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If you're a knowledge worker, this is for you. (Not sure if you are? Ask yourself this: could you advise people or companies on an area of expertise?)

While freelance marketplaces are nothing new, the pandemic-inspired shift to remote work around the world has lead to a massive rise in popularity of a new type of talent marketplace: the expert network.

Expert networks are where companies can go in a pinch to find high-powered consultants on any topic in any industry.

This clip gives a good, quick intro to expert networks:

Go through this list of over 80 expert networks around the world and apply to be an expert in the networks that are most relevant. The application and vetting process can take some time, so the sooner you start, the better.

Have you ever been paid for giving advice?

80+ Expert Networks Where Companies Can Find and Hire You

clarity logo

1) Clarity

Education, Community, and Tools to help startups launch faster.

🤓 Top Expert Networks Where You Actually Sell Knowledge

askwonder logo

2) Ask Wonder

Get Smart. Fast. Wonder is the ultimate on-demand research assistant for consultants, agencies, entrepreneurs, and the chronically curious.

A review of them: Can You Really Make Money With AskWonder.com?


experfy logo

3) Experfy

Based in Harvard Innovation Lab, we're a consulting marketplace and a training platform for AI, IoT and Big Data experts. Gartner Cool Vendor in Data Science.


alphasights logo

4) Alphasights

AlphaSights is the world's knowledge partner.


zintro logo

5) Zintro

Zintro is a global online marketplace with over 100,000 highly specialized expertise providers and a set of tools that makes it easy to find, initiate discussion, qualify and conduct business with them.

A review: Zintro Review – Legit or Scam


glg logo

6) GLG

GLG is the world’s knowledge marketplace. We connect decision makers who want the advantage of powerful insight to people with first-hand experience, so they can act with the confidence that comes from true clarity.


thirdbridge logo

7) Third Bridge

We are Third Bridge, a seven-time award-winning Great Place to Work! We Like us, so you might want to as well.


lynk logo

8) Lynk

Lynk helps the world’s knowledge seekers, builders and sharers amplify the impact of business insights.


experty logo

9) Experty

In Experts we Trust.


guidepoint logo

10) Guidepoint

Guidepoint gives professionals the premium insight they need to make investment and strategic decisions with confidence. We connect our clients to specialized industry experts who can answer their most pressing business questions within a critical timeframe.

A review: Is Guidepoint Global legit? Why or why not?


paro logo

11) Paro.io

Paro is a network of top-tier remote financial professionals offering CFO leadership, financial planning and analysis, accounting, bookkeeping and more.


maven logo

12) Maven

The world’s largest micro consulting company


coleman logo

13) Coleman

Coleman excels in connecting leading investment firms, consultancies and corporations with first-hand knowledge from specialized industry experts.


tegus logo

14) Tegus

Tegus distills the complex universe of qualitative research into one fully integrated platform for investors. Tegus delivers the nuanced understanding investors need to make decisions with conviction.


newtonx logo

15) NewtonX

We are the world’s first bridge between clients and professionals.


expertise finder logo

16) Expertise Finder

Expertise Finder software is trusted by universities to power their faculty experts directories. It increases industry partnerships and media coverage. Expertise Finder also runs a large network of academic experts that's easy to search.


speakin logo

17) speakIn

SpeakIn, stands tallest as Asia's only tech-enabled expert network with over 15,000 experts in more than 452 different genres.


onfrontiers logo

18) OnFrontiers

Our platform allows businesses and governments to access expertise on any topic, anywhere in the world, within hours


cleverX logo

19) CleverX

Book 1-on-1 video meetings with world's top experts, get on-demand advice and pay by the minute.


engine logo

20) Expert Engine

Uniting Culture & Commerce to Move Brands Forward Faster


deepbench logo

21) DeepBench

A go-to information platform for knowledge workers, DeepBench provides the tools and network to intelligently access the right knowledge for your organization. Founded in 2016 at MIT.


prosapient logo

22) proSapient

proSapient’s research platform allows you to gather insights from executives around the globe via consultations or large-scale surveys. Our unique range of features allow you to manage projects easily and maximise the value of your insights.


globalwonks logo

23) globalwonks

Tech-enabled marketplace connecting private & public enterprises, from Fortune 500 companies to leading universities, with experts who understand the world.


IMS ExpertServices logo

24) IMS ExpertServices

IMS ExpertServices delivers consultative trial and expert services for the most influential global firms. Over nearly three decades and through more than 20,000 cases and well over 1,000 trials, clients have trusted IMS to equip them with the perspective and tools they need to help their clients succeed. With offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dallas, Pensacola, and New York, the company provides trial strategy consulting, jury consulting, trial graphics consulting, trial presentation consulting, and expert witness recruitment and management.


infollion logo

25) Infollion

We aggregate subject matter experts, independent consultants and freelancers to make them accessible On Demand. Defining the premium end of the Gig Economy.


tasanet logo

26) Tasa Group

The TASA Group gives clients access to seasoned professionals in 10,000+ Technical and Medical specialties. With three distinct service divisions, each with a specific mission, The TASA Group is dedicated to providing the best experts and consultants available to meet clients' diverse needs.


expertconnect logo

27) Expert Connect

ExpertConnect helps institutional investors, private equity firms, corporations, and professional service firms make better decisions. ExpertConnect clients access and leverage a robust network of Industry Consultants who are leading thinkers in their area of expertise. These Industry Consultants interact with clients through phone consultations, educational meetings and seminars, and custom surveys. ExpertConnect also provides its clients with information from its proprietary data crawling and analysis technology.


magellan research group logo

28) Magellan Research Group

Magellan Research Group is a primary research platform that provides quick access to knowledge across the globe for corporate decision makers and investment professionals.


bioinformatics logo

29) Bio Informatics

BioInformatics, part of the Science and Medicine Group, is the leading research and advisory firm serving the life science and diagnostic industries. Our expertise includes primary quantitative and qualitative research in addition to secondary research and published reports.


atheneum logo

30) Atheneum

Atheneum is a global knowledge broker, which connects leading investment funds, consulting firms, and corporations with the world’s most renowned experts to empower our clients’ business decisions.


knowledge gate logo

31) Knowledge Gate Group

As it’s core the vision of Knowledge Gate Group is to democratize access to advanced knowledge. Knowledge Gate Group connects companies to industry experts for micro-consultations, empowering the companies to test their ideas and assumptions, qualifying their business-critical decision-making. When a company needs knowledge that they don't have internally, Knowledge Gate Group's service provides top level guidance with a developed and clear model for pricing; allowing all companies to access top-level expertise for a reasonable price.



32) Dialectica

Dialectica is an information services provider that connects investors and corporate strategists to frontline expertise in high potential global markets.


round table group logo

33) Round Table Group

While Round Table Group has earned a certain mystique in the legal and scholarly communities, there is no mystery about how we perform our services: with distinguished professionalism, thorough and rigorous research, and a steadfast commitment to serving justice and ensuring that the best and most qualified expert witnesses take the stand for our clients.


silverlight research logo

34) Silverlight Research

Silverlight Research is a specialist knowledge research company connecting top professionals with industry experts globally. We uncover true value by providing our clients with the best information and knowledge to inform their strategic and investment decisions



35) infomineo

Infomineo is a research provider. Our role is to find the data our clients need to make decisions and develop their businesses. Our global coverage and unique expertise on Africa and the Middle East allow us to develop long-term relationships with leading global consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies.


monocl logo

36) monocl

Monocl empowers life science professionals with the complete global expert solution designed to drive impactful outreach and strategic engagement. Monocl is a Definitive Healthcare company.


ridgetop research logo

37) Ridgetop Research

We offer seasoned, highly trained client coverage teams that understand your research needs


insight alpha logo

38) Insight alpha

Insight Alpha provides clients access to a network of frontline industry experts that help them get critical information they need to be successful. We help thousands of our clients get answers to their most critical questions, without leaving their desks.


expert research logo

39) Expert Research

Mímir Co., Ltd. Mímir Co., Ltd. supports new business creation and decision making in M ​​& A through M & A advisory, consulting, and expert interviews.


nextynsights logo

40) Nextyn Advisory

Nextyn Advisory is an Indian Market Entry Strategy Consulting firm.


41) Indus Guru

We are an online curated network to match independent experts and consultants with organisation's project-based requirements


arches logo

42) Arches

Arches is an expert- and business-search company operating in Asia-Pacific. We help investment funds, management consulting firms and corporation to find experts for due diligence or business development.


apex leaders logo

43) Apex Leaders

At Apex Leaders, we help private equity firms acquire expert insights to make confident investment decisions.


cw group logo

44) CW Group

The CW Group, present in the US, Brazil, India, Portugal and Romania, has a multi-industry orientation, with particularly recognized sector expertise in up-stream building materials (cement, lime), downstream building materials (aggregates, ready-mix, fly ash, slag), industrial minerals, petrochemicals, power and energy, steel, minerals & mining, agriculture and commodities, paper & pulp, ports, and logistics & transportation.


primary insight logo

45) Primary Insight

Primary Insight was founded in 2005. We are led by expert-network veterans who know how to respect clients’ time and budgets, and deliver high quality contacts to provide the most relevant information.


kingfish group logo

46) Kingfish Group

See how our unique platform and relationships with the right on-point experience can dramatically change the trajectory of a business.


capvision logo

47) Capvision

One of the Largest Expert Networks and Primary Research Firms Supported by 300,000+ Industry Professionals.


techspert logo

48) Techspert.io

The AI-powered expert network connecting businesses with precision-matched experts. Welcome to the future of knowledge exchange.


expertpowerhouse logo

49) Expert Power House

Our vision is to enable next generation consulting and to power the future of work. The best talent is going independent, and companies need to tap into this workforce to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. We make it safe for the two sides to connect and work together on your projects in a fast and easy way based on mutual trust.


candour energy logo

50) Candour

Candour Energy combines industry expertise with our consultative approach to connect you with the right Advisor, every time.


slingshot insights logo

51) Slingshot Insights

Slingshot Insights gives individual investors access to the same investment research tools that professionals have had for years. By sharing the cost of primary research, such as expert calls, members are able to make investments like pros.


nordic knowledge partners logo

52) Nordic Knowledge Partners

We identify, engage and create access to unique and otherwise hard-to-get knowledge – often for niche industries and markets.


lbnetworks logo

53) LB Networks

We provide you with the knowledge you need to make the right strategic decisions. We connect investment firms, management consultancies and corporations with the best industry experts for tailor-made collaborations.


xperiti logo

54) xperiti

Make Insight Driven. Business Decisions. The Financial Research Operating System, powered by text analysis. Expert Interviews. Knowledge Management. Powerful analytics.


experts on tap logo

55) Experts on Tap

Leverage top level, custom sourced, subject matter experts, consultants, and contractors specializing in the Biotechnology, Diagnostic, Medical Device, and Pharmaceutical industries and seamlessly add flexible expertise to your team today.


mybridger logo

56) Bridger

A tech-enabled platform connecting businesses with working professionals to share knowledge, on-demand. Quickly chat over a 1×1 phone engagement 🙂


Expert Network Group logo

57) Expert Network Group LLC

ENG was founded by a team of visionaries who were fed-up with vendors that put more effort into bragging about their databases than into areas that actually improve their clients' lives.


china insights consultancy logo

58) China Insights Consultancy

We are Committed to Building a world-Class Investment Consulting Platform.


get me experts logo

59) Get Me Experts

Excellence and expertise is what Businesses need to maintain their edge over the fast paced and competitive environment. We at “Get Me Experts” ( GME) have a team of solution oriented experts, aggregated over the years to provide just the right solution for your business. We support businesses in managing challenge of finding a credible expert on time. Experts avalable at GME are matching the quality and scalability of top Management Consulting Companies.


expert witness institute logo

60) Expert Witness Institute

The Expert Witness Institute is the voice of the Expert Witness community; championing experts from all professional disciplines and the lawyers who use their services.


knowledge ridge logo

61) Knowledge Ridge

Knowledge Ridge connects businesses with industry-leading expertise, exactly when they require it. Be it incisive insights into a challenging new environment, direct meetings with renowned authorities in the industry, or just a call to an expert for opinion or guidance, we connect clients to the sharpest minds from around the world.


accurate-insight logo

62) Accurate Insight

Our Expert Network connects Your Business, with Global Experts, and Potential Partners from the most varied industries both in Brazil and Latin America.


pengo insight logo

63) Pengo Insight

Connecting the worlds leading professionals with the best African expertise.


africa expert network logo

64) Africa Expert Network

AXN is an information brokerage and expert connection service that offers access to a proprietary network of over 500 subject matter experts in African markets to companies and investors seeking real-time, granular business insights.


asia ceo network logo

65) Asia CEO Network

We provide primary research services. That is, we provide access to our qualified experts in our network that will consult with you and share their business intelligence in their particular sectors of expertise.


axon advisors

66) Axon Advisors

Axon connects business professionals with industry professionals, who can provide them market insights, with an exceptional 96% client satisfaction rate.


bcc global logo

67) BCC Global

As an independent third-party research institution, Shanghai Shanglin Huatong Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming an excellent comprehensive information service provider in China and even the world.


bio expert network logo

68) Bio Expert Network

The BioExpert Network is the place where experts in multiple disciplines help startups and companies develop their business. In exchange, experts get credits to invest.


expert witness doctors logo

69) Expert Witness Doctors

Expert Witness Doctors provides medical expert witness services to the legal and insurance communities. Our mission is to provide fair and accurate opinions regarding causation of injuries or diseases, appropriate diagnoses, and reasonable treatment for cases involved in litigation. Expert Witness Doctors builds relationships based on integrity and trust. All findings are objective, in-depth, and evidence-based.


the expert witness exchange logo

70) The Expert Witness Exchange

The Expert Witness Exchange, LLC is fortunate to have had participation from all corners of both the expert witness and attorney communities. As a result, we have developed keen insight into several areas where significant improvements can and should be made for the benefit of all. The Exchange’s leadership is driven to work collaboratively with both the expert witness and attorney communities, promoting opportunities to improve methods of doing business and transacting commerce with one another.


expertsdirect logo

71) Experts Direct

ExpertsDirect is an ultra-niche company whose specialised knowledge is sourcing preeminent expert witnesses for litigation.


focal fact logo

72) Focal Fact

Focal Fact connects world's top professionals with organizations to share and exchange market information.


HH&P Executive Search logo

73) HH&P Executive Search

We are an Executive Search company driven by the love of making everything thrive. Companies, individuals, you and us.


inventiv insights logo

74) Inventiv Insights

Inventiv Insights connect clients to highly specialized & vetted subject matter experts globally. Our clients value the on-field experience and insights of our experts which aid in strategic decision-making and due diligence enabling them to make better-informed decisions.


liahnson & company logo

75) Liahnson & Company

In 2015, we established an ENS-based research platform with the best teams that led the birth and growth of the Asian ENS industry. Liahnson, which started in Seoul, Korea, has established an Asian service system that has been expanded to branch offices in China and Japan, and has grown into a trusted knowledge service partner of strategic offices and consulting companies of 50+ global leading companies around the world.


linker intel logo

76) Linker

Industry expert knowledge exchange and industry data monitoring research platform


noble insights logo

77) Noble Insights

Noble Insights is a primary research firm that connects investment management firms with the most sought after experts in their respective fields at a cost significantly below the competition while maintaining the highest compliance standards.


sealed logo

78) Sealed

Sealed is the first Southeast Asia-focused expert network, connecting the region's top minds with organisations across the globe. We are proudly headquartered in Singapore and pride ourselves in our highly localised network and partnerships.


technical expert network logo

79) Technical Expert Network

TEN offers experts the ability to create both private and public profiles via our search-engine-optimized platform. As an expert you can choose to share with the world your academic history, work history, resume, create links to published work etc.


unisearch logo

80) Unisearch

Unisearch is Australia’s leading and most established provider of expert opinion services.


xperts council logo

81) Xperts Council

Xperts Council connects Funds and Consultancies, with top professionals for industry sector consultations, and senior advisory. 7 nationalities, 4 sites.


zebra insights logo

82) Zebra Insights

Zebra Insights Group brings you timely insights and expertise by connecting you to world-class experts and business leaders.


experts networks logo

83) Experts Networks

Global community of Experts from different functions and industries.

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