An eye-catching personal logo, monogram or wordmark adds a professional touch and makes your resume stand out.

160+ Creative & Beautiful Personal Logo Ideas for Your Resume
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I’ve already shared with you 123 Beautiful Personal Logos, Monograms and Wordmarks For Your Inspiration. Here are 169 more, beginning with a section of animated personal logos.

Get inspired by the best, then go out and get/make your logo. Put it on your resume, references sheet, business cards, email signature


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Personal logos

Cole Bemis, Designer Adam Flynn, Graphic Designer
Cole Bemis animated personal logo Adam Flynn animated personal logo
David Urbinati, Animator Kamil Koperwas, UI/UX Designer
David Urbinati animated personal logo Kamil Koperwas animated personal logo
Tahir Yuksel, Product Designer Jeremiah Wingett, Designer
Tahir Yuksel animated personal logo Jeremiah Wingett animated personal logo
Russell Patterson, Photographer Enrique Engels, Insect Photographer
russell patterson photographer logo enrique engels monogram
Luke Kirkwood, Web Designer and Developer Nigel Ortega, Photographer
luke kirkwood monogram nigel ortega photography monogram
Sally Barrett, Editor and Writer Julia Demetriou, Bead Creation and Patterns
sally barrett monogram julia creations monogram
Jason Grover, Photographer Harvey Esparcia, Graphic Artist
jason grover photography monogram harvey esparcia monogram
Umair J, Web Developer Matt Hunt, Photographer
umair j monogram matt hunt photography monogram
Tarcan Yakan, Artist Angela Light, Designer
tarcan yakan monogram angela light monogram
Samo Vidic, Photographer Michelle Sadgrove, Photographer
samo vidic photography monogram michelle sadgrove photography monogram
Lindsay Quinn Dalal Nizam, Graphic Designer
lindsay quinn monogram dalal nizam monogram
Daniel Patterson, Designer Gary Sfez, Movie Director
danielpdesign monogram Gary Sfez monogram
François Virga, Architect and Designer Jose Mendoza, UI/UX designer
francois virga monogram jose mendoza monogram
Luis Monteiro, Artist Ashley Henry, Seamstress
louis monteiro monogram ashley henry monogram
Ryan Tait, Web Designer Jørund Jenssen Berg, Graphic and Web Designer
ryan taits designs monogram jj berg monogram
Lawrence Anderson, Product Designer Brandon Arthur Roth, Artist
lawrence anderson monogram brandon arthur roth monogram
Falisha Ann, Graphic Designer Marianna Mohney, Web Designer
falisha ann monogram marianna mohney monogram
Laura Sánchez, Designer and Photographer Shelby Marie, Graphic Designer
laura sanchez monogram shelby marie monogram
Jamie Sama, Artist Lori Fuller, Photographer
jamie sama monogram lori fuller photography monogram
Isabelle Moura, Naturopath Narendra Keshkar, Freelance Graphic Designer
isabelle moura monogram narendra keshkar monogram
Sohail Shahid, UI Designer Michal Caba, Graphic Designer
sohail shahid monogram michal caba monogram
Andrei Venal, Artist Robert Puente, Designer
andrei venal digital art monogram roberto puente monogram
Jake Vela, Graphic Designer Andre Araujo
jakevela monogram diandre araujo monogram
Cassidy Rivera, Artist M. Vupora, Designer
cassidy rivera monogram mvdesign monogram
Shahad Hassan James Yates, Photographer
shahad hassan monogram james yates photography monogram
Pedro Ajo, Web Designer Peter Steven, Freelance Web Designer
pedro ajo design monogram dps designer peter steven monogram
Amir Karahasan, Web Designer Danilo Giagnoli, Graphic and Web Designer
amir karahasan monogram danilo giagnoli monogram
Jana Bujňáková, Photographer Ignatov Denis, Graphic Designer
jana bujnakova monogram ignatov denis monogram
Matt Brand Jesse Jones, Photographer
mattbrand monogram jesse jones photography monogram
Stina Jones, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Doodler Jonah Grant, Developer
stina jones monogram jonah grant monogram
Daniel Núñez, Graphic and Web Designer Dominik Pacholczyk, Graphic and Web Designer
daniel nunez monogram dominik pacholczyk monogram
Den Kazakov, Designer Aleksandra Wolska, Artist
den kazakov monogram aleksandra wolska monogram
Ivan Manolov, Graphic Designer Vladimir Adrianza, Business Consultant
ivan manolov monogram adrianza estrategia monogram
Steven Hower, Graphic Designer Matija Jakovljevic, Web and Graphic Designer
steven hower monogram matija jakovljevic monogram
David Corbera, Photographer Luis Afonso, Digital Artist
david corbera photography monogram luis afonso monogram
Marco Gonzalez, Designer David Michael, Product Design
marco gonzalez monogram david michael monogram
Noah Borer, Video Producer Meybosch Jeroen, Designer
noah borer video productions monogram meybosch jeroen monogram
Tabitha Kristen, Graphic Designer Asmir Sinanovic, UI/UX Designer
tabitha kristen design monogram dizajn zona monogram
Robert E. Morgan, Programmer Dario Calonaci, Graphic Designer
robert morgan monogram dario calonaci monogram
Katy, Graphic Designer Mauricio Alanis, Art Director
made by katy monogram m alanis studio monogram
Bartosz Magier, Artist Marco Bahena, Designer
bartosz magier monogram marco bahena monogram
Roxana Dawid, Photographer Amy Ormond, Artist
roxana olawid monogram amy ormond monogram
Aakash Soneri, Graphic and Type Designer Douglas Cavendish, Graphic Designer
aakash soneri monogram douglas cavendish monogram
Houdini, Escape Artist Jennifer Miller, Artisan
houdini monogram jennifer miller monogram
Timothy James, Musician Amy White, Graphic Designer
timothy james monogram amy white monogram
Evan Kistron, Lawyer Quan Vu, Graphic Designer
evan kistron monogram quan vu monogram
Ian Grant, Photographer Julio Quintella, Designer
ian grant photography monogram julio quintella monogram
Elise Kim, Fashion Designer Gary Chew, Graphic Designer
elise kim monogram gary chew monogram
Stephen Park, Graphic Designer Kauser Khan, Artist
stephen park monogram kauser khan monogram
Willian Gomez, DJ Jonny Rix, Web Designer and Developer
willian gomez monogram jonny rix monogram
Cseke Eszter, Photographer Maia Rojas, Artist
cseke eszter monogram maia rojas monogram
Gerard Kearney, Magician Franck Juillot, Graphic and Brand Designer
gerard kearney monogram franck juillot monogram
Ricardo Seco, Fashion Designer Elias Joidos, Photographer
ricardo seco monogram elias joidos photography monogram
Karl Johnston, Photographer Taylor Barnes, Photographer
karl johnston enterprises monogram taylor barnes photography monogram
Allan Butson, Personal Finance Planner Rorie Cowan, Business Consultant
allan butson monogram rorie cowan consulting monogram
Adam Duncan, Designer Jamila Taylor, Lawyer
adam duncan creative monogram jamila taylor monogram
Kristoffer Svanmark, Web Developer and Graphic Designer Jennifer Moore, Graphic Designer
kristoffer svanmark monogram jennifer moore monogram
Jamie Evans, Graphic Designer Chad Allen, Magician
jamie evans monogram chad allen magic monogram
Melinda Albert, Mobile Designer Ryan Miranda, Graphic Designer
melinda albert monogram ryan miranda monogram
Heidi Mottram, Accessory Designer Shaun Ring, Photographer
heidi mottram monogram shaun ring photography monogram
James Forbes, Plumber Janne Darwin, Photographer
james forbes plumbing monogram janne drawin photography monogram
Mateusz Koziorowski, Web Designer Ezra Millstein, Photographer
mateusz koziorowski monogram ezra millstein monogram
Ryan Bloom, Graphic Designer Martin Kastelov, Web and Graphic Designer
ryan bloom monogram martin kastelov monogram
Ivan Anderson Miro Kozel, Art Director and Designer
ivan anderson agency monogram miro kozel monogram
Chuck, Freelancer Marek Mundok, Freelance Graphic Designer
chuck freelancer monogram marek mundok monogram


Rafael Klein, Producer Annamaria Szentpetery, Graphic Designer
rafael klein monogram annamaria szentpetery monogram
Nelo, Graphic and Web Designer Mariana Garcia, Photographer
nelo monogram mariana garcia monogram
Matt D’Angelo, Designer and Photographer Diana
matt d angelo monogram diana monogram
Patricia Cardoso, Designer Matt Nagy, Graphic Designer
patricia cardoso monogram matt nagy design monogram
Evan Thomas, Graphic Designer Paul Hector, Graphic Designer
evan thomas monogram paul hector monogram
Sam Clarke, Graphic Designer Paul Carbo, Web Developer and Designer
sam clarke monogram paul carbo monogram
E.F. Cuttin, Music Professional Enis
ef cuttin monogram enis monogram
Dan Nisbet, Graphic Designer
dan nisbet monogram


Johann Dizon, Designer Matias Nadal, Song Composer
johann dizon monogram matias nadal monogram
Ashley Elizabeth Vella, Graphic Designer TY Wilkins, Graphic Designer
ashley vella monogram tywilkins monogram
Dan Simon Freebairn, Graphic Designer Reghardt Grobbelaar, Designer
dan simon freebairn monogram reghardt monogram
Saadullah Aleem, Graphic Designer Boudewijn Vermolen, Designer
saadullah aleem monogram boudewijn vermolen monogram
Caila Brown, Designer Sebastian Homeie, Designer
caila brown monogram sebastian homeier monogram
Stuart Thursby, Graphic Designer Connor Blackwell
stuart thursby monogram connor blackwell monogram
GBG Jiri Chlebus, Graphic Designer
gbg monogram jiri chlebus monogram
Manuel J Rivera, Graphic and Web Designer Sean O’Brien, Graphic Designer
mjr monogram sean o brien monogram
Raphael Lebec, Graphic and Web Designer Anthony Lane, Logo and Identity Designer
rl monogram anthony lane monogram
Antonella Muscat, Photographer Robin Bond
antonella muscat photography monogram robin bond monogram
Maurizio Colella, DJ, musician and producer Marcos Cesar, Graphic Designer
maurizio colella monogram marcoscesar monogram
Sean Heisler, Designer Julia Rufener, Graphic Designer
sean heisler monogram julia rufener monogram

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