The many benefits of using a smart resume builder and how it can save you time, sweat, and blood.

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This is a guest post by Max Woolf.

Say hello to Olivia. She’s a hiring manager on the lookout for stellar hires.

Next to her is a battered PC and a pile of 250+ resumes (that’s what a corporate job opening attracts on average.)

Each corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes

Finally, she picks yours.

A glance here, a glance there and in the resume black hole trash your resume goes.


But why?!

In short, it didn’t look professional and was hard to read. That made Olivia go with another candidate.

Don’t stress.

Take a deep breath, you're just a scroll-down away from learning how a resume builder can win recruiters and tip the scales in your favor.

Was your latest resume created with a resume builder?

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3 Benefits of Using an Online Resume Builder

1) Save time making your resume look great

benefits of smart resume builder 1

Here’s the thing:

Finding a job is a race against the clock. The sooner you land your dream job, the better your life will be.


Most people are clueless about how to lay out a resume solo. They’ll have to spend every ounce of their energy to research:

  • Which sections to include in a resume?
  • How long should a resume be?
  • How to pick the right font and what’s the best font size for a resume?
  • Should you save your resume as a Word Doc or PDF?


If you take advantage of the benefits of using a resume builder, you won’t have to worry about any of that.

Most builders come standard with professional templates, fonts, recommended resume sections, and much more.

As a result, it'll help you save hours worth of research time and let you focus on the critical part of your resume right from the get-go—the content.

2) Apply for more jobs

Did you know that a whopping 75% of recruiters use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to weed out bad candidates on autopilot?

What’s an ATS, exactly?

It’s special software that checks resumes for keywords and compares them against the job ad before your resume reaches the human eye.


If you don’t tailor your resume to match each job ad, your chances of employment will drop off a cliff.


If you use MS Word templates, they’ll almost always break when you try to edit or change them.

benefits of smart resume builder 2

Need to add more skills and preserve the formatting? You’re doomed.

One of the benefits of resume builders, on the other hand, is that they are designed for this job.

Just throw whatever skills or certifications you need for a specific role, and smart formatting algorithms will take care of the rest.

As an added benefit, most builders will give you a friendly dashboard with your resumes (+ previews) all in one place for easy navigation between different resume versions.

3) Easy converter between resume file formats

benefits of smart resume builder 3

Nightmare scenario:

You come across a tempting job offer with sky-high pay and more benefits than Fortune 100 organizations can offer.

You spend one hour tailoring your resume to make sure it fits the job description like a plug in a socket.


Before you hit “submit application”, a line in the job description catches your eye.

It says, “Please submit your application in .doc format.”


You created your resume with the intent of sending it in PDF (not .doc), so you didn't pay much attention to how it looked in Word.

As a result, you had to waste another hour to reshape your resume (to make sure it didn’t look off-kilter), which you could’ve otherwise used to apply for 1-2 extra jobs.


The good news?

A smart resume builder can save your resume in any file format within seconds and give you the peace of mind the layout won’t get skewed.

On top of that, you’ll be able to choose a format within the builder without having to Google a legit converter online that won't potentially steal your data, and then save the document using a resume file name best practice.

There you have it.

A whopping three surprising benefits of using a resume builder in 2019.

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