Get the most of that often-seen personal branding space: your email signature.

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You've got your job search email address, but do you have an attention-getting email signature for it?

Create one quickly with this email signature template:

Required elements are bolded, the rest are recommended where relevant:


Name (Pronouns)
Title(s), Organization
Association Membership
Phone number(s)
Website/Social media profiles

Do you currently have an attention-getting email signature?

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Salutation – using your email signoff to only say goodbye is a wasted opportunity. Either use an expression that's relevant to your personal brand or wish the person something positive. The best result is a combination of both that doesn't sound too cheesy. In my email signature, I usually say “To your job search success”.

Name – your full name.

Pronouns – increasingly more common in corporate North America, mention the pronouns you go by. For me, that would be (he/him/his).

📧 Best Email Signature To Use With Job Applications

Tagline – your personal branding tagline

Title(s) – if employed, use your current job title. If you're currently unemployed, list your profession and add “available for full-time employment”.

Organization – the organization you most associate yourself with, typically your employer, a professional association you're prominent in, or your own company.

Association Membership – any professional or industry-related association that you are a member of, worth mentioning especially to people who are likely to recognize it.

Phone number(s) (mobile/land/fax) – just put the one number you want to be reached at; some people include both their landline and mobile/cellphone numbers, but that's overkill. If you have a compelling reason to include more than one number, put each on its own line with a label to indicate which it is such as “Tel: 555-1234” and “Cell: 555-5678”. If most people who contact you are on Skype and you prefer it, use the Skype callto: syntax so that calling you is just one click away.

Funny email signature

Website/Social media profiles – use the one url (at least) that most builds your personal brand and is most likely to impress viewers. This might be your blog, your organization or association membership profile (see above), social media resume or one of your social media profiles. At minimum, list your LinkedIn vanity url.

If you're not sure which urls to use, list 2 or 3 but use a url shortener such as that lets you customize the shortened url while also counting the clicks so you can measure which url people clicked more. Check the click statistics after a month of usage and then decide which urls to leave in your signature. As with LinkedIn, use your Facebook vanity url if you decide to include your Facebook profile in your email signature.

Important: include ‘https://' in each url in your email signature so that the recipient's email software will automatically make the urls clickable.

Image – of all the items on this list, an image is the riskiest thing to include in your email signature because it will increase the download size of every email you send (and many of the replies you receive) and will often get flagged by email software as a potential security issue, increasing the chance that your email won't even be seen by the recipient.

However, if you are willing to take the risk, it will be because you have a memorable image to show, a brand-relevant image that best represents you, such as your personal logo, a picture of your latest book or other product if you have one, or even your avatar.

📧 Best Email Signature To Use With Job Applications

How to Add Email Signatures in Gmail

Question of the article

Which email signature do you use when applying for jobs? What was the last change you made to it? Tell us in the comments.

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  3. Jacob Share

    In response to a question by Becky, I updated the article to include that job seekers should say ‘available for full-time employment’.

  4. Becky B

    Fantastic–your solution takes all the inherent desperation out of being a job seeker.

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    love it jacob!
    some stuff is so easy to make up!

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  8. Ronnie Ann

    Great how-to article, Jacob. I just had to add this, since I saw it recently.

    A job seeker had a quote from himself (with a date from years ago) using an outdated phrase. PLEASE be careful to use Jacob’s suggested format or something close to it. And don’t add anything as a tagline or cute quote that an employer might label YOU with!

  9. Mindy M Lampert

    Great tips on the signature links. Thanks for sharing.

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    Friend of mine shared this(Rich Marsh) – thanks for the tips!! I had not even thought about using one!(yikes)
    Most certainly starting to now on…see the value : )

    1. Jacob Share

      Good for you, Lorena! Good luck on the job search

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