Here’s where to find job openings on Twitter for your industry, in your country, right now.

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Organize your Twitter job search feeds for easy following

1) Bookmark this article for easy reference later.

2) Create an account on Twitter unless you have one already.

3) Download and install a Twitter reader like TweetDeck or Seesmic Desktop. Tweetdeck uses Groups and Seesmic Desktop has Userlists which allow you to organize Twitter users for easier following. Use this categorization feature to separate the Twitter job feeds from the other Twitter users you follow so that all your Twitter job search information is kept in one convenient place that isn’t overwhelmed by other tweets.

4) If you know where you’d like to work, click the corresponding country flag here below to jump down to a local Twitter job feed list and then begin following local feeds in your industry. Then scan the International section which lists Twitter job feeds that include job openings from 3 countries or more. Or you can jump directly to it by clicking the globe icon at the end of the row of flags.

5) If you have a chosen industry and are open to moving for jobs, type CTRL+F in your browser to search this article for keywords related to your profession like ‘design’, ‘accounting’, ‘developer’, etc., and then follow the Twitter job feeds that are most relevant among the results, regardless of country.

There are actually many other Twitter job feeds and I explain how to find them in The Ultimate Twitter Job Search Guide.

Happy hunting and following!

Global Directory of Twitter job feeds

Click your flag to jump to the related links:

Flag of Australia Flag of Belgium Flag of Brazil Flag of Canada Flag of China Flag of Columbia Flag of France Flag of Germany Flag of India Flag of Ireland Flag of Israel Flag of Japan Flag of the Netherlands Flag of New Zealand Flag of Philippines Flag of Singapore Flag of South Africa Flag of Spain Flag of Switzerland Flag of United Kingdom Flag of United States Globe


Flag of Australia


Flag of BelgiumBelgium

Flag of BrazilBrazil

  • @JobsFactory – all kinds of jobs in Brazil

Flag of CanadaCanada


Flag of ColumbiaColumbia

Flag of FranceFrance

Flag of GermanyGermany

Flag of IndiaIndia

Flag of IrelandIreland

Flag of Israel Israel

  • @HappyZion – all kinds of jobs.
  • @jobwhisper – mostly high tech jobs.
  • @jobsisrael – more high tech jobs.
  • @workinisrael – mostly high tech jobs, both in English and Hebrew.
  • @walla_jobs – all kinds of jobs (Hebrew)
  • @HEVERITR – high tech jobs from Hever ITR placement agency.
  • @HeverHon – more jobs from Hever, this time in Hebrew.
  • @heverlegal – Hever’s legal job listings.
  • @AllJobs_Israel – all kinds of jobs (Hebrew)
  • @ManpowerIsrael – all kinds of jobs, both in English and Hebrew (mostly the latter).
  • @workathot – jobs at HOT Telecom, in Hebrew.
  • @jobox_maariv – all kinds of jobs, in Hebrew.
  • @tamarjobs – mostly high tech jobs (Hebrew).
  • @drushim_sw – software-oriented jobs, in Hebrew.
  • @gabi_drushim – high tech jobs (Hebrew).
  • @jobs_in_Israel – jobs in marketing, sales, business development, high tech, Internet, real estate, banking, finance, etc.

Flag of Japan Japan

Flag of the Netherlands the Netherlands

Flag of New Zealand New Zealand

Flag of the Philippines Philippines

Flag of SingaporeSingapore

Flag of South AfricaSouth Africa

Flag of SpainSpain

  • @spainseojobs – SEO jobs in Spain
  • @jobsinspain – professional jobs in Madrid, Barcelona & Valencia
  • @AmbientJobs – jobs throughout Spain and Gibraltar

Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland

Flag of United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Flag of United StatesUnited States

GlobeInternational (3 countries or more)

  • @googlejobs – jobs at Google, at any of their international locations.
  • @seojobsfinder – All the new jobs from SEO Jobs Finder site.
  • @jobseen – jobs from around the globe such as in Australia, USA, Canada and the UK.
  • @standoutjobs – India, Canada, USA and more.
  • @apnijobs – jobs in Pakistan, India, UAE, UK and USA.
  • @jobsatintel – Intel’s global job openings.
  • @mtvnetworksjobs – MTVNetworks’ global job listings.
  • @eldisjobs – humanitarian development jobs.
  • @coolclimatejobs – jobs in climate, clean energy, and low carbon industries.
  • @MoneyCareers – senior banking and finance jobs in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and the rest of Asia.
  • @flashjobs – Flash development jobs
  • @TRCareers – Latest jobs from Thomson Reuters in the US, UK, Canada, India, Germany, Spain & France.
  • @mployd – all kinds of jobs in Canada, the US & the Philippines
  • @ia_uxjobs – user experience jobs in the US, France, the UK, Ireland, and more.
  • @jobmatcha – all kinds of jobs in the US, Canada and the UK.
  • @BlueOceanJobs – jobs in the hospitality industry in places like Africa, Singapore and elsewhere in Asia
  • @CitakJobs – jobs from a headhunting firm targeting the Australian/Asia Pacific region.
  • @PlacingTraders – jobs in world commodity and financial markets
  • @globaljobmarket – Teaching and other instructional jobs
  • @nuruncareers – marketing jobs
  • @MrJobsinHubs – all kinds of professional jobs in places like Germany, France, Belgium & Switzerland
  • @LanguageJobs – jobs where languages other than English are important. The tagline mentions ‘Europe’ but there are jobs from other places as well, like China.
  • @AeroCareer – jobs in the aviation industry, mostly in the Persian Gulf countries.
  • @artinfojobs – jobs in the art industry in places like the US, the UK & Italy.
  • @maritimejobs – jobs in shipping, boating, yachting and anything to do with the sea
  • @ALA_JobLIST -  jobs in Library and Information Science and Technology
  • @Lintberg100k – high-paying jobs in Europe (Dutch)
  • @JobsArmenia – professional jobs in Armenia, the USA, the UK
  • @itweetjobs – IT jobs across Europe
  • @findajobindubai – jobs in Dubai, the U.A.E. and the GCC-countries

Which Twitter job feeds have you found most useful in your job search? Tell us in the comments below.

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--Jacob Share