💵 Top 85+ Popular Freelance Marketplaces Online in 2017

The most popular freelance marketplaces on the Internet.

Top 85+ Popular Freelance Marketplaces Online in 2017

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Most of the websites in the list are free to use in their most basic form both for freelancers and employers, however some of the sites have fees for at least one party and most of the sites have paid premium features.

Each site is listed with its specialties and main language when not English.

What kind of freelance marketplace have you used more?

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1) UpWork – general

2) freelancer – general

3) Envato Studio – general


4) peopleperhour – programming, design, administrative tasks, accounting, PR

99designs freelance marketplace

5) 99designs – design


6) Toptal – custom software development

proz freelance marketplace logo

7) proz.com – translation, interpreting

guru freelance marketplace logo

8) Guru.com – general


9) DesignCrowd – design

flexjobs freelance marketplace logo

10) flexjobs – telecommuting

seoclerks freelance marketplace logo

11) seoclerks.com – SEO

Topcoder freelance marketplace logo

12) topcoder – programming/development, graphic design, data science

weworkremotely freelance marketplac logo

13) weworkremotely – programming, design, customer service/support, miscellaneous, copywriting, system administration, business exec

workmarket freelance marketplace logo

14) workmarket – general

taskrabbit freelance marketplace logo

15) TaskRabbit – house cleaning, IKEA assembly, donation pickup, event help, office help, pet sitting

clickworker freelance marketplace logo

16) clickworker – online marketing, e-commerce, media, information and directory services, SEO content, translation, web research, data categorization and tagging

crew.co freelance marketplace logo

17) Crew – app, website, logo, or brand

mediabistro freelance marketplace logo

18) mediabistro – writing/editing, production, graphic design, publishing. NOT FREE FOR FREELANCERS: membership fees.

field nation freelance marketplace logo

19) Field Nation – general

scribendi freelance marketplace logo

20) Scribendi – editing and proofreading

designcontest freelance marketplace logo

21) designContest – Logo Design, Graphic Design, Website Design, T-shirt Design, Logo & Business Card Design, Banner design, Icon Design

freelance informatique freelance marketplace logo

22) Freelance-info.fr – French, consulting. NOT FREE FOR EMPLOYERS: access fees.

designhill freelance marketplace logo

23) designhill – business and corporate design, graphic and print design, website and mobile design

freelance freelance marketplace logo

24) freelance.com – general

bidvine freelance marketplace logo

25) bidvine – service professionals


26) crowdSPRING – logo design, naming design, graphic design, web design

authentic jobs freelance marketplace logo

27) Authentic Jobs – UI Design, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, App development, Information Architecture, Content Strategy, Miscellaneous


28) FreelanceWriting – writing

journalismjobs freelance marketplace logo

29) JournalismJobs.com – newspaper/wire services, online media/startups, television/radio, magazines/publishing, trade publication/newsletters, pr/media relations/ communications, nonprofit/academia/government/other, financial/technology/misc. jobs, diversity jobs

yeeply freelance marketplace logo

30) yeeply – mobile application

xplace freelance marketplace logo

31) xplace – designing, programming, writing/editing, translating, marketing, photographing. NOT FREE FOR FREELANCERS: bidding fees.

cloudpeeps freelance marketplace logo

32) CloudPeeps – general

gigster freelance marketplace logo

33) Gigster.com – web designers and app designers

freelancewritinggigs freelance marketplace logo

34) freelance writing jobs – writing

35) – logo designs

trabajofreelance freelance marketplace logo

36) trabajofreelance.com – Spanish, general. NOT FREE FOR EMPLOYERS: contact fees.

writerbay freelance marketplace logo

37) Writerbay – writing

Design Inc. logo

38) Design Inc. – design

yunojuno freelance marketplace logo

39) yunojuno – general

golance freelance marketplace logo

40) goLance – accounting & consulting, admin support, customer service, data science & analytics, design & creative, engineering & architecture, IT & Networking, Legal, Sales & Marketing, Translation, Web, Mobile & Softare Dev, Writing


41) iFreelance – proofreading,arts, data entry, graphic designing, photography, bookkeeping. NOT FREE FOR FREELANCERS: membership fees.

governmentbids freelance marketplace logo

42) GovernmentBids.com – general

gun.io freelance marketplace logo

43) gun.io – web applications, saas products,android apps, mvp development, project management, desktop programs, UX strategy, scripting, side projects

project4hire freelance marketplace logo

44) Project4Hire.com – programming, translation, consulting, graphic design

task city freelance marketplace logo

45) Taskcity – programming

servicescape freelance marketplace logo

46) Servicescape – editors, translators, graphic designers, and writers


47) LocalSolo – local and onshore independent contractor recruiting platform

freelance-informatique.fr freelance marketplace logo

48) Freelance-informatique.fr – French, general. NOT FREE FOR EMPLOYERS: intermediary fees.

Wonolo logo

49) Wonoloon-demand staffing, warehouse operations, delivery drivers, general labor, administrative tasks, event staff, merchandising

freelanceindia freelance marketplace logo

50) freelanceindia.com – general

speedlancer freelance marketplace logo

51) Speedlancer.com – design, writing, data entry, research

weliketowork freelance marketplace logo

52) weliketowork – sale & marketing, writing & content, administrative support, design & multimedia, customer service, business services, web development, software development, networking & information systems, coaching, translation

hoofdkraan logo

53) hoofdkraan.nl – Dutch, general

folyo logo

54) Folyo – design, programming, sales, marketing


55) DesignQuote – logo design

supertasker freelance marketplace logo

56) SuperTasker – web, graphics, advertising, copy, and video, audio, buzz

awesomeweb freelance marketplace logo

57) awesomeweb – logo design, sales page, ecommerce, blog design, infographic, book cover, banner ad, wordpress theme, wordpress plugin, wordpress maintenance, mobile app, web app, page speed, responsive

polyglot freelance marketplace logo

58) 2Polyglot – translation, copywriting, language tutoring

freelancezone.com.sg freelance marketplace logo

59) FreelanceZone.com.sg – general

workhoppers freelance marketplace logo

60) workhoppers – general

genuinejobs freelance marketplace logo

61) Genuine Jobs – telecommuting

freelancers.net freelance marketplace logo

62) Freelancers.net – general

taskarmy freelance marketplace logo

63) taskarmy – general

networkfreelance freelance marketplace logo

64) Network Freelance (UK) – general

workfast freelance marketplace logo

65) workfast (Australia) – admin and office, promotions and events, general services, hospitality, warehouse, retail and sales, energy and resources, labour hire

crowdsite freelance marketplace logo

66) crowdsite – brand basics, web & app design, print, package & label, clothing & merchandise, book & magazine, art & illustration, custom design contest

studentfreelance freelance marketplace logo

67) StudentFreelance – general

joomlancers freelance marketplace logo

68) Joomlancers – everything related to the Joomla CMS

goprofe freelance marketplace logo

69) goprofe.com – English teaching

hexidesign freelance marketplace logo

70) hexidesign – Logo Design, Stationery Design, Business Card Design, Web Page Design, Banner Ad Design, Brochure Design, Poster Design, Flyer Design, T-shirt Design. Has Affiliate Program

worktasker freelance marketplace logo

71) Work Tasker – general

text writers freelance marketplace logo

72) Text Writers – writing

greatlance freelance marketplace logo

73) Greatlance.com – general

freelancedesigners freelance marketplace logo

74) FreelanceDesigners – web and graphic design, programming, photography, writing, fashion design, industrial design, video production, advertising, logo design

hourly logo

75) Hourly.com – general

programmingbids freelance marketplace logo

76) programming bids – programming, databases, graphic design. NOT FREE FOR FREELANCERS: membership fees.

dolancing freelance marketplace logo

77) dolancing – IT / Computer Programming, Mobile Development to Content Writing, Designing, Data Entry, Sales & Marketing, and many more

freelancesuccess freelance marketplace logo

78) Freelance Success – writing

flexy freelance marketplace logo

79) Flexy – general

hubbul freelance marketplace logo

80) Hubbul. – IT, Digital, Ecommerce, Accountancy & Finance, Human Resources & Learning, Supply Chain & Procurement


sweetsidejobs freelance marketplace logo

81) Sweet Side Jobs – Social Networks, Content Curation, Comment Response, Content Updates, Account Manager, Support, Social Strategy, Social Account Setup, Custom Graphic Headers, Brand Mentions, Website Social Audit, Social Media Advertising

gotibba freelance marketplace logo

82) Tibba – bloggers, community organizers, social media interns, brokers

freelanceauction freelance marketplace logo

83) Freelance auction – programming, design


freelancemap freelance marketplace logo

84) freelancermap – software development, web, system administrator, telecommunications & mobile, IT consulting, SAP, Management consulting, Engineering, Distribution, OLAP & Business Intelligence, Content and media, Service and Support

translator base freelance marketplace logo

85) translatorbase – translation

wrapsew freelance marketplace logo

86) wrapsew – marketplace for anything fashion or clothing related

Special mention

craigslist freelance marketplace logo

Craigslist – general. Although not technically a freelance marketplace, many people do use Craigslist to post and bid on free job listings, both freelance and salaried jobs.


Coroflot – design


Behance – design, copywriting, writing

If you don’t want to spend more than a few dollars, pounds or euros, check out our Top 25+ Micro Freelance Marketplaces.

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