If you’re wondering where to find a job in Israel on Twitter, this is the resource for you.

Israeli Twitter job feedsLooking for Twitter job feeds for other countries? Then see the 400+ Twitter Feeds of Job Openings From Around the World.

Not sure what to do with these Twitter job feeds? See The Beginner’s Guide To Finding A Job With Twitter and then come back here.

Don’t bother following all these feeds one by one because after the list, I show you how to grab them all in one shot below.

English Twitter job feeds

  • @rachelbergerNBN – all kinds of jobs
  • @HappyZion – all kinds of jobs
  • @jobinisrael – all kinds of jobs from Israemploy‘s Twitter feed
  • @jobs_in_Israel – jobs in marketing, sales, business development, high tech, Internet, real estate, banking, finance, etc.
  • @jobwhisper – mostly high tech jobs
  • @jobsisrael – more high tech jobs
  • @JobsatIntel_ISR – “Intel Israel has job opportunities in software, hardware, engineering, manufacturing, finance and more.”
  • @adigon – all kinds of professional jobs
  • @ronitamiaz – all kinds of professional jobs

Hebrew Twitter job feeds

  • @codex_israel – law jobs from the Codex Israel placement agency
  • @isrotel_hr – all kinds of jobs needed by Isrotel Hotels
  • @Jobtov – “We expert in finding jobs for students/university graduates in Israel”
  • @mojob_drushim – all kinds of jobs, mostly entry-level or aimed at students
  • @XPlaceFreelance – freelance projects of all kinds
  • @ManpowerIsrael – openings with the biggest full-time and flex-time employment agency in Israel
  • @CPSIsrael – professional jobs from the CPS placement agency
  • @walla_jobs – all kinds of jobs
  • @facebookwallajobs – more jobs from Walla, and the listings are different than on @walla_jobs, but it’s not clear why.
  • @TheJobSource – all kinds of jobs
  • @HeverHon – jobs from the Hever ITR placement agency, of all kinds
  • @jobox_maariv – all kinds of jobs
  • @tamarjobs – mostly high tech jobs
  • @workathot – all kinds of jobs available the HOT cable company
  • @Jobs972 – all kinds of jobs from Employers.co.il
  • @muvtalcoil – all kinds of jobs
  • @AllJobs_Israel – mostly hi-tech jobs from the AllJobs.co.il job board
  • @jobabajob – all kinds of jobs
  • @communitechIL – all kinds of jobs at the Communitech company
  • @Nisha_Jobs – biotech and hitech jobs from the Nisha Group placement agency
  • @adamsharonjobs – placement agency with jobs in biotech and hitech, also for executives and administrators
  • @workinisrael – mostly high tech jobs, both in English and Hebrew (mostly Hebrew).
  • @seeV – hi-tech jobs and job search tips
  • @iljobs20 – all kinds of Web2.0-related jobs
  • @Efrati – openings at Google Israel
  • @Limorke – hi-tech jobs from the Liba placement agency
  • @GotFriends – job openings from the GotFriends.co.il website, which covers hitech, finance and other professional jobs.
  • @GotFriends_Java – Java programming and related jobs
  • @GotFriends_Web – web development & programming jobs
  • @GotFriends_HW – hardware engineering and related positions
  • @GotFriends_QA – quality assurance jobs
  • @GotFriends_RT – engineers specializing in real-time projects
  • @GotFriends_DB – database administrators and developers
  • @GotFriends_C – C/C++ programming jobs
  • @SQLinkGroup – all kinds of job openings at the SQLinkGroup
  • @giyus_isky – hi-tech and Internet-oriented jobs
  • @mitjobs – hi-tech jobs from the MIT placement agency
  • @HEVERITR – high tech jobs from Hever ITR placement agency, and some retweeted postings from other Twitter users.
  • @drushim_sw – software-oriented jobs
  • @LogOn_Software – high tech job openings at this services company
  • @esramtech – high tech jobs from Esramtech placement agency
  • @PicaroPlacement – hi-tech jobs from the Picaro Placement agency
  • @Dialog_Jobs – hi-tech jobs from the Dialog placement agency
  • @kikojobs – Boaz Lev aggregates listings from some of the other feeds listed here and other sources.

How to follow all these job feeds at once

Use this Twitter List: @jacobshare/israeljobfeeds.

How to get on this list

These are the criteria I followed in adding job feeds to the list above:

  • The job feed must be active i.e. have tweets posted in the past month, unlike @gabi_drushim.
  • Most of the job feed’s tweets must be for specific job openings and not just “come visit our website” messages like you can see on @Danhr036136555.
  • The job feed should not point at websites that have spammer warning signs, like @humanresourcesj.

If you know of any other Twitter feeds posting for jobs that follow these criteria but aren’t on the list, tell me what they are in the comments so I can add them.

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