On Tuesday June 5th 2007, Google had an officewarming party to unveil its new offices on the 26th floor of the Levinstein Tower in downtown Tel Aviv. Google has job openings there and that's where you come in.

Google Israel Officewarming Cake

Not Just for Developers

One of the misconceptions in Israel about hitech is that it only concerns programmers and other computer experts. The available jobs at Google Israel (also here in Hebrew) are a good counter-example with both the Haifa and Tel Aviv offices needing Recruiting Coordinators and various business managers along with…uh…programmers and other computer experts. In fact, the new Tel Aviv address currently has no less than 12 positions up for grabs. If the number of people at Tuesday's party is any measure of the new Google space, there will be other openings to follow.

Comfy Chairs to Fill Over the Mediterranean

Although not as impressive as the famed Googleplex in Mountain View, California, the new Google Israel location may yet set the standard for the Israeli hitech workplace. If you didn't already have enough Oprah-acclaimed reasons to want a Google boss, the Tel Aviv office also has a view of the sea, something neither the Mountain View nor Paris offices have according to Ouriel Ohayon and Google Maps. David Hetfield took some good photos and caught the Bialik Cafe. Yaron Orenstein of the.co.ils also took a lot of pictures between the plasmas and lava lamps to give you an even better idea of what to expect when you arrive for your first day on the job. Good luck!

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  2. harry

    Speaking of maps and google, when can we expect google maps for Israel! I need them for a project for goodness sake! I’ve been waiting forever!

  3. Jacob Share


    I wouldn’t hold my breath. Judging by what Google has already released in English, the Google Israel people have a long list of stuff to (help) localize, and they’re understandably focusing on the projects where revenue will be highest i.e. wherever AdSense and AdWords can be applied alot.

    What about Walla maps? They’re using this software, but I guess you want the Google Maps free API access.

  4. harry

    Yes. The Google Maps free API is just what I need.

  5. Jacob Share

    I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything. I know someone else in that Tower, maybe we can tap their network 😉

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  7. Eden


    We need it too – Israel google maps .
    aren’t two requests are enough to map Israel?
    It’s about 1/79 of New York city…

  8. russel garcia

    hi!gud am!im from phil,i just wanna if u can help on my problem..ive worked in israel for more than 3 years as a cregiver,then i got pregnat.after giving birth i stayed for another year before i went back here in phils.my question is if there is posibilities that i can come back again in israel to work..its been a year already that im here in phillipines.i hope you can answer my question.thank u…

  9. Noah Stern

    Dear Sir/Ms at Google Israel

    I would like to ask your permission to publish in my forthcoming book one close up photo
    of a small village in the Slovak Republic.

    I am presently a Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry at The Hebrew University, Hadassah
    School of Dental Medicine in Jerusalem. When I was eight years old, my childhood in
    Slovakia was interrupted by the Nazi occupation, and my family was forced into hiding.
    My memoir, GOD SHOWED US THE WAY, is an account of that experience. My family’s
    experience like many other Jews facing the same danger, we became fugitives on the run.

    GOD SHOWED US THE WAY is, in effect, the complete collection of stories I have told my
    children and grandchildren time and again. It portrays the good-hearted people who
    assisted us; most notably, a woman who gave us shelter in her home despite the
    objections of the rest of her family. Perhaps most importantly, it recounts the
    efforts of my father, whose sharp instincts and unwavering faith sustained us throughout
    the experience. I returned to Slovakia in 1988 and 2000; this later-day trips frames
    the earlier, wartime events.

    I would like to paste this close up photo of the village Povraznik in the chapter
    describing the village were we were hiding during WWII.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Noah Stern, DMD. MSD

  10. abd elrahman

    i want find work and get work in israel , what can i do? how i can find work ?thanks for ur care and help

  11. sashi shrestha

    i want find work and get work in israel, what can i do?

  12. gamunu

    i i am sri lanka i want to come work in isreal .7 month ago i work in isreal sa a famer .now i live in sri lanka .agian i want to come isreal to work how ma i come

  13. Kate

    I’d like to be on a map too.

  14. Rajesh

    I am boiler operator , I work in Israel .Israel is beautiful and safe country.

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