Many job seekers don't realize that they can outsource their job search. It's never been easier and the benefits are many.

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What it means to outsource your job search

To outsource something means to subcontract it to someone else.

In every job search, there are tasks that job seekers need to have done but that could be done by someone else – an outsourcer, also called a virtual assistant or job search assistant.

Think about all the things you dread doing on your job search.

Now take a look through this long list of tasks that a job search assistant could do for you.

20+ job search tasks that could be outsourced

  • Cover letter writing
  • Resume writing and targeting
  • Managing your LinkedIn and other job search-related online profiles.
  • Job lead research
  • Filtering your job search alerts, RSS and Twitter job feed subscriptions
  • Obtaining recommendation letters
  • Compiling references
  • Conduct a confidential job search for you
  • Arranging travel & accommodations to events and interviews out of town
  • Finding relevant recruiters
  • Keep you updated on key industry news so you don't have to follow newspapers, blogs, etc.
  • Discovering tutorials and other resources to improve your professional skills
  • Company research for targeting purposes
  • Address book management
  • Research potential interview questions
  • Sending you reminders
  • Email and spam filtering
  • Job offer and contract verification
  • Background checking of people you'll be meeting
  • Contact management, including thank you letters and other followups.
  • Schedule management, such as balancing your interviews, industry conferences and networking meetups
  • Taking care of personal errands that can be done over the phone or Internet, such as paying bills
  • Whatever else you might need done on your job search

However, just because you can outsource your job search doesn't mean you should.

Here's why you should.

9 reasons to outsource job search tasks

1) Leverage expertise

You're probably not an expert at all the activities involved in job searching, but other people are. Hand off those tasks to someone who's more likely to get them done faster or better.

2) Save time

Aside from some extra time managing job search assistants, giving work to other people will result in more time for yourself.

3) Better focus

With the time you gain, you can focus more on effective job search tasks where you can't be replaced, like improving your professional skills or networking.

4) Less stress

By letting you focus more and taking away the need to do job search tasks you don't like or aren't good at, your job search will be less aggravating and your improved mood will positively impact your interviews.

5) Find a job faster

While you're being interviewed by employers or schmoozing at networking events, your job search assistants can continue your job search in parallel, cutting the down-time between interviews to a minimum.

6) Save money

Even if the outsourcing does have a cost, finding a job faster will net you months of salary you wouldn't have earned otherwise.

7) Improve your skills

Taking on job search assistants is like taking on employees. At best, you'll learn how to manage people and projects. At worst, your management and organizational skills won't improve but they won't go dull from lack of use either.

8) Get feedback

Working with experienced job search assistants means they can give you valuable feedback based on their past experience with other clients. They're more likely to recognize job search mistakes you're making than your friends or family.

9) Find a better job

Aside from feedback about your job search plans, your job search assistant can make suggestions about job search tactics you would have never thought of. Taken into account with all the other job search outsourcing benefits mentioned here, you should be able to contact more employers and interview for more offers than if you had done everything yourself.

Ready to outsource?

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  1. Interesting post, but not sure who it is aimed at. Yes, most of us would not like to put the work into the ‘administrivia’ of the job-search, but it would seem like managing all of the outsourcers would have quite a bit of overhead, which is expensive. Furthermore, if you were mid-management and said that you ‘outsourced’ your search, I would likely look at that as a negative (can’t manage their own time, can’t do it themselves, etc.).

    Ultimately, most outsourcing projects are unsuccessful (I have been in this space since ’95) because people simply want to “outsource their problems”.

    Will at

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    Why Outsourcing Your Job Search Makes Sense

    Loved this article can you advise a couple vendors for me to talk with about hiring for these services?

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    Can you send me some of the vendors for these services?

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    I wish I could outsource commenting for points.

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