A personal logo or monogram is a great way to look professional. Here are over 120 designs to inspire you.

123 Beautiful Personal Logos, Monograms and Wordmarks For Your Inspiration
Photo Credit:  Steve Jurvetson

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Personal logos

Joseph Moog, Piano Player and ComposerJoseph Moog monogram Tim Mather, Web DeveloperTim Mather personal logo
Philippe Gaertner, ChefPhilippe Gaertner personal logo Natasha Balabanova, StylistNatasha Balabanova personal logo
Gregor Orbino, PhotographerGregor Orbino personal logo Mark Weaver, DesignerMark Weaver personal logo
Rajesh Mahara, Medical PractitionerRajesh Mahara personal logo Tom Huveners, Graphic Designer

Tom Huveners personal logo

Markus Wiekenberg, ProgrammerMarkus Wiekenberg personal logo Ryan Ford, DesignerRyan Ford personal logo
Ruano Rosa, concept for a writerRuano Rosa personal logo Chung Dha Lam, DesignerChung Dha Lam monogram
Andrew West, concept

Andrew West personal logo

Susan Riley, Candle MakerSusan Riley personal logo
Matt McCoy, Designer

Matt McCoy personal logo

Giedrius CibulskisGiedrius Cibulskis personal logo
Robert F. Russo, DesignerRobert F Russo personal logo Nathália Alberoni, Interior DesignerNathalia Alberoni personal logo
Jarod Richards, Fashion DesignerJarod Richards personal logo Nick Mealey, Graphic DesignerNick Mealey personal logo
Tamer Koseli, Designer

Tamer Koseli personal logo

Norah Jones conceptnorah jones concept personal logo
b2f concept

b2f monogram concept

Alfredo Baez, PhotographerAlfredo Baez personal logo
Michael Lardon

Michael Lardon personal logo

Jonathan Phillips, Graphic DesignerJonathan Phillips monogram
Marcelo Parra, ArchitectMarcelo Parra personal logo Jordan Powers, PhotographerJordan Powers personal logo
Ruben Parra, PhotographerRuben Parra personal logo Cindy Hale, RealtorCindy Hale personal logo
K V concept

K V personal logo

Michael Watson, ElectricianMichael Watson personal logo
Matt Hodder, New Media DesignerMatt Hodder personal logo Bill Fortuna

Bill Fortuna personal logo

Jelena Drobac, DesignerJelena Drobac personal logo J S concept

J S concept personal logo

Mike Erickson, Logo Designer and ArtistMike Erickson personal logo Jenny Buffkin, DesignerJenny Buffkin personal logo
David Pinto

David Pinto personal logo

Bora Gokalp, Interactive Designer / DeveloperBora Gokalp personal logo
Raja Sandhu, Creative DirectorRaja Sandhu personal logo Erin Chris, Wedding PhotographerErin Chris personal logo


Daniela Reske, PhotographerDaniela Reske personal logo Ashley, Singer

Ashley monogram

David Arias, Visual CommunicatorDavid Arias monogram Dianne Dieplo, Classical Voice Training CoachDianne Dieplo monogram
J & C concept

J & C concept monogram

Darren Alawi, DesignerDarren Alawi monogram
J Z Concept, Designer

J Z concept monogram

Janza Bransky, DesignerJanza Bransky monogram
Dima Martirosov, DesignerDima Martirosov monogram P concept

P concept monogram

David Pache, Designer

David Pache monogram

Brad Thurston, Graphic Design StudentBrad Thurston monogram
Timothy Mark Waller, Drama Teacher & Stage DirectorTimothy Mark Waller monogram Onur Can Coban, DesignerOnur Can Coban monogram
Kathryn Anne Jackson

Kathryn Anne Jackson monogram

Anne Marie Almedal, Singer

Anne Marie Almedal monogram

Brian Moore, Designer

Brian Moore monogram

Ric Furness, DesignerRic Furness monogram
Philippe Archambault, Web DeveloperPhilippe Archambault monogram Danny R Kirk, Pastor & Missions LeaderDanny R Kirk monogram
Hope Stewart, Web DesignerHope Stewart monogram Jörgen, Designer

Jörgen personal logo

Joshua R. Davis, Graphic Designer

Joshua R Davis personal logo

Esteban Gacobone, Vector ArtistEsteban Gacobone monogram
Rabih Hage, Interior DesignerRabih Hage monogram Aaron Russell, Graphic Designer & Multimedia Creative

Aaron Russell personal logo

Nicky Willcock, PhotographerNicky Willcock personal logo David Airey, Graphic DesignerDavid Airey monogram
Ned Wright, Designer

Ned Wright monogram

Elena Kutsova, PhotographerElena Kutsova monogram
Jodie Potter, PhotographerJodie Potter monogram Bart Nagel, Photographer

Bart Nagel monogram

Elisha G. Phoenix, Designer

Elisha G Phoenix monogram

Linda Carrigan, Nutrition & Lifestyle CoachLinda Carrigan personal logo
Amber Mabe, Designer

Moritz Kröger, DesignerMoritz Kröger personal logo
Sean Azul, Photographer

Sean Azul monogram


Ann monogram

CsS, Lawyer

CsS monogram

Kovacs Gyorgy, DesignerKovacs Gyorgy monogram
Niazi Rubez, Wine ConsultantNiazi Rubez monogram Mats Losvik, DesignerMats Losvik personal logo
Gerhard Schlee, Graduating DesignerGerhard Schlee personal logo Walter Scherer, LawyerWalter Scherer personal logo
Oliver Knoblich, DesignerOliver Knoblich personal logo Jannis Gundermann, DesignerJannis Gundermann monogram
Sansi Roselyn concept

Sansi Roselyn concept monogram

Brian Burns, Design StudentBrian Burns monogram
DG concept

DG concept monogram

Michael Nagy, Graphic DesignerMichael Nagy monogram
Taylor Carrigan, DesignerTaylor Carrigan monogram Tommy Chandra

Tommy Chandra personal logo

Adrian Jozefacki, Fashion PhotographerAdrian Jozefacki monogram Maikel Haas, DesignerMaikel Haas personal logo
John Moore, Graphic Designer

John Moore personal logo

Bastian Diederich, Designer

Bastian Diederich monogram

Tabitha N Smith, Graphic DesignerTabitha N Smith monogram Michael Roth, Independent ConsultantMichael Roth monogram
Luke Collin, PhotographerLuke Collin monogram David Brown

David Brown monogram

Burke Hedges, Motivational SpeakerBurke Hedges monogram John Smith, PhotographerJohn Smith monogram
Terry Byrne, Designer

Terry Byrne monogram

Daniel Evans, PhotographerDaniel Evans monogram
Mindy Steen, Graphic DesignerMindy Steen monogram Artem Luchenkov, Web DeveloperArtem Luchenkov personal logo
Diego Quintana, DesignerDiego Quintana monogram Daniel Granlund, DesignerDaniel Granlund personal logo
Tyler Anthony

Tyler Anthony personal logo

Kenroy George, DesignerKenroy George personal logo
Elle Hive, Designer

Elle Hive monogram

Peter Ryan

Peter Ryan personal logo


Dudu Torres, Designer

Dudu Torres personal logo

Seth Mooney, PhotographerSeth Mooney personal logo
David Kamp, ComposerDavid Kamp personal logo Ruben van WijnenRuben van Wijnen personal logo
Alex Wende, Designer

Alex Wende personal logo

Cameron Moll, Graphic Designer



Cameron Moll monogram

Russell Hampton


Russell Hampton personal logo

Bogdan Pavel, Flash Designer & DeveloperBogdan Pavel personal logo
Oyvind Ronning, Designer

Oyvind Ronning personal logo

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  • hi! I see that my logo (in it’s premature, unfinished state) has been added here! Cool! But omg the final product is SO much better. 🙂
    Look at my website for the finished logo.

  • Kostandinos- glad you like the post, it was a labor of love to gather all these logos and I most certainly enjoyed doing it.

    Amber- thanks for pointing that out. I’ve updated the logo and the link to your site.

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  • Wow, I’ve looked through this post a couple of times today and just now noticed Danny R. Kirk, who is my father-in-law, whose logo I designed. Cool! Thanks for including it!!

  • There are some terrific examples here. The Ned Wright logo jumped out at me. I had to look it over three or four times to catch the details. Bravo Mr. Wright.

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  • I’m sorry, but I find logos that use the initials of a company or person’s name to be really lazy. It’s the most obvious construction first year design students do. There’s no reason for these two letters to be together other than they are in the person’s name.

    So the design challenge is this: what clever ways can you combine two glyphs?

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  • Hi there….really cool stuff. For those of us not yet this cool : ), how do I get a perosnal logo like this? Do you design them?

    thanks in advance for your help

    • Navarro- for a creative person, I agree that overlapping together 2 letters might be lazy, but it depends how exactly they do it. However, for a non-creative person – i.e. most people – just doing that is already a big step forward in making their personal brand stand out.

      Eric- thanks for mentioning it, I would include your logo in this collection, no problem.

      Mike- I’ll be publishing an article on JobMob soon with tips for non-designers on how to create your own personal logo.

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    A personal logo or monogram is a great way to look professional. Here are over 120 designs to inspire you.

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  • Hi .It`s really so beautiful.I like it so much.But… i need a personal logo for my job .How can I get it ? Is it reality to order a personal logo for me ? Thanks in advance. Hope to have an e mail from you soon . .. Bye .

  • How the heck do I make a logo myself? I have NO graphic design skills and I only have the microsoft office suite, even though I own a mac. Is it possible to make these types of logos on my own via my computer? A website? Sorry for my naivete I have so many ideas, but I dont know how about completing them! Thanks!!

  • thy are very good and i need help for how to design a logo since i have been given task to design a logo for a graphic company

  • All I can say is WOWWWWWW! These are the most fantastic logos I have ever seen posted. Thank you for a job well done!

  • these are great logos. i am not an artist – but would like a logo or mongram to add to my stationary. are there any designers here that specifically design logos?

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  • I am so glad I logged on to the beautiful logos. I am still trying to put it together. I think it’s beautiful when you can designed your own Logo..

  • it was a good collection would u please design a monogram for me as well for a name of an organization

  • hi very nice logos.pleas prepare a logo for our organization.the title will be “ALSHAWAD WELFARE ORGANIZATION” THANKS

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