar

    I am ashok Kumar from India, I am working in hotel industry since last 12 years and got bast experience in guest service. I am working as Front Office Executive in hotel Aman deluxe New Delhi India. I love to Israel and I would like to work in Israel it is my hearty wish. Thanks

  315. Dipendra Rai

    Dear Sir,
    I am Dipendra Rai from Nepal,i am working in hotel industry from last 8 years as a account finance department senior receiving clerk and i have good experience in store stock monitoring and received the items as per the accounting system.so i would like to work in israel.so i hope would you understant me my wishes.

    thank you

  316. Madujith Meewanage

    Dear Sir,
    I am Sr Lankan , age 48 years. I have Diploma in Agriculture, Diploma in Landscaping and Horticulture. And 27 years experience in Agricultural Field. I seeking Agriculture field in Israel. I am waiting a positive reply my e-mail soon.

  317. Hana B Abraham

    I paning to come back to Israel, I would like to get a job as a caregiver for a wile, till I learn more Hebrew. I speak, Spanish, English and litle Hebrew, Could you please help me to finad a job. I don’t have family, for me it is important to work with somebody who really needs me. Money it si not an issue. Looking to have a family, and take somedoby like my sabta o saba.
    Toda Toda.

  318. Lawrence C

    I am a US citizen looking to relocate to Israel and become a citizen. I’m not Jewish, so I’d have to naturalize, and I don’t really have a lot in the way of professional qualifications (I sell shoes!). What would be the chances of my working on a kibbutz to learn Hebrew, then finding a job before my volunteer visa is up? I don’t need a skilled job – customer service, like a department store or fast food joint, would be ok with me. Would anyone consider me? Any insights you have would be appreciated!

  319. Johnson DMello

    Hello Sir, I would like to work in the hotel industry in Israel – Housekeeping, headwaiter…I have experience in working for five star hotel in Goa and Gujarat. I am 46 years old.

    Do you have any suggestions, important contacts? thanks and with regards,
    Johnson Dmello

  320. Edita

    I am Czech, married with Jewish guy and moving to Israel soon. I am a doctor. I would like to find a job in israel. Could someone tell me something about it? From where have I start? It’s hebrew necessary ? Thanks

  321. sarojit roy chowdhurt

    I am Indian 43 Years have 17 years experience in construction as a accounts,store,materials,HR. Admin, Logistic and purchasing i want to job at Israel

  322. Anthony Akande

    I am a Nigerian a Quantity Surveyor by professional with over 24 years relevant experience in the Building and Civil Engineering industry . I want to relocate and need a job in Israel. Regards

  323. Amit Saxena

    I am 29 years old and looking forward for working in a travel agency/ airline in Israel. I am an Indian Jew and have Israeli nationality.
    I want to leave India as soon as possible.
    I have 5 years of experiance in this trade. Looking forward to hear from you.

  324. phur diki sherpa

    hello sir,
    i’m a final year bsc.nursing student from nepal looking forward to work in israel.i can very well speak english, nepali and hindi and im learning hebrew recently.so sir can u just tell me how can i apply for nursing job from nepal itself. looking forward to hear from u.

  325. Jessica Azoulay

    I am planning to do aliyah with my family next year. I have worked for several years as an insurance adjuster with large American company such as Liberty Mutual. I was wondering if you might know if there is a demand for this type of job in Israel. Also I do not speak Hebrew yet, I intend to go to an Ulpan. Do you know if there are any Israeli or foreign companies that would be interested in someone with my experience?

  326. pasang sherpa

    hi sir or madam i am 35 year old i am looking for agriculture or cook and care giver job i have fully experence about this please kinly requist and reply same way from nepal thanks

  327. pasang sherpa

    hi sir or madam salom
    i am 35 year un marrige i am loking agriculture or cook na care giver job in isereal i like your contry please if any quiton my no 9771.9841388023 4494047 thnks
    pasang sherpa

  328. mm

    Hi I am a nurse I would like to search for work in Israel I have experience in nursing and the lab for a period around me 8 years

  329. Birendra Singh Pundir

    Hello Mr. Jacob,
    I am an Indian from Mumbai , age 42 yrs , searching a job in Israel ( any region ) in Hospitality ( Housekeeping / Facility )Industry . I have above 10 years of experience in this Industry,I speak English fluently.Is there any chances of getting job of any post.

  330. Kahirka

    Hello I am looking to work in Israel in tourism as a tourleader/guide or as a nanny/au-pair. I have been living in Israel for 6 months in 2003. I have many years of experience in both fields. Thank you for all your help.

  331. Kennedy

    I am from Nigerian, a civil engineer by profession i will like to search for a good job opportunity in construction industry in israel.I am look forward to hearing from you very soon.

  332. Gordi

    I am a commercial pilot from the UK and am trying to find out how and where you can apply for a position with one of the local airlines or corporate jet outfits?

  333. pasang sherpa

    dear sir or madam salom
    i am 35 year pasang sherpa from nepal i am looking agricultuture or cook care giver please canyou reply me how can i get job soon can you help this my requirehoply waiting your reply or how can i applacation kindly reply me thanks

    pasang sherpa
    cell no 9841388023\4494047

  334. peter almeida

    Dear Sir,

    I am 45 Yrs old , working as a purchase manager in pharmaceutical co. can i get a job in Isareal in pharma Co.

  335. Manjula

    Hi There, I’m Manjula from Sri Lanka, 27 Years Old & having a experience as a Care Taker with a Diploma in Hospitality. I’m looking for a job as a live in care taker. How can i find a job in Israel. Please help me out.

    Many Thanks.

  336. parusuram

    Hi to all,
    i am from india i am working US base Iraq since 05 i had almost 7 year experince retail manager /operation manager /facility manager /accountancy manager i can handle any kind of situations in retial i would like to know how i can get job in iseral i would love to come to iseral it is my dream ..can anybody assistant to me how and what paper i need to submit to get work in iseral ……..
    Very reagrds

  337. josh

    Hi I am Josh from India.I am Agriculture graduate . I have 5 year experience working with NGO in 7 different countries . I want to work and live in Israel, where I can get all information about it.

  338. yakob

    Dear sir
    My name is yakob

  339. yakob

    i graduated civil and industrial engnering i am looking for job in israel

  340. Lisa Dunn

    My name is Lisa – and I am 28 year old Australian. I am moving to Israel in 3 months, and I would love some help in finding a job. I speak hebrew (basic) but I can understand and read and write in hebrew. I have three degrees, currently I am teaching. I would love to work in a charity organisation if possible. Any assistance would be great. Thanks very much 🙂

  341. Steve Dsouza

    To whomsoever it my concern.

    My name is Steve and I am an Indian married to a jewish girl. I am already in Israel and looking for a job in warehousing industry. I have 3 years experience in retail and 7 years experience as a warehouse supervisor.

    Thanking you
    Steve D’souza

  342. John K

    hello sir


  343. s.a perera


  344. Simone Ash

    Hi my name is Simone.
    I’m coming to Israel in December on a working holiday. I’m looking for a job at a hotel preferably in the Tel Aviv, Jerusalem area and with accommodation.
    I did hotel and catering for 3 years at school and i am a qualified make-up artist.
    If anyone knows of anything could you please email me at sim1.ash@hotmail.com
    thank you.

  345. abraham gebrehawaria

    i am from eritrea 22 years old and i am looking for a job at hotel in telavive area. specially for clining washesh dish and so all.

  346. abraham gebrehawaria

    also resturan and super market if have peales get me by thise tele 0549556900 or email fshkta_a@yahoo.com

  347. abraham gebrehawaria

    hay i am an eritrean 22 years old i can speake in glish and a little beat hebrew.i am in israel now so i am looking for job.cleaning and house kipping arganizing things.in any thing specially in telavive resturan.super market.hotel.garage and otheres…..? so if u have i am ready and contact by thise no..0549556900 email fshkta_a@yahoo.com

  348. FRANGO

    Currently i am working here in kuwait.woking as a transportation coodinator with us millitry base civilian contructor(dyn corp).over all 7 years experience in movement field.i can get any chance to go isreal and get a job there.please email me back sir.

  349. nadeem khan

    hi sir i am 37 marrid indian i am a car mechaniv 20 years exp i have my own workshop i been in israil i like ilat city very much how i can find job please halp me thanks a lot

  350. Nonoy Flores

    Dear Sir,
    I am a Filipino national 42 years old,I have a 16 working experience in the Gulf States,saudi Arabia, 10 years and United Arab Emirates 6 years,How can I get a list of Employment Agencies here in the Philippines who hired Filipinos to work in Israel the Holy Land.

    Thnx a lot,

  351. nilesh patel

    Dera sir

    I am nilesh from india i am 28years old (merred) and i want to come for wark in israel. so can i get eny wark.

  352. kirsty

    im from scotland looking into moving to israel mid next year. on the israel gov website it says to work there u can only work in the specified areas..nursing, hotel etc. But is it possible to just find a job anywhere..so long as the employer gets me a working permit? im just starting to learn hebru..so wont know that much when i get out there. Can u also help with a few links of where to start lookng for a job? employment agencies etc. thanks Kirsty

  353. Deepak shrestha

    You said that maybe some info that I haven’t shared with you might be helpful that is why I’m still hoping and inquiring with you regarding finding a work there. I hope you could answer my inquiry on finding a work permit. Again, can I job hunt if I am only holding a tourist visa? Please Jacob I really need your help.
    I am Nepali (Nepal) searching job in Israel,I wish to work as Accountant, Agriculture and other related sector. i have experience in this sector. I am 25 years old and have all documents ready. i have done my Diploma in computer application Pass BBS.

    waiting for your reply

    Thank you.

  354. agnel dsouza

    Dear Sir,
    I wanted to start a recruiting agency in india to recruit staff for Israel. can you help me in providing me contacts of LMC in Israel and is there any website where I can advertise my profile of recruitment.

    Agnel D’Souza

  355. Rajkumar

    Hi, I am 28 years old computer technician, worked in a military organization nepal since 2002. I like the county isreil most so what i have to do..plz send me in sancharprince@yahoo.com

  356. Elvis Opara

    Hello Good Day Sir/Madam,


    My name is Elvis Okechukwu Opara, am 27 years old man from Nigeria. I wish to apply for any job in Isereal. I Saw Your email address at the site today and Become interested in coming to Isereal so if you do not mind, I will like you to give me any job in your Hotel/company that you know that you can give me also I work 8 ours in any job as well. although the flesh online searching for a true and honest company .. I believe we can move from here! Remember please sir by helping me and give me any job…, color, language or distance Does not Matter but Love matters a lot in life.

    Please Help me i need a job to do and take care of my family.

    thanks and God Bless.
    Best of my Regards
    Mr.Elvis Okechukwu Opara

  357. Sarah Gough

    Hello, I am 28 from Australia and looking to work in Israel as an aged Carer/ or Caretaker of older people. Can you help me? Thank you.

  358. Rajib Bharati

    I am 35 from Nepal. I am looking for job in Israel as care giver, agriculture, marketing. I can speak English, Nepali, Hindi.
    I have no idea to find job in Israel please help me.

  359. Asya Tokman

    My name is Asya and I am studying in Les Roches international School of Hotel Management. I am looking for an internship in Israel. I have already lived there for 1,5 mounths and I do not have any problems with visa as my relatives live there. Moreover, i have a russian passport.
    Is it possible to have in internship in this country?? Where can i search for job in hospitality?
    Thank you in advance

  360. Devi

    am Devi, working in singapore as a Cook & Maid.
    I have 15 years of singapore experience.
    I am from Srilanka.
    I have worked in American Jewish for may 5 years.
    I have strong experience in Elder caring ,cooking, gardening,cleaning and other domestic work.
    I am seeking a suitable position .

  361. Abi

    I am Abi
    Currently pursuing my MSW course 1st year.
    Next year i am aspiring for a Master degree course in Criminology,thus aiming to acquire dual post graduation.
    I am good at English IELTS band score 8/9
    I am good at biblical Hebrew
    Please provide me with sufficient advice so that i could build a strong career in Israel within 2 years.

  362. christin manoj clement

    sir, i am christin manoj 30 age married indian,i look a job in israel ,any supermarket or any ompany job pls help me i hope u

  363. christin manoj clement

    sir,i look any supermarket,care taker,hotel waiterany pls arrange a job i am w8 u

  364. Jude Alejo

    Hello. i am an International Relations Graduate and i would like to work in Israel. any suggestion?

  365. Jude Alejo

    Hello, im an international relations graduate and i would like to work in ISrael. any suggestion?

  366. Fernando

    Hi, I am a qualified professional Marketer (CIM-UK) having 26 years + experience in Banking/Apparel/FMCG (food) industry work experience. Working as a Business Development Manager/Merchandising Manager/Brand Manager. Age 47 years & Christian. Speak/read/Write English fluently. traveled to many destinations on Business visits. Are there any job opportunities to suite my type of qualifications in Israel??
    Best Regards & Thanks/fernando

  367. Dharmendra patel

    Hello sir, i’m Dharmendra from india , age 22 and now its 23rd running. I’m b.pharm(bachelor in pharmacy) graduated . No any job experience , i don’t know hebrew also. But i want to come israel and want to do job as caregiver. So what should be requirements to come there and how long time it will take to come there and start doing job? Please reply me sir. My email is dhams_2525@yahoo.com

  368. roy

    dear sir
    i am an indian working as a senior carer in uk. i have completed NVQ 3 in health care.
    is there any chance to get a job in israel in caring feild ?

  369. Lan Chi

    I am from manpower suply agency in Vietnam. I would like to supply workers to Isreal. May you help me to contact with manpower recruitment agency in Isreal?

  370. ajithpimmachchrige

    dear sir .i am an sri lankan working as a care taker.in sri lanka and doha qatar.is there any chance to get ajob in israel in caring feild?

  371. kishore

    Dear Sir

    my name is kishore lasrado i am looking a job in israel currently iam working in abudhabi uae as a telecom technican our company is celling nec pabs and computers . i want ro move from abudhabi to isrial for nay job so please help me to geting job in isreal

    thanks and regards
    kishore lasrado



  373. loly


    Can you tell me how i can get working visa in Israel? I am from Croatia.

  374. mick maher

    hi, i am a 35 yo aussie male with a background in earthmoving, road building, and heavy transport. i am married to an israeli girl and will be moving over this year. is there any work on this new gas deposit???? or any major infrastructure projects happening?? any advice would be helpful.
    toda roba

  375. Jacob Share

    Mick- the gas finds are fairly recent. Noble Energy and its local partners are in talks with the government to see how the finds will be exploited. If you’re qualified for a role in those projects, follow the news & companies involved, and start networking with employees who would want to hire you once you arrive. There are of course other infrastructure projects going on, but this would be the biggest in Israeli history, according to a recent article I read.

    For most everyone else on this thread- information re getting a work visa, through a local manpower company or not, can be found here:

    Guide for Migrant Workers

  376. sathi

    hai I am sathi,i am 49 yrs old,now working in kuwait.i would like to work in israel as care taker.can u tell me how should i apply and wher i get the job,

  377. birendra

    Dear sir/madam
    this is birendra from nepal,but presently i was working at w hotel maldives,so that now days i am looking to get job in israel but still i am not sucses please let me know how could i can get job in israel???
    if you repply me or contact me soonest then i am highly appreciated with you,thanking you.
    warm regard
    birendra khadka
    w hotel maldives

  378. Roy

    Hi Jacob,

    Good day! I’m very thankful that there is someone like you who is very generous to help people like me to work and live in Israel.
    To tell you honestly, Israel is my dream place to live, have a life and start a family since I was 17 years old.

    My name is Cicero but you can call me Roy , 36 years old single and I’m a Filipino, a license mechanical engineer working as a purchasing and logistics for 10 years here in the Philippines . I really wanted, and already decided to push my dream to work and live in Israel .

    When it comes to different culture and character of other people I have no problem with that since I’m a very flexible person that could adapt very quickly. To make the long story short, I will migrate to Israel .

    Based on my current situation what would you suggest in order for me to move, work, to be a citizen and have a family in the future in Israel ? How would I start to achieve my dream? What should I do as of this moment to start with?

    I care alot about the sposorship, this is more better and safer instead of going to Israel and searching for jobs because i have some fears of going there and not be able to get a job that would be a problem for me, but as I said I alraedy decided that im going to israel for sure but going with sponsorship is more comfortable and safer for me.

    What should be the websites of jobs in Israel that you could provide for me. I really need your help in order for me to work in Israel and live there permanently.

    Please feel free to e-mail me at roycastandiello@yahoo.com or in my facebook/roycastandiello.

    I really need your help. More power to you and thank you in advance. Take care my friend.

    Best regards,


  379. Roy

    Hi Jacob,

    How are you? Hoping for your response in my inqueries, really apprerciate it.

    Can you also refer me to the companies in Israel that could sponsor me while I’m here in my country (Philippines)? I also send you a message through your email jacob@shareselectmedia.com.

    Thank you and advance. Take care.


  380. birendra

    hi jacob,
    please can you advice me how i could get job in israel plz plz??? bcoz i have dream to live & work in israel plz ,i have hotel experince
    warm regard
    from nepal

  381. Sherilan Francis

    My Name is Sherilan Francis living in UK
    Looking for work in Child Care or Secretary work. Do not mind working picking/packing seasonal crops if need be.
    After all Isreal is the Land of Milk and Honey.
    I have 10 years child care experience and 10 years secretary skills. Also customer service experience.
    Accomodation and work would be ideal.
    Available to work this coming March 2011
    contact me vinoivoire21@hotmail.co.uk

  382. BINOY

    sir, i want one job in israel.i am a hotelprofessional.now i am working in saudi arabia in almarai company how can get a job their please reply as soon as possible

  383. hitender singh

    I am Hitender Singh, living in India
    i am pursuing a three year degree program, Hospitality Management from HTMI Switzerland & BA in tourism from IGNOU (Indra Gandhi National Open University) from RIG Institute of Hospitality Management ( http://www.riginstitute.com/ )
    in between 5 months i will need to go for my Industrial Training.. i am interested to do my Industrial Training in Israel..
    if it is possible so please kindly let me know.. if there is any such program..

    thank you..

  384. Sachin Mukhia

    i am 32 yrs. old indian, looking for caretaker or hospitality/hotel job in isreal. how can i get ? – plz. help me.

  385. Mr. Mikhail

    Daer Mr. Jacob!
    I’m Russian. For last 7 years I’m doing import from Asia (China, Thailand Vietnam) to Russia. I have huge experience in international negotiations, conclusion of contracts, searching of products, incoterms etc. I’m owner and director of business in Russia. But I’ll move to Israel with my family because I’m Jewish. I’ll finish my business in Russia. I speak Russian and English. Of course, I’ll get Hebrew in 1 year, sure. I would like to find a job in Israel like export manager or assistant of director. Or I would like to find a business partner who doing import from Asia or wants to begin to do it. I have a lot of business ideas and interesting projects.
    Could you advise me anything?
    Thank you. Best regards.

  386. deoraj

    Dear Mr. Jacob
    I’m from Nepal.I want to work in isreal How can I come to isreal for work.can you give me the process.
    I am working as store supervisor in automobile sector from last ten year but i want to work any kind work in isreal specially in agriculture sector becuase after returing to my country i want to work in agriculture in country.
    can you hele me to migrate in isreal.
    best regards

  387. Ivy

    I would like to move back to Israel. I lived there from 1976-1986. I was told that the medical benefits are not free the first few months for returning people that had already lived there as olim.
    That aside, I have been working as a design consultant selling window treatments and wallpaper for the last 25 yrs. I studied textile design at FASHION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY.
    I would like to find out my options before I make the move. Please send me any information that could be helpful.
    Thank you, Ivy

  388. José Balbino de Queiros

    I am married to a Jewish, I have a daughter who lives in Israel (Ashdod), I am 69 years old, and I am thinking of living in Israel with my wife.
    I worked for many years in hotel management and real estate
    I speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, some German and in the future Hebrew.
    I would like to work in the hotel industry or Real Estate Business
    Do i have any chance of getting a job before my arrival in Israel.
    Jose Balbino de Queiros

  389. Jacob Share

    To everyone who asked about hotel/hospitality jobs- the Israeli industry is growing and the government wants to add thousands of hotel rooms over the next few years. Your best source of information is still the link above to the Guide for Migrant Workers.

    Ivy- to answer your medical insurance question, see these Returning Residents’ First Steps.

    Regarding your job search, start learning about the Israeli industry. Network from abroad with locals, and network abroad with people who can connect you with locals. In particular, look for Israeli bloggers who can tell you what’s in demand here, so you can get an idea of possible directions that would be a good fit.

  390. Jacob Share

    Mr. Mikhail- in the last 7 years of Asia imports, did you ever meet Israelis? Or, ask trustworthy contacts if they can recommend anyone in Israel that you should meet. Also, do you have any friends/family who are already here? They might know someone in your industry or be able to help contact someone that you discovered online, such as on LinkedIn or facebook. Many Israeli companies are importing from Asia, so research companies here that would need your experience and approach them, but definitely try to get help from Russian olim associations first.

    José- if your wife is Jewish and you both move to Israel, you will be able to work here. At your age, it will not be easy to find a job. Your best bet would be to either try and partner with someone locally and creating your own business and/or learning as much as you can about the local industry so you can sell a targeted company the idea that hiring you would lead to x amount of revenue.

  391. José Balbino de Queirós

    Dear Jacob;
    First of all, thank you for your prompt answer.
    Yes. My wife is jewish.
    Is it possible to find a partner in Israel?
    In any case, I’ll go to Israel.
    This, I already decided.
    If possible, give me more details.
    Thank you very much for your help

  392. bishnu

    i ma studying in uk and i am from nepal,i want to work in israel so what should i do to have job and visa of israel?

  393. Brandon

    Hello. My name is Brandon & I would love to get a job in Israel so I could master spoken Hebrew, and gain greater international business/relations experience. I only have a Bachelors Degree in Business from the University of South Carolina, I can speak & read Mandarin Chinese at an advanced level (especially speaking), but I”m currently not a “young professional” yet per se. What would be the best route for me to attain a good job in Israel where I could gain more experience?

  394. Mike R.

    Hi Jacob,

    German guy here contemplating a conversion to Judaism in Israel, following religious and language studies abroad, of course. I understand there is a special visa category for converts; however, will I be allowed to work?



  395. Jacob Share

    José- is it possible to find partners here, and it would make a lot of sense to partner with someone who has local experience in either of the industries you mentioned.

    Bishnu- please read the link above titled ‘Guide for Migrant Workers’.

    Brandon- you don’t need to come to Israel to learn modern (or biblical) Hebrew, there are websites that offer courses over the Internet for that.

    Mike- thanks for your question, I wasn’t aware of that case but now I am 🙂 This link seems very helpful:

    Conversion in Israel for non-Israeli Citizens

    You would come on a tourist’s visa but it adds “…In the meantime, you can apply for a work permit at the Ministry of the Interior”.

  396. BRETT

    I am a proffesional musician and would love to work in a store in Isreal are there any im from South Africa .It would be fun!!

  397. Leonids Kuskis Heifecs

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I live in Latvia, where I was born and grew up in, but would like to move to my father’s historical homeland – Israel.
    I am an engineer mechanical by profession, and the last five years working in my own real estate management company. I would be very grateful for the information or job offers in this regard.

    Leonids Kuskis

  398. Mike R.


    Thanks a bunch for your fast response & the helpful pointer.

    > You would come on a tourist’s visa but it
    > adds “…In the meantime, you can apply for a
    > work permit at the Ministry of the Interior”.

    I’ve seem to have missed that part on first reading. That’s definitely good news! Not necessarily a question I wanted to bring up with the Rabbinate 😉

    Again, thanks a lot for your help!

    Bests, Mike

  399. kumar tamang

    i am looking for job in israel, for waiter/captain/bartender

  400. kumar tamang

    hi sir
    i am looking for job in israel as a waiter or any hotel,. i have 4 years experience in hospitality & hotels
    currently i am working in Crowne Plaza hotel yas island in Abu Dhabi,UAE, as a bartender. i started my job as waiter.i will highly appreciate if you give me the best way to get the job in israel plz.
    your sincerely
    kumar tamang
    from NEPAL thank you

  401. steve

    Any idea where to get a job in RF engineering. This kinda engineering deals with designing the wireless network, optimization and traffic capacity for companies such as Orange, Cellcom and Pelephone on their 2 & 3G or even Wimax/LTE (4G). I check their websites but couldn’t find a job opening. I’m Israeli but have spent all of my life abroad. Need to improve my Hebrew skills but most work related issues are in english.

  402. milena


    I come from Montenegro, currently I’m a Bachelor in Italian. I worked for a touristic agency and now I work in the Central national library of Montenegro. I always wanted to live in Israel, I know a little Hebrew and I was wandering if there were any chances to find a job and study in any city in Israel. Thank you,

  403. Hum Narayan kandel

    dear sir my name is Hum Narayan kandel i am from nepal citizen of nepal but now i am working in Doha Qatar in 4 star hotel i am chef de partie (Indian cuisine) here, i have more then 10 years experience about this line i can very well all kind of Indian and tandoori food so now i want to apply in Israel any hotel any restaurant please if you have any chance for me contact to me direct my email Add (hnarayan1982@yahoo.com)and my mobile no 0097430027128,thank you,

    best regards
    Hum Narayan kandel
    Doha Qatar

  404. alexfrancis

    Hey Jacob, me and my boyfriend have been together for a year now and we cannot afford to commute to each other for 3 months at a time and then be apart for 3 months at a time any more. Can you give me any information on how I can get a work visa or any work for that matter?

    as you can imagine our situation is very difficult, especially as I’m not Jewish!
    Thanks, Alex

  405. Elanith

    I have done Aliyah with my family in 2009.
    i am a post graduate with 7 years teaching experience as a lecturer in Economics and Management
    in University. I tried searching but am not getting any response. I am looking for other options suitable to my qualifications, but I dont even get a reply.

    My husband is a MBA with 10 years experience in banking, but his case is the same as mine, though he has a 9 month experience in Israel as a dealer in commodities.

    I would be obliged if you could guide us with our struggle in job search in Israel.

    I speak good hebrew and desperately need a job for survival.

  406. Kamal

    Warmly Greeting to all.
    I am Kamal from Nepal now i m in doha working with 5 satar hotel as the kitchen department. Now i wish to moove from qatar to Israel for any work with nice salary so if you have any best ideas or job or anything related to provide the job offer or visa for me please let me know i will be ready to come over there for work. i am ready to pay any amout for visa for Israel.
    for more inoformation please send me email or call in the following number.

  407. Martin Hruthish

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am Martin Hruthish, living in India,am 32years old (married) and i want to come for work in Israel,I have 10 years experience in U.A.E, I like to have better and good job in Israel
    My Email add: martinmartin50@ Hotmail.com


    martin hruthish.

  408. Dino Luzzatto

    Dear all,
    I’m an italian Jew with than 20 years of working experiences in Supply Chain Management.

    Very basic hebrew. Which is the best way to look for job opportunities in Israel?

    many thanks

  409. Jacob Share

    Leonids- you qualify for Israeli citizenship and could work in Israel legally whenever you decide to move here. Both your professions are very active here and you might even be able to find a job with other Russian speakers until you learn Hebrew.

    Kumar, milena, Hum, Kamal, Martin- the Guide for Migrant Workers explains how you can find a job in Israel.

    Steve- just because the telecoms’ sites don’t mention openings doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Ask employees via LinkedIn. Also, go to the companies who are providing the technology & services to the telecoms.

    alexfrancis- you can’t simply ‘get a work visa’, you need someone (hiring person/company) to sponsor that work visa. Have your boyfriend look for someone who’s willing to do it i.e. have him look for a job for you.

    Elanith- if you’re not getting replies, try to understand why- is your resume not good? Are you applying to the wrong places? Etc. Also, change the way you apply, aim to meet more people in person instead of just sending in your resume. What kind of contacts do you and your husband have, and can anyone connect with potential employers?

    Dino- Start learning about the Israeli SCM industry and which companies could most use your skills. Contact the Camera Di Commercio E Industria Israel-Italia to see if they can direct you to relevant companies & people.

  410. Brian Penrose

    Hi i am a 34 year old Irish guy working in the UK i work in real estate and property management ,i would like to relocate to Israel .
    Can you tell me where i should be looking for jobs in real estate and what the chances of getting one is.
    Kind Regards Brian.

  411. Ihab Albert Adeeb

    I am an Egyptian male 43 yrs looking for a job in Israel i am working in hoteling field asanassistant resort manager in marsa alam red sea

  412. Pedro G. Callos, Jr.

    Hi Sir/Maam;

    I am a Filipino and currently working in Bahrain with Worley Parsons for Tatweer Petroleum project in the expansion of Bahrain Oil and Gas field as a Senior Engineer in piping and mechanical.I have sinificant experience in oil, gas, petrochemical and power, almost 10 years of which overseas(Saudi Arabia & Bahrain). It is my great desire to work in Israel and do hope you can help me find one. I am a professional mechanical engineer and willing to reloate to Israel anytime.

    Thank you.

  413. Arnab

    I am 30 years old Indian citizen and a lawyer by profession. I have diverse experience in legal work and have strong understanding in common law. I have excellent command over English language and have knowledge of many other Indian languages but do not have any exposer to Hebrew.
    Also have experience in working in audit firm and in the area of accounts, costing and finance.
    I shall be greatly obliged, if you suggest me, as to my chances in getting any work in Israel, as I sincerely intent to move to Israel. Thanking you in anticipation.

  414. Abduqodir

    hi. I’m from Uzbekistan. I finished dental technician at collage. So, I want to work in Israil that this my profession. If who is dentis please let’s work.
    thank you.

  415. rami

    hi i’m rami i have 26 years i’m divorced i work in restaurant and hotel before 11 years but a dont have atesttaion i have only my experience.i want work in israel in any thing i’m so serious if you contact me cal me 0021627053056.thank you.

  416. Rach

    Dear, I am a young woman from Europe.
    I would like to come work and live in Israel.
    My preffered workplace is a live-in job in a hotel. (other than in Eilat)

    Do you know where I have to search for such opportunities?



  417. Ashraf Saleh

    I’M IT Director
    i have 17 year experience, 13 of that experience as I.T Director in 5 star hotels.
    I’M 36 years old
    Searching for good I.T opportunity
    Jordanian nationality and I live in Alexandria-Egypt
    Email: nahl@tecmina.com

  418. CARL

    Hi, I am an IT Software specialist and my wife is a HR Professional. We are Australian citizens. We would love to work and live anywhere in Israel.
    Is it worth us coming to Israel to find jobs or are there employers who will consider applicants from overseas?

  419. Don

    Hi Jacob Share,

    Any way to get in touch with you by email, as to obtain a few answers to some questions, please?

    Thank you and shalom,


  420. angel

    Hi Sir Jacob…
    please help me, I am a filipino care giver in israel for 7years and I am a woman who met a partner with is a woman.. we fell inlove to eacho other so much and now I want to be with her here in israel but how can they allow me to stay if I have a woman partner. I want to change job here but where will I get a better one? please give me a site to go and what will I do to stay here for good..please email me please

  421. angel

    it’d still me,,angel,, can my partner who is the same sex as me can go to the highest court and tell them that we are inlove? or shall i go back to the philippines and she can invite me back to israel even I am here for a long time? will israel allow me to come back? please help me I am really want to stay

  422. angel

    please help me jacob,, I really love this gilfreind of mind who lives here in israel please help me

  423. joseph

    Hi Jacob,
    I am an Indian engaged to a girl employed in Israel on work permit.After marriage will it be possible for me to get a visa to accompany her? Also I am a graduate in Agricultural science and working for the past seven years in a Government owned financial company.What are the chances of myself getting a job in Israel.

  424. Nataneil ramekar

    Hi,im nataneil 23 years old i was born n bought up in israel.For the last 10 years im in india for education purpose and now i completed my graduation in commerce (B.Com)n also computer application.im planning to shift back to israel in 2 to 3 months so what i have to do for getting a good job in israel..

  425. jagath .mirisse arachchi patabandige

    Hi mr jacob, i am from sri lanka and looking a job from israel.i have very good knowledge about building electrical wiring,and 12 years an experienced in CYPRUS as an electrician.still i work same job in hilton beach house resot in maldives. so i wish to come israel as an electrician or caretaker or house boy or as a driver….. help me to find a job from israel.THANKS LOT MR>JACOB.

  426. Henry Pinto

    Hi, my name is Henry, I´m from Honduras Central America, I have 12 year experience like engineer in scince computer and skills like logistics and administration office.
    I love Israel culture, I never been there but everythings is great, I know about culture, religion and lenguaje . What could be my first steep to live and work there.


  427. Romanian Salah

    My name is Romanian living in Egypt 27 years old and I want to Azhb to Israel has to work so I was originally a carpenter and I hope that Israel has to be in today before tomorrow, I am a Christian

  428. milan

    Hi I am milan 37 years old and my past i am see in Isreal 2005 in volunteer (kibbutz in Zohar Dalia) i have old care giver course complete but my wife working in Israel(elder care giver )job so why i am not getting in Israel work permits why Israels government not work with my wife and because i am not get resident visa SO Why Israels government not given visa if you have any idea so pleas give me information

  429. b.v.h kiran kumar

    Dear sir
    My name is kiran from India and I am a self motivated person.and I am looking a job in risky areas please reply me I will join immediatly
    B.V.H kiran kumar

  430. Pyae Hein Si

    My name is Pyae Hein Si and 22 years old.I am from Myanmar.I have graduated the degree of B. Agr.sc from the Yezin agriculture university.I have many field experience.I want to work in Isreal because Isreal have many agriculture development .Please advise me.
    Thank and Best Regard
    Pyae Hein Si

  431. adnan

    i am from westbank looking for any job in cleaning or hard building works or painting for interested people send me to anhalqasem@yahoo.com

  432. Lucyna

    I’m Polish citizen living in England, I’m engaged to an Israeli Jew, I speak fluent Polish (mother language), English, some Russian and I’m currently learning Hebrew. Me and my fiancée are making Aliya, although I’m still not Jewish. I work for Police in UK, but I’d like to work as an interpreter in Israel. Do you have any tips for me please?

    Many thanks

  433. fatima Rodrigues

    iam b.com gradute want urgent job ..may be office job or cumputer operater

  434. yuddha kumar

    dearsir\madam, iam22 years old from nepal. plese sir iwontto com Israel for the work. i wont to work for hotel housekeeping beiboy.this is my bestwork in the out country and then ialso like work farming this is our natinal job excusme sir, maybe you have hotel job plese give me one permetion .beacouse my exprincesis 3year saudi arabia iknow arabic langous a littel engliss,hindi etc if you give me uperchunite i hop im saxsasfull in your companys work . my contac number

  435. yamkumar

    dear’sir i’m an nepali.my name is yamkumar b.k
    i like t0 work in israel as caregiver or other normal position. so can you give a chance for me please.

  436. amitha chandrapala

    my name is amitha chandrapala.i followed caregiver course at sri Lanka forging employment beuro.i am 42 years old.i like to work as caregiver in israel.if can give me a chance i will work for my best.please consider my requst thankyou.

  437. shaya

    hello ..i’m an egyptian femal who would like to live & work in israel ..i speak arabic for sure & fluent english & my hebrew is not bad as i work as a flight attendant ,but i need to change my career & i have good ezperience in hospitalty & tourisim ..can i get a job in israel ? thanks 🙂

  438. shaya

    hello ..i’m an egyptian femal who would like to live & work in israel ..i speak arabic for sure & fluent english & my hebrew is not bad as i work as a flight attendant ,but i need to change my career & i have good ezperience in hospitalty & tourisim ..can i get a job in israel ? thanks 🙂

  439. David "22

    Hi! Im David, i’m 22 years old and i live in Poland…I speak Polish, English and little bit Norwegian. I know that my grandmother was been a Jewish so my dad is a half Jew. Im looking for my place in the world and i think that my place is in Israel cause im a Jew also, i am student of nathional safety. I really would like to join Israel Army and stay there if it will be possible. If someone can help me with that i will be very greatefull.



  441. Shimon.S.Makasare

    Hi I am Shimon, I am 23 years of age currently studying MBA in AgriBusiness in India and want to do a paid internship programme after the completion of the Degree. It seems that there is a vast Technological gap between Israel’s and Indian Agricultural sector. Please suggest options.

  442. Raj kumar das

    I order taker in hotel i am HM diploma holder
    i have experience more then ten years
    in bar fine dining night club
    i am married but now we are breakup i want to go Israel for job
    and i want a life partner

  443. Dodo

    Dear Madam/Sir.

    I’m Georgian female who would like to live & work in Israel. I speak English & Russian for sure & fluent. I have long experience working in public sector, I have worked at sustainable development and tourism programs, I have good experience in Fundraising for organization. Can I get a job in Israel?

    thank you

  444. Karen

    Hello. My name is Karen. I am 22 y/o from Armenia. I would like to know if it is possible for me to come and to work in Israel? I am graduate student from University of International Relationships & Journalism & PR in Armenia. Also worked and cooperated with several newspapers in Armenia, wrote articles and edited them. Have some experience also in Cooking field as I was assistant in a restaurant to a Chef, because I like VERY much to cook and make delicious foods. Now, I would like to know if could I have any chance to come & work in Israel in above mentioned fields? Mainly, I would prefer Culinary Field cause I find it more suitable for me and I just love that aspect.
    Thanks in advance.
    Armenia, Yerevan

  445. Dipesh Khatri

    Dear sir
    this is Dipesh from india and looking forward for job in israel Now I Completed B.com and I working as a Graphic Designer In Pharma company If possible job In Israel as a Graphic designer In printing Media i am aged 20 and a perfectionist in the field related. Pleasee Guid me

    Dipesh Khatri
    91 9376166492

  446. Gina Cay

    Dear Sir Jacob,i am willing to work again in Israel,but how come i worked for 5 years and forgood already,becuase my husband was died thats why i leave my work there. am i allowed again to work as a caregiver? i leave last January 2011 only.

  447. Francisco

    Hi I am a 25year old South African looking for work in construction,ceilings and partions. What info and advice can u give me?

  448. prasanna

    hi , i am prasanna 32 year my nationality sri lanka . ihave working Dubai best five star hotl jumeirah . also inter continental hotel and Galadari Hotel , i have experience 12 years. in Hospitality industry
    i have orginel document with me .
    i expecting possitive replay
    my mail is prasa.sen77@gmail.com

  449. Valli Sujatha

    hi, i am a diploma holder i architecture with 25 years of experience and for international project. My dream is to be associated with israel organisation as project architect or [rpject co-ordinator.please advise me.

  450. Tim

    Hi Im visiting Israel on a tourist visa. Could you please give me some details of Manpower agencies in Israel. Im looking for construction or aggriculture. Please give me some advise too.


  451. paulinah sebenzi

    I’m 27yrs old genetic women looking for a job. I’m a good singer customer service of 6yrs in resturant

  452. Tim

    Could you please give me some details about manpower agencies for construction and Aggricultue.

  453. ang dawa sherpa

    hi .sir & madam im dawa sherpa from neapl … i like to apply the cook position in isreal … i have 4year expirence in american frieshis resturant .. thnks and can i have the repaly ..of this mesg

  454. Resh Gurung

    Respected Sir/Ma’am,
    I am a Nepalese presently working in a 5 star hotels and Administrative Specialist. Having good experience in care taking elderly Banquet, housekeeping, Clark, bar tender, Room Boy, all laundry works gardening etc. I Like Israel very much so. I wish if any elderly men hire me. If wanna just hit to me message E-mail:-achyocd_tamu@yahoo.com
    Thank you for your time.

  455. Melwin

    Hi.this is Melwin Fernandes from India.Ive done my Masters degree in Social work.and additional diploma in Counselling.since 2years I’m working as Counsellor and Psychiatric Social Worker.NOw I’m a Project coordinator and counsellor in Link De-addiction counselling Centre.So Can someone help me to get job in Israel.or assist me How to get Job.

  456. Noorullah

    My name is noorullah iam Pakistani.my age 30years. i am a haffiz Quran i am a unskild labour. iwant a labor job in Israel.i can speak english arabic urdu pashtu panjabi hendco and hidi.ihave a brigh mind and iwant serve bright minde sicity iam amulla but i hat from extreemisum.

  457. Archana Pawar

    Dear Sir, Presently I am working in MNC company as a Graphic Designer. I have knowledge of Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Flash, Corel-draw etc designing softwraes. I have around 4-5 years experience of this industry. Recently company has sent me to Switzerland (Zurich) for the training workshop. I want to work permanantly in abroad for better prospect. Is any suitable vacancy for me in Europe? Pls advice.

  458. angel

    hello i am a nepali frm nepal,i m 24yrs old,i m searching for a job in isreal,i m a nurse so as suitable for my profession can i get any job there.plzzzz waiting for ur reply

  459. Joan Que

    Hi. I’m Joan, 30 yrs old from Philippines. I want to work as a physical therapist in Israel. Are there any job vacancies for physical therapist there? I wanna know what are the requirements for me to get the job if ever there is. Thanks.

  460. Aviran

    I want to work in a british embassy in Israel as my family are moving.

    Im 18. What do you suggest I study?? Please email me the reply!

    God Bless You!

    PS: I speak Hebrew and English.

  461. khim sunar

    dear sir/madam
    i am seeking health care(medic/male nurce) job in isreal.i apassed in health assitant.since 4 year i have been work in iraq in medical dept under the keelog root &browm iam intrest to job there so can i get health care job in there if any advice and sugesstion on this matter its highly appriciate.thanks.
    my mail id- khm.sunar@yahoo.com.

  462. tarik

    hi, i am moroccan,28 years old,and i wanna go to leave in Israel,i can speak fluent : moroccan,arabic,french,english,spanish,swedish.Hope i can get my chance in Israel,and start my life there.

  463. Niklas Pohto

    Hello I am 38 years old Nurse / Paramedic, and I would like to work in Israel in the health sector. I have worked in the health sector about 20.years.

    I’m studying Hebrew and I speak fluent English, Finnish and Swedish and a little German. I’ve been working for the army and taught paramedics.

    How can I find my field of work in Israel?

  464. wail

    Dear Sir,


    I HAVE “Skills and Experiences “HARD-WORKER FOR :-1-Waiter,2-cashier,3-donuts maker,4-

    Housekeeper,5-Host Food, 6-servant,7-Cleaner,8-Concierge,9-Janitor,
    10-Agricultural ,
    11-Vendor,12-Painting,13- Cement Mason or Concrete(cement wall build and reform cement

    roof leak ), 14-Construction Assistant,
    15-Construction Laborer, and 16-Plumber.
    First three(One Year Experiences),and the others more than ten years.




    You’re faithfully

    Wail Smadi

  465. Naveen Kumar

    hello sir i m a indian i work in singapore before arround 5 years. i would like to find job in israel as a care taker of older people.any type of work i can do pls help me to find any job there i will be very thankfull to u thanks

  466. Kat

    Hello,I’m a Hungarian press photographer working for long time in this field, mostly I work in culture. I’d like to know if I have any little chance to go back to Israel and find the same job there or at least I can continue as a photographer in any field there – I’m a citizen but I left Israel 16 years ago, my hebrew is worse and worse. Thanks

  467. rake_bhut

    am nepali 30 years old
    am looking job in iseral for driver & agriculture worker
    you can email me at =hkgautam10@gmail.com

  468. matt chalkley

    hello, i am 26 years old male from australia, i am looking into comming to israel for a job. I am a qualified carpenter, Working in formwork for the past 10 years. i also have been studying hebrew i can read and talk a little bit of hebrew. Im looking into going into a big construction company, have you any idea how i can start. toda raba
    can you email me

  469. matt chalkley

    grace thank you for the fast reply, i was wondering if i could talk with you over the phone
    about a few things as i am not ready just yet, but keen to talk with you, thanks alot again
    matt chalkley

  470. Patrick Roether

    Hello Jacob,
    I am American,I have strong thoughts everyday to move to Israel for the past year+. I am contractor in field of building homes here in U.S. and work very slow now. I have heard contractors in Israel have more red tape.
    Can one enter Israel, work as employee say, “construction worker”, and later (after learning red tape) tansfer his construction business to Israel?
    I wish to move my family to Israel May, 2012.
    May God Almighty bless you,
    Thank you,

  471. Alugulla Narahari

    iam an indian gulf experiance in dubai,i want old caretaker job or any suitable job in israel now iam in dubai.

  472. M.W.A.Upul Shantha

    Hello Sir.My name is Upul Shantha.I am 32 years old.I wish to work as a care giver in Israel.I followed a training program conducted by the Sri Lanka foreign employment.At in training period i trained about practical works,taking care of peoples,house keeping,languages(Hebrew,English and Arabic),and foreign culture.I can speak English well.Good knowledge in Hebrew and Arabic languages.If i getting opportunity go to Israel i serve my employer as an honest loyal care giver.Please consider my request.Thanks.email-upls.kts@gmail.com

  473. gaminda saneera

    i am finding job in Israel as helper eny field. i can speak English little.also reading and writing.presently i am working as hire cutting.pleace consider my request.thanks TP:0712131556

  474. Raymond A.

    Hello. I am dreaming of a job in Israel. I’m an Information Technology professional with 1 year experience. =) Do I need to study Hebrew before applying?

  475. david

    I need a job in Israel. Am a Nigerian, presently in Nigeria. If I can get a job sponsorship letter or an agency that can help out, I would be happy. My email is davtel23@yahoo.com

  476. Kata Schiller

    Hello,I’m a 41 years old press photographer from Hungary, working for long time in this field, mostly I work in culture. I’d like to know if I have any little chance to go back to Israel and find the same kind of job there or at least I can continue as a photographer in any field there – I made my aliyah long time ago but then I had to leave Israel because of family problems. I left Israel 16 years ago, my hebrew is worse and worse. Thanks

  477. Resh Gurung

    Respected Sir/ma’am
    It’s Resh Gurung from Nepal. I am very interested to work in Israel on farming, on fruit picking but I don’t have anyone in Israel. But from my country have gone for care giver, Hotel & agriculture job.so if anyone is ready to help me I’m ready to come on above mentioned farming, care giver and Hotel job.
    I would be very grateful if you send me your rate, timing, process & salary
    Please kindly contact me my e-mail:achyocd_tamu@yahoo.com

  478. Abderrahim Ait el kadi

    I am BA-Degree holder in English literature (English department in the Kadi Ayyad university in Marrakech-promotion 2008-Morocco).I can speak, write French and Arabic. Besides this, I have learned some computer-using abilities such as Microsoft words, excel, PowerPoint, and navigating in the internet. I am looking for a job through which I can use my English and French communication skills. As far as my professional experiences are concerned (CV included).For the time being I am giving night English courses as a volunteer. Please contact me for further information.
    *Email: cilvaringzz@aol.com
    *Cell phone: 00212-66-45-71-948.

  479. philips

    friends please dont send any money to omni hotel canada. they are cheaters.

  480. jose arcanjo cardoso

    may name is jose I am brazilian I am looking for job in construction I am mason I have experience lay block and plater .

  481. Tika Rai

    Dear Sir/Madam,I’m Nepalese Ex British Solider. I served in British Army for 12 yrs and Security guard 13 yrs in Brunei. Is there any vacancy for me as security Guard, cleaner or driver. I can go there within 3-5 months. my email id: timonrai@yahoo.com

  482. Md.ohiduzzaman

    I am welder GTAW/SMAW . i want a job before i warking in ABUDHABI in ccic company

  483. bijay lama (moktan)

    I am a young Man from Nepal.
    I really would like to come for work in Israel.
    My preffered workplace is takecare of age old.costomer care as a salesman and agriculture of any field.
    i have work experiece as a salesman costomercare of tourism field. still doing same job in tourism field thamel,nepal

    Do you know where I have to search for such a opportunities?
    Please contact me for the further information.
    Phone:- +977-01-4250273

  484. Yitzy

    I’m thinking of moving to israel once i’ve finished university. Do you know if there is any need for aeronautical engineers currently?
    Thank you

  485. Jayantha Bandara

    Dear Sir,

    I am Jayantha from Sri Lanka / 45 yrs. I have 18 years experience in shipping agency work @ Star Lanka Shipping Co Ltd (Local Agents for ZIM Line-Israel) & Gold Star Line Hongkong.Presently working as a administration manager in a private company in Colombo.Kindly let me know if any suitable job in Israel.

    Thank You

  486. alan


    I will be making aliyah in the near future. Do I need any certificate to teach English ? I am Canadian

  487. Blandi

    Hi Jacob,

    You seem to know quite a lot regarding jobs in Israel so I don’t know if you can help me.

    I am a qualified accountant with good experience within the financial industry in France and abroad and I am seeking for a job in Israel.
    I speak fluently French and English (French being my mother tongue) but unfortunately not a single word of Hebrew :(.

    I already had a look at a few website and have tried to send my CV but don’t know if it worked.

    Do you know by any chance a few recruitment agencies in Israel which accepts applications and CV’s in English?


  488. Юлия

    Привет меня зовут Юлия ищу работу в Израиле в отеле или по уходу за детьми или стариками,живу в России,может кто нибудь поможет найти работодателя который пригласит и сделает рабочую визу в Израиль.спасибо

  489. DARYL

    I’m a pure chinese born here in philippines, 25 years old 5’11 work as a property Agent, I can speak Mandarin, fukien, tagalog, ilocano, fluent in english, and little hebrew, I would like to become a chinese tour guide in Israel. I heard there is a demand for my skills hope you can help! I love Israel it’s always in my dream. Shalom!

  490. Y.H.Santha

    Dear Sir,

    I am Y.H.Santha from Srilanka 42 years old.I am 12 years work experience in Sri Lanka Air Force and 6 years work experience in under contract to the U.S. Embassy of Liberia and Iraq Armed security Officer.I am looking for security or Any other field.

    Kind regards,

  491. Saurabh Kumar

    Hello Sir,

    I am Saurabh Kumar from India.I am MBA ( Master in Business Administration). I have 2 years experience in Marketing and currently i am working in a manufacturing company as a Business development Manager. I have a good communication skills. How can i get job in Israel. Suggest me

  492. Kasun

    Hi..I am kasun from Sri Lanka and im 21 years old.Can i have a caretaker or agricultural job in israel?What is the minimum age to have a caretaker job?And i have some experience in my country.

  493. Satyavir Singh Tanwar

    I am an Electrical Engineer (Diploma in Electrical Engg.) having 20 years of working/Maintenance manager experience in Diesel Generators (upto 375 KVA)and Air Conditioners (wndows/split/central)used in Indian Air force Installation/field units. I am an Ex-Indian Air Force personnel looking for right job in Israel or to any other European country, but afraid of the frauders/cheaters asking for money as security advance. Suggest me.

    S.S. Tanwar



  495. chris

    Dear sir,

    I am a srilankan 30 years old. christian. visited isreal once a time for a course. like to find a employment in isreal.can u please give me the guides..

  496. Flora


    I was born in Israel, but I am a national from a Southern Europe Country (muy parents moved to that country from Israel when I was 2 years old).

    I have some relatives living in Tel Aviv.

    I currently work in IT (more than 15 years of experience), and I am considering moving to Israel.

    I speak fluently english, french and spanish, but not a word of hebrew.

    What should I do for moving to Israel.

    Thank you very much.


  497. dipak chhetri

    I am 32 years old, from nepal. i want to work in israel caregiver & Agriculture . i have a good experience in this job. you can contact me.this E-mail deepak_top2007@hotmail.com . you will help chang my from life.


  498. Gilu

    Mr Jacob,
    I am interested in visiting and working in Israel. I have a Bachelors in Sciences of Nursing and I am working as a cardiac nurse in USA. I fluently speak french and english; I understand spanish and I am studying hebrew.Living in Israel is my dream and I would like to find work in order to do so. Please help me! Thank you for your consideration.


    Hi Jacob,
    Iam basically a cost and management accountant looking new possibilities in the areas of Isreal .
    Iam from India Working in dubai(UAE).

  500. gagan


  501. Thamman

    Iam a farmaer .I have been working in newzealand dairy indusries now. i would like to work in a dairy industries in israel.how can i apply there in israel.please let me know sbout the rules

  502. Christian N.Eletou

    hello sir, i am a Merchant Navy by profession in Nigeria and i will love to relocate and join the Israeli in area of marine and if there is any other job, i will be please.

  503. Christian N.Eletou



    hi i am a software engineer basically work as freelancer for almost 4 years and i really wanna get a full time paid software enginner job in israel pls jacob is there any recruiting agency who might hire me let me know this is my phone number pls call up if there is any suitable job.


  505. isikeli vasukidaku

    hi im isikeli vasukidaku of fiji islands looking for job.

  506. sydon kalua

    Am coming to israel soon any chance to get the job ur cadvice will be appreciated

  507. isikeli vasukidaku

    hi im isikeli would like to work in israel

  508. Jonathan

    Hi I currently live in Toronto Canada. I visited Israel last year and i fell in LOVE with he country.
    Can you please help me find a job.PLEASE!!!!!!!
    English is my mother tongue language and I recently took a TEFL(English teaching course). I would love to tutor. I have a Wellpoint technician license. What is that you ask?(lol) We install wells in the ground to draw out the water beneath the surface. Some times we drill 90 feet deep to find water. So if you know any water drilling companies I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and all your help. God bless you.

  509. Loyd Royal D'Souza


    I am from India, located in Bangalore. I Would like to work a job in Israel country with good salary package. I have finished B.com Qualification now i am working as a Help desk Coordinator since 2 years ago, Since before this I was worked in Retail Pvt Ltd as a Sales Executive then Customer Service Supervisor from past 2 years. So, Kindly approach me for such a opportunities………

    Please contact me for the further information.
    Email : loyed_17@indiatime.com
    Phone:+91 9964281491.

  510. peter

    Hi, am peter from Nigeria, with A level hold and a professional house painter looking for any kind of a job in Israel please, I need your help to make it in life.

  511. Rudy

    Hi there! My name is Rudy.I am an American citizen, former DoD employee.I used to work for Halliburton Europe,TRW, and NGMS.I always thought to get a job in Israel,it would be very interesting. I have plenty experience,as security guard,Civil Engineering as a Land Surveyor, restaurant management,agriculture specialist. and more. I do speak several languages,but unfortunately Hebrew just a few words.Looking forward to hear from you guys very soon.My email account is agaruzhdi@hotmail.com phone#267 592 8700.Thank you. Salom

  512. ray

    Hello Jacob

    I am 44 years male Indian Hindu, I searching job in Israel, I Have 22 years exp in Accounts, materials, store accounting , admin job in varrious project in india and Africa , Europ.Pl help me.

  513. C.P. JOHNSN

    I am 42 year old Male from India.
    I am looking for a job in Israel.
    At present I am working as Head of Graphics in an Exhibition stand making company.
    my Working as Head of Graphics in a leading Events & Exhibition Company in the
    Middle East.
     Preparation / supervision of graphics for various International Exhibitions
    participating in Trade Fairs conducted in Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai Airport
    Expo, Sharjah Airport Expo, ADNEC-Abu Dhabi.
     Preparation / supervision of printing of graphics using HP5500 Digital Printers.
     Preparation / supervision of cutting of Vinyl stickers.
     Preparation / supervision of Pop up / Rollups.
     Preparation / supervision of cutting of Acrylic sheets using Laser cutters.
     Supervision of cutting of MDF sheets using CNC.
     Routine self correspondences, Independent handling of all office automation
    equipments, Screening of incoming and outgoing correspondences (email and
    My contact is 00971 55 7528766

  514. Shantha kumara

    Honored sir,I am Shanta kumara,37 years old,Sri lankan citizen. Presently I am working Sri lankan security forces. But I would like to work in Israil. I can work as a care taker or security guard.I can speak and write in English fluently.I have worked experience as a kitchen helper too.If you be kind to find me a suitable job, I WILL dO MY BEST…………………BEST REGARDS FOR YOU.



  516. Chintan


    I am software Engineer, having exp 7 yrs and also worked in Israel for 2months during assignment. I wanted to work in Israel for couple of years.

    Is any one can let me know the software consultancy.


  517. Ditto Eliyas


    I am 23 year old male from India, located in Kerala. I completed my degree in Travel & Tourism Management and Post Graduation in Airline & Airport Management. I have international certificates in IATA, FIATA, FIATA DGR, and CRS in AMADEUS. I have completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application also. I have 2 year experience in travel field as a TRAVEL CONSULTANT So, Kindly approach me for such a opportunities………

    Ditto Eliyas

  518. Frank Davidson

    Steve (407) I have links and a possible to firm lead for you if you are still looking for RF careers leads. If you are an Israeli citizen you should be fine finding work in RF.

    Jacob, Please forward my e-mail address to Steve (post 407)

    Jacob Share (#382) The projects are only just coming up to well engineering and planning, friend from uni is PMA on the development. These things take years and it’s likely the rigs, platforms, will be British crewed, which is a shame because now Israel finally has a prospect of petrochem, foreign companies will pillage the profits.

  519. Mimi

    Shalom Jacob,

    I have over 10 years of experience in feature film distribution / foreign sales agent. My father is from Israel so I can obtain an Israeli passport. My husband and I would like to move to Israel. I know a number of distributors in Israel but it seems to be very close knit and mostly family owned companies. I can read and write in Hebrew but I am not fluent. Any thoughts on film industry executive jobs, not production? I know this is very specialized.

    Thank you for your assistance.

  520. beamnet solomon

    i am Beamnet i live in Ethiopia and i want to work in Israeli am expressed in computer mentanas the i want to find a job

  521. Bir Kumar Singh`

    Dear Sir,

    I’m Bir Kumar Singh , i looking for hospitality industry.

    Hotel management with 10 years of experience in Hotels and Resorts at various locations and at various positions includes Sterling Holidays and Resorts India Limited (Puri – Orissa), Time Square Hotel (Hyderabad), Golkonda Resorts & Spa (Hyderabad), M/s I.T.C Fortune Chariot Beach Resort (Chain of I.T.C Welcome Group) (Mahabalipuram, Chennai). Norwegian Cruise Sun (Chain of Norwegian cruise Line Group) U.S.A, Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa (Chain of Habtoor Hospitality Group) Owned by “Al Habtoor Group” Dubai, U.A.E, Club Mahindra Beach Resort (Chain of Mahindra Group of Hotels & Resorts) Owned by “Mahindra Group” (Goa, India), etc…

    I had started my career as Steward and grown to the level of Food & Beverage Manager by utilizing my skills; innovations and keen interest in service human being and this journey will continue and may get one more feather in my cap by serving your organization, if given opportunity!!!

    Thank you very much for paying attention on my candidature and all help which I’ll be getting from you.

    Thanks & Regards
    Bir Kumar Singh

  522. Anton Earl Mottau

    Dear Sir,
    I’m 34 years old born again male Christian from Srilanka. I have followed a Christian ministry training program in Malaysia, also I have the heavy vehicle driving license. I wish to work as a care taker of elderly people or any other work that you offer me. I can work faithfully. In JESUS name.

  523. Mohsin Nasar

    dear Sir,
    I Need Work Parmits. Please My Come Home My Send Me.
    U.S.A Visa Problem Please My Work Permits U.S.A Embassy Give Me. do Not Work Parmits Problem.Please My Help Me Work Parmits My Completed By Retion By Air Post in United States My Give Me.
    Mohsin Nasar
    Address,House#8St#8Nolakha Park Faiz Bagh Lahore Pakistan
    Post Coad,54900

  524. Boris Chillum

    Lulz! This is now my favorite forum.

  525. Helio

    First of all congrats for the great job with that forum.

    I’m a portuguese with a Hotel Management degree, fluent in english and spanish. It’s possible get a job in hospitality? Can you give me some contacts to help me on my search?

    Thanks, and congrats again.

  526. khushi ram chaudhary

    Iam a nepali 27 years old. hindu. farmer and qatar company 5 year office boy working as sir in isreal can u please give me the guides..

  527. rolan

    I am Filipino working here in Bahrain,my wife working there in Israel and recently got an vehicular accident. i want to visit her. how can i enter Israel? i learned also that once i got Israel stamp on my passport i could not come back to Bahrain again.

  528. pawal

    hi i am from malaysia but i am a nepalise looking for work visa in isreal if any body wanted me please sms me at this my yahoo id pawalboy@yahoo.com or my contract number 060103744612

  529. shantanamae

    I am filipina,30,graduate of Bachelor of Laws and English teacher for Koreans(3 years). Can I come in Israel to work?Any job will do,thanks.



    Hi i am Gopal thapa, I am nepali. I am seaching a job for storekeeper/reseaving clerk. I have good knowledge for this job. now i am working in saudi arabia (sofitel luxary hotel)
    in same posation, in accor system. so if u intrested contact me.

  531. IVAN

    Hello. I’m Spanish. Bachelor in Political Science in Granada University. With title in anti-money laundering and counter terrorism finance. I’d desire work and live in Israel. Someone know where can I find job about my career?

  532. anand basera

    i am 28 years male from india,located in delhi,i completed my b.tech in electronic and communication with 7 years experience.
    so kindly approach me for good opportunities…
    anand basera


    im emmanuel oscar osawilson event manager /marketer with 10 years experince 36 male from nigeria seeking event management or marketing job in isreal with desire of leaning hebrew and other language possible.

  534. wanganga

    am looking for a sponsored construction/farm labourer job in Israel,please help me.

  535. Muhammad

    Hi Jacob,
    I am from Pakistan (south asian country) and Muslim ? Am i eligible for work in Israel ? i tried hard to find any good job but nothing useful.
    Please tell me any good job with good salary in security field as i have more than 11-years experience of Pakistan Army and 3-years of industrial security.


  536. vincyprakash

    I am 26 year old male from India, located in Karnataka. I completed my 2nd puc. I have completed my ITI in AC & Refrigeration. I have 2 year experience in maintenance field So, Kindly approach me for such a opportunities………

  537. david mansoor

    hi my name is david mansoor. i am 26 years old and i want to live in israel and meet my future wife. i dont have much education but what i really want to do is join to army to help protect the country. am i too old??

  538. Eboigbe J.

    i am a cell phone technician, i wish to work in israel.

  539. Sunil Rimal

    Hi sir,
    I am Sunil rimal from Nepal and looking for a good opportunities of job there in iserael i am graduated in Business study and have gained experience of working in hotel as both superviosr of kitchen and cook.so could you please advise me to get good opportunity there in israel, i would be grateful to u if you kindly reply me .

  540. Perrylyn Mojica Princesa

    Hi my name is Perrylyn,I am from Philippines, my age is 21. I am a BS in Information graduate. I want to have a job in Israel.. Does Israel have a fly now pay later policy? I want an office job,but if I don’t get there chance to be hired in companies there, I am willing to work as an caregiver… may I also know from you what is the average employment age in your Israel? Ia m very much willing to get a job there. Please help me.. Thanks….

  541. davison

    I am network consultant @ Bangalore , India – Any possibility of migrate to Israel

  542. denette escio

    hi jacob,
    just ask is it possible to bring my eldest son in israel im temporary res. in israel if he continue to study there is it possible? thank you

  543. Salvatore

    I am Italian 42 i wuold like to work and live in Israel, i got my girlfriend there. I speak English and Russian, i am graduated in the UK and got experiences on different filds like IT, marketing, import..
    Do you think will be complex to move in Israel and find a job as a foreigner meanwhile learning the language?

  544. sherif michel elyas

    i am Egyptian and i am technical electromechanical @ electric power consultant in gsm oerator MSC roll-out:
    Including all activities for MSC construction and Deployment to put it on Air. Starting from planning, schedule, building design and construction, Power design and implementation, equipment distribution layout.

  545. Fred Schoon

    I’m looking for a security job in Israel can someone help me?
    I live now in the Nederland.

  546. Santhosh

    I am a 35 year old male born again Indian Biology School teacher with more than 11 years experience teaching in both Indian and Cambridge Curricula. Can you help me out in getting a job in Israel whether it is as a caretaker or a nanny or helping students to learn,I would like to work in my Lord’s land. I shall learn Hebrew if needed. Kindly help me out. I am anxiously waiting for your reply.

  547. pilar

    Hi, I am mexican, just divorce mom of two, i have friends in israal and even ex family inlaw,, i am planning to do alia and what to know my options, i speak hebrew like gimel level, hard to write it thought,my english is algo good i read , and write i have a bachelors degree on business and in mexico i do websites and seo..
    can u point me please any info would help me , i need realist help

  548. TAHER

    iam from morocco interested to find work of agricule
    or construction thanks



  550. ayman ali rashid

    انا ايمن
    مهندس تخرجت من اوكرانيا ولا اجد عملا في بلدي واريد ان اعمل في اسرائيل
    انا مهندس برمجه وشبكات
    واجيد ايضا كل الاعمال التي اجيدها وفي حياتي ما في اشي ما بعرف اعمله كل اشي عندي ولكن اقول سبع صنايع والبخت ضايع اريد ان اعمل باي اشي لو حتى بتجربتي وان لم انجح ما في داعي ز
    انا بحاجه ماسه لاي عمل
    انا من الاردن ……………..00962779846064

  551. upul

    hi,shalom,my name is Upul Mahinda Ratnayaka.i am from Sri Lankan.i am looking for job as Caygiver in Israel.i like to work for the Disableds and elder people.i have a good experience Caygiver,sales and drive.plz help me.thanks.

  552. yonas tewelde

    hiiiiiiiiiiii i am yonas, i am from eritrea ,i live in isreal ,i wont job, i know engilish, hibrow and arebic thank

  553. Sanjay Panja

    Dear Sir,
    I am sanjay Panja from India i wish to work in israel. I have work experiance over all 7 years and in accounts more than 5 years. I will like to work in israel as a care giver also.

  554. ibrahim mubarak

    i want a job in israel i am a refrigerator and air conditioner engineer.this is my

  555. chill

    hi i am chill,filipino 26y/o. i am currently working as central hvac plant operator in one of the biggest district cooling plant in United arab emirates..I am looking for job about hvac field and willing to work in israel. i graduated as b.s. mechanical engineering, have experienced in hvac,auotcad,heating,dryer and in extruder machine for pvc pipes..my gf is currently working in israel..

  556. shankar kale patil

    Respected sir, i am 27 yaers old INDIAN student currently studying in ISRAEL in AGROSTUDIES under agril internship programme , i have done my graduation in Agriculture ^ post graduate diploma in agri business mangement from bombay university, i came here in israel in september 2011 , my internship is ends in august 2012, i want to work here in any agri related company, so please tell me any link that i can contact them or any agency who give nme a good job. thank you , waiting for your reply- shankar kalepatil

  557. Неля

    Мне 48 лет и я хочу найти подходящую работу в Иерусалиме, потому что имею там место для проживания. Имею высшее гуманитарное образование, я документознавец. Но я не говорю на иврите, только немного по английски. Поэтому согласилась бы на работу по дому или в детском саду. Рассмотрю любые предложения но с условием приглашения на работу для открытия рабочей визы.
    Мой Email: 1kn@ukr.net

  558. bibek dhanushe

    i am bibek from saudi arabia i would to like to work in isael. i heard nepal govt. and iseral govt has been negotiabl for iseral visa. when i heard this news i am so excited to do the work in iseral. but i don’t how i get the visa of iseral.

  559. Karl Ontong

    To whom this may concern

    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, I am Karl Ontong.

    I have worked on North island Resort in Seychelles for over seven years.

    There on joined Lemuria Resort and was there for just under year (11 months )
    I have worked in various departments from guest relations to food and beverage
    and if I am given this opportunity to represent Aman Resort I know I will do
    it efficiently and effectively.

    I am a self motivated, experienced and hard working individual who has proven
    leadership skills, including managing and motivating other staff to achieve
    company objectives. I am confident that I am an effective communicator at all
    levels within an organisation. I have experience in customer service and guest
    liaison. I am able to deliver exceptional work to my employer and colleagues
    with good problem and analytical skills. I have good interpersonal and
    communication skills and display good organisational and planning skills. I have
    the ability to work under pressure, have
    excellent business acumen, and decision making abilities. I am knowledgeable in service and relationship building.

    I consider myself an assertive and positive team player and I am able to interact
    at all levels. I believe I am able to learn new skills easily and apply them

    Yours Sincerely

    Karl Ontong

    If my application does not make the criteria please inform me

    Thank you.

    mobile number:+972 5237 0843

  560. mano.c

    respected sir, now iam doing my doctor of medicine in philippines at vergin milagrosa university, after coplete my study i wish to get a job in cyprus, is it possible to get job there? i am a indian citizen kinly reply as soon as possible.

  561. Diego Morales


    My name is Diego Armando Morales, am 26 years old man from Colombia. I wish to apply for any job in Isereal. I Saw Your email address at the site today and Become interested in coming to Isereal so if you do not mind, I will like you to give me any job in your Hotel/company that you know that you can give me also babysitting or any other employment.

  562. saul isako

    Hello my name is Saul. I am 21, I currently work as adjuster for an insurance company to houses, and I want to know if there is such a thing in Israel, my mother has an Israeli passport, would be a problem getting into Israel, and one more thing if I marry a non-Jewish \ Israeli She able to enter Israel? Waiting for an answer .. Thank you

  563. Harsh


    I have 8 and half years of experience in the IT field. I have worked in Amdocs, India for 5+ years. I have travelled to Israel multiple times. I am well aquainted with the Israeli work culture. I have excellent English communication skills. Can I get to work in any Israeli company? Can you tell me if there are companies who would be looking for people in HITECH to work from India? Or may be an Israeli company who is setting up there office