5 contests and over 50 comments later, it's time to award the prizes.

Blue RibbonExcept where specified, the winners were chosen by me.

In reverse order of appearance:

5) #CONTEST: Leave a Comment, Win Job Interview Video Tutorial Packs

Thanks again to ZoomInterviews for sponsoring this contest.

There were 15 prizes to be won so all 5 commenters get a prize:

  • Isabelle
  • Yehoshua Paul
  • Chris Parker
  • Kate
  • Laurie Tamres

4) #CONTEST: Leave a Comment, Win Help For Your Google Rankings

Thanks again to BrandYourself.com for sponsoring this contest.

The winners, as chosen by BrandYourself co-founder Evan Watson:

Grand prize winner:

  • Johnny Lewis

Second place winners:

  • Chris Mole
  • Tyson Mitchell
  • William Nickles
  • David Raskin
  • Naomi Elbinger

3) #CONTEST: Leave a Comment, Win Copies of Bring Your Superpowers To Work

Thanks again to Bring Your Superpowers to Work author Darcy Eikenberg, ACC for sponsoring this contest.

The 5 winners of book copies, as chosen by Darcy:

  1. Yehoshua Paul
  2. Janet Burke
  3. Chris Parker
  4. Rob Epstein
  5. Kate

Anyone can download a free chapter of the book (or audio version) by signing up on RedCapeRevolution.com.

2) #CONTEST: Leave a Comment, Win a Smart Resume Design Pack

Thanks again to LoftResumes.com for sponsoring this contest.

The 5 winners are:

  1. Adriana
  2. Yehoshua Paul
  3. David Raskin
  4. Chris Parker
  5. Vynette Arnell

1) #CONTEST: Leave a Comment, Win High Quality Business Cards

Thanks again to UPrinting.com for sponsoring this contest.

This was the hardest contest to judge because there were a lot of good comments and only a few prizes, but the 3 winners are:

  1. Avigail Frij
  2. David Sigal
  3. Esther Shira Stepansky

And that's it! I hope you had fun with the contests, and I always hope that more people will get involved next time.

To all the winners, mazel tov and congrats. I'll be in touch with you asap on how to claim your prizes.

Thanks to all the commenters for their comments, and to everyone who shared any of the contest announcements with people who might have been interested. I really appreciate that kind of support.

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