The most popular micro freelance marketplaces on the Web according to Alexa.

What are “micro” freelance marketplaces?

Freelance marketplaces where the prices are small, anywhere from $5 to $100 per project.

Why use micro freelance marketplaces? 3 reasons

  1. Make quick pocket money to pay for other purchases online
  2. Get ideas for new skills that are currently in demand
  3. Test market such a new skill with a small project where there’s less pressure, quicker feedback.

To find the right ones for you, we’ve compiled this list of the top micro freelance marketplaces. The list mentions site specialties and main language when not English.

The list will be updated as we discover more sites, so if you know of any, leave a comment to tell us.

Latest update: June 22, 2015

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1) – gifts, graphics, video, social marketing, travel, writing, postcards, advertising, music, fun & bizarre, tips & advice, business, technology, programming

mechanicalturk logo

2) Mechanical Turk – general

microworkers logo

3) – general

geniuzz logo

4) – graphic design,animation, programming and translation (in Spanish & English)

gigbucks logo

5) – advertising, arts & crafts, business, programming, website design, writing, fun & crazy, gifts, graphics, marketing, music & audio, social marketing, technology, tips & advice, video

fourerr logo

6) – administrative and virtual assisting, advertising, appointment scheduler, business, charity fundraising donations, christams gigs, fun and bizarre, gift ideas, grpahics, music and audio, programming, silly stuff, social marketing, task runner, technology, tips and advice, valentine specials, video, writing

shorttask logo

7) – general

rapidworkers logo

8) – general

jobboy logo

9) – general logo

10) – graphic design, online marketing, product catalogue, photography, programming & texh, business services, other

zeerk logo

11) – advertising, astrology, business, graphics, music, audio, programming, social marketing, writing

tenbux logo

12) – arts & crafts, business, gift ideas, graphics, marketing, music & audio, postcards, programming, silly stuff, social marketing, technology, tips & advice, travel & leisure, video, writing

imgigz logo

13) – advertising, article writing, backlink building, blog commenting, business, coaching & mentoring, copy writing, craigslist posting, ebooks, fan building, forum posting, general internet marketing, graphics, music & audio, programming, SEO, social marketing, tips & advice, traffic generation, video, web design, websites for sale, writing

minijobz logo

14) – general

damongo logo

15) – advertising & online marketing, business, graphic & design, just for fun, musci & audio, programming & tech, video & animation

gigbux logo

16) – arts & crafts, business, gift ideas, graphics, marketing, music & audio, postcards, programming, silly stuff, social marketing, technology, tips & advice, travel & leisure, video, writing

goffer logo

17) – freelance writing, graphics, data entry, web design

gigblasters logo

18) – advertising, business, email marketing, facebook services, fun and bizarre, gift ideas, graphics, music & audio, programming, SEO, silly stuff, social marketing, technology, tips & advice, twitter services, video, writing, youtube services

translationcloud logo

19) – translation

gigdollars logo

20) – computer help, ebooks & software, gift ideas, graphics & logos, music & audio, programming, SEO, social marketing, tips & advice, training videos, travel & leisure, video marketing, web design & blogs, website promotion, writing / translation

findeavor logo

21) – general

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Jacob Share

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This Post Has 25 Comments

  1. Natalie Sisson

    There’s some great examples in here, many I had not yet heard of. My favourite is Fiverr. com

    The thing is looking at 25 of these can get overwhelming so in your personal opinion what’s your favourite and most useful?

    The reason I wrote my eBook The Ultimate Toolkit for Evolutionary Entrepreneurs is to take away from all these choices and just provide one free and one paid choice to make it really easy.


  2. Jacob Share

    Natalie- the only one I’ve tried is Fiverr. I found a couple of offers that interested me and the providers both had good ratings. I sent each of them a message about what I needed to see if it was a good fit and … neither responded. Hopefully that was just beginner’s bad luck.

  3. Alex Buran

    Hi Jacob,

    Don’t forget to include TranslationCloud into that list of microtask websites.

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  5. Jamsudin

    Applause! Finally, I have found some very good list of freelance marketplace. The procedures that you have mentioned are excellent. Most of the sites are fixed price job marketplace. It is useful.



  7. James Brimby

    I was just curious why one of the original micro job sites, Mechanical Turk is not mentioned in the list. IT seems to use the same anonymous crowd sourcing model as some of the others you mention.

    By the way, Amazon named this solution for automation with human intelligence service after the 18th century Mechanical Turk chess playing machine that had a man hidden inside.

  8. Mandy

    Hi, we have just started a new microjob site, please do support us!

  9. Irene

    Hi, we have just started a new microjob site, please do support us!

  10. Jeremy Smith

    One way to also make money online is through joining sites like Fiverr and doing some micro jobs from there. But since it’s a little populated with freelancers, having alternative and back up sites like the ones on the list above is pretty helpful.

  11. Christian

    Nice list you have here. Here’s is a site where you can find out more info about the finest fiverr like site in the world.

    Liked, tweet and shared your article

    Thank you,


  12. Kate

    My kids are using Fiverr to earn pocket money.

  13. Mark

    There is a new microjob website with a different model. It is focused only on travel microjobs and does not provide any payment systém. It is up to buyers and sellers how the job is deliver and paid.

  14. Here is another, but unique, micro jobs marketplace. Lots of features not found in many other micro jobs websites. Gigs go from: $5.00, $15.00, $25.00, and $50.00. There is a free affiliate program as well.

  15. Mary

    Wonderful, also try ,the best micro jobs marketplace.

  16. dip

    rapidworkers and short task is fully scam

  17. tahsin is fake not paying, i am the victim

  18. Magellan

    Interesting article, I just started my own services marketplace website, and had no idea there was something very close (i.e. Hope there enough of a market for all of us.

  19. Connor Gillivan

    Heyy, another great micro freelancer marketplace is They have a wide variety of pre-vetted, and trained workers that can help with running your online business. The best part about them is that you don’t have to search and interview tons of people before making the hire. With FreeeUp, you just submit a simple 11 question form that outlines the exact worker that you need and they take care of the match making process by finding the best person in their network.

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