Do good things appear when people google your name?


(Don't know why this is important? Here's Why You Should Google Your Name Right Now.)

BrandYourself has just relaunched their website and to celebrate, they're sponsoring this contest with prizes that will help boost positive results for you in Google searches. Thank you, BrandYourself.

This is the fourth contest as part of the run-up to JobMob's 5th Anniversary on March 21st, and still more are coming.

In case you missed them, here are the others and you can still enter each one too:

What is BrandYourself?

BrandYourself google rankings boostThe idea for BrandYourself came from co-founder Pete Kistler, a star student who years ago had trouble getting job interviews because anyone who googled his name instead found mentions of another Pete Kistler who had been arrested for drug-related offenses.

Co-founder Evan Watson says that “BrandYourself is the only Do-It-Yourself platform that makes it easy for anyone to improve their own search results.”

The new won the SXSW accelerator competition and has been covered on major media such as Fast Company, the New York Post, Mashable and TechCrunch.

Here's how it works:

  1. Create a free account
  2. Submit any links that you want showing up in Google search results for your name
  3. BrandYourself analyzes your links and recommends concrete steps to improve your rankings
  4. BrandYourself then alerts you when there's a major change to your results, so you can decide on followup action

You can also build a custom profile on BrandYourself that will also appear as a positive result in your results.

How to Enter

  • At the bottom of this article, leave a comment about what you see when you google your name right now.

Some suggestions of what to write in your comment are:

  • The most surprising thing that appears in the search results
  • The most frustrating thing that appears in the search results
  • The result that you'd like to boost higher in the rankings and why

Be as descriptive as you can.

Comment now

How to Win

Simple – Leave an impressive comment.

The winners will be the 6 people with the most impressive comments as judged by Evan Watson, co-founder of BrandYourself.

You, or anyone you know, can try to influence the choice of winners by leaving more comments in support.

Comment now


Grand Prize

The best commenter will win:

  • A free lifetime Premium Membership (worth $80/year)
  • A one hour personal strategy session and analysis of your online presence with one of the co-founders (worth $100)

Second Prizes

5 people will each win:

  • 3 months' Premium Membership
  • A one hour personal strategy session and analysis of your online presence with one of the co-founders (worth $100)

And if you think 3 months isn't enough time to make an impact, Evan says that “most of our users see results in the first couple of days, and 70% of the upgrades to a premium account come in the first 48 hours.”

These are all good prize packages that can immediately have an impact on your job search, your freelancing business, your dating life or anything else where people are regularly googling your name.

Void where prohibited.


  • Must be 18 or older.
  • You can comment as many times as you like, but you can only win one prize pack.
  • Be sure to use a real email address or Twitter account when you comment so that I can contact you if you win.

Contest Deadline

To be considered as entries in the contest, all comments must be submitted before this coming Monday, March 26th, 2012.

Comment now

And please tell your friends on Facebook to comment too.

Good luck!

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  1. Christopher Epstein

    Brand Yourself helped me rebuild my career and is helping me get my life back on track. I have been in the nightclub and restaurant business for the last 20 years. Over that time, I have had many good news articles written about me and my businesses. Over time, these positive links got pushed farther and farther out of Google page rankings.

    During that time, I hit a rough patch in my life, and got a couple of negative links about me that were posting high on Google. So, basically, 19 years of hard work and positive results was getting over shadowed by one mistake.

    I searched the web, and talked to many other sites that wanted anywhere from $3000 to $15000 to help me improve my search results. And that was not a one time payment, but something I would have to pay every year. I simply could not afford that. I came across during their Invite Only period. Within hours of signing up for the free trial, I paid the VERY REASONABLE 3 month fee. I was that impressed.

    Within a few days, I was contacted by the site, and via conference call, they walked me through all the steps to get the best results. The customer service is like none I have ever experienced. They are fantastic.

    I have been I member for a little over a month now. Since then, my Google rankings have moved up a total of 629 spots. 6 out of 10 results of a search for my name are all me, and the negative link has now been pushed several pages down. Since 93% of people using Google never go past page one, it is like it does not even exist.

    Since I have pulled the positive links to the first pages of Google, I have gotten several connections that have a good possibility of turning into work for me. And since everyone from landlords to potential dates Google who you are, it has never been more important to be able to have control over your digital reputation.

    I highly recommend that you join this site and take control of your life now. (If you don’t think your digital reputation is important, you are very mistaken.)

  2. Chris Mole

    I’m battling with an ex member of parliament to achieve high rankings in Google which is pretty tough. The most surprising thing that I saw was a picture of Jeremy Clarkson, going to have to do a bit more research into that one. I’m busy trying to get my social networks higher in the search results at the minute so people can actually find the real me!

  3. sushil krishna

    Brandyourself has been a great experience for me( far.I love its easy UI,features and the SEO tips it provide in between each steps. Its great to have an online free tool to manage online reputation as one(specially individuals) does not even opt the so called reputation gurus with high price i m finding a great change in the way google identifies me.

    Thanks to Team Brandyourself for providing such a nice tool.

  4. Johnny Lewis

    When I Googloplex square my name, Johnny Lewis, I find that I have died 3 times recently. Once in “Alien vs. Predator-Requiem”, then when Katie Perry broke up w/ me, and now from “Son’s of Anarchy”. Apparently I still like circle track racing even though it appears dangerous. I played some pro-baseball in my younger days. I lead and still lead pretty exciting lives. I wish I could remember them, except the getting killed by Alien Predators. Dating Katie is a good memory; Oh wait, that wasn’t me that was the good looking young movie star Johnny Lewis. I get confused :+}
    Johnny “On The Spot” Lewis

  5. Tyson Mitchell

    It’s hard when I’m being overshadowed by a gamer with my same name, a YouTube commentary on a no-name boxer who fought Mike Tyson (the video has just 6,000 views, and supposedly the @wildestmanalive who is “a crazy ass veteran #USMC (hence the Twitter name) that’s all about the realities in the world.”

    BrandYourself has helped my Google Search results immensely, even with just a Free account! My positive links have risen 48 positions in just one week of membership, resulting in 17 people finding me. I love that the site combines great functionality with awesome UX, which makes it easy for anyone to use.

    Hopefully in the future I can go premium and boost all the positive links I have so I can dominate those other pesky results. One thing that frustrates me, though, is that someone else owns my desired domain name, I’m not sure how I can change that, but maybe BrandYourself can help me with that. I’ve heard nothing but positive things about their customer service reps.

    Thank you so much BrandYourself, and congrats on your SXSW Accelerator win!

  6. William (Taylor) Nickles

    When I google my name I learn (via the first search result) that I share my name (William Nickles) with a New Hampshire police officer who is embroiled in a legal case, State of NH vs William Nickles. This William Nickles, a one time NH police officer, is being charged with aggravated felonious sexual assault and false imprisonment aftter he took a gentleman into custody and used his authority as a police officer to force the man to perform oral sex on him. While this William and I are in fact two separate individuals, I would imagine this is not the most flattering first impression.

  7. William (Taylor) Nickles

    Also I’d love help boosting the page I have about my youthful Dungeons and Dragons exploits with one of the BrandYourself co-founders.

  8. Naomi Elbinger

    I guess I should be thanking God and my husband that my name seems to be somewhat unique and I come up in Google for my own name!
    Makes you wonder how all the John Smith’s of the world are finding clients right now?

  9. Some great stories, these are definitely some of the best we’ve heard over here at BrandYourself (and trust me, we’ve heard a lot!) Looking forward to the challenge of beating out an ex member of parliament, a no-name boxer, and katie Perry’s ex.

    Thanks everyone for all of the support with the new product, everyone sharing their experience with BrandYourself has given us a more successful launch than we could have ever anticipated and we’ve already reached over 10,000 signups in just two weeks. Can’t thank you all enough and glad we’ve been able to help.

  10. David Raskin

    I see a six year old resume, a twenty year old address and half a dozen people with different names before my name shows up. I’d love to see my name in lights at the top of the list.

  11. Jacob Share

    Just a quick reminder that there are 4 other contests you can enter with comments too. The links have been added in the article here above.

  12. Vynette Arnell

    My name is unique so I see myself in all the top listings – including my Linked In, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and any articles where my name has been included.

  13. Laurie Tamres

    I’m already number one for my google search!

  14. savio castello

    hi tol all, i am mr. savio castello, 50 year old indian from mumbai. i wish to get a job in israel as a care giver / carer for senior citizens. someone please help me. show me how to go about applying for the job – please give me names of agencies / employers who could help me including addresses, email ids etc. regards savio castello

  15. Mark Hunter

    My name isn’t entirely unique, obviously, but there aren’t too many people with the last name “hunter”. I do however share the same name as a New Zealand rock star, which is cool I guess, and an Australian sports coach. I doubt it’d be easy to get my name to rank above them though (Wikipedia), but I’ll definitely make an account there just to see!

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