Not a designer? No matter. Use these personal logo design tips to create a personal logo on your own, for free.

My visual guide will walk you through the possibilities, so feel free to experiment with each tip until you find something that works best.

10 personal logo design ideas to inspire you

1. Is there some object or symbol associated with your profession that can be drawn with the letters in your name?

Susan Riley personal logo

randy parker photography personal logo

2. If there is an object or symbol related to your profession, how can you fit it into your name or initials?

Philippe Gaertner personal logo

3. Is one of your names a word or part of a word?

Michael Watson personal logo

4. Can the letters in your (first and last) names overlap easily?

Michael Roth monogram

5. What about when the letters are written in cursive?

Jodie Potter monogram

6. If not, try overlapping them anyway.

Taylor Carrigan monogram

7. Or flip one letter backward and connect the letters or align their “backs”.

Kenroy George personal logo

8. Do your initials look similar when mirrored or placed at different angles?

Mike Erickson personal logo

9. Can one initial fit inside the other?

Peter Ryan personal logo

10. When all else fails, just put your name in a cool font.

Ruben van Wijnen personal logo

Bonus: Logo Fail

Ask for feedback from friends, family, followers, etc., before committing to a new logo. This is why:

For more personal logo ideas, take a look at my 123 Beautiful Personal Logos, Monograms and Wordmarks For Your Inspiration.

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  2. Keith Lipke

    I am always intrigued by how “fonty” logos and company names get. People are many time fascinated with just that!

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