These were among the most-visited articles on JobMob during the month of April 2008:

Barbed Posts

36 Beautiful Resume Ideas That Work

Make your resume stand out by using a beautiful design that most people have never seen before. Here are some terrific resume ideas to inspire you.

150 Funniest Resume Mistakes, Bloopers and Blunders Ever

People write the strangest things on their resumes, sometimes downright hysterical. Why should only recruiting managers get to laugh at these? The Top 10 are at the bottom. Enjoy!

Can You Describe Yourself in One Word?

Scott Adams asked his readers to describe themselves in one word. We usually find it pretty easy to call other people names, but could you do it for yourself in a job interview? It's a good intellectual exercise that's harder than you'd think.

130 Positive Personality Adjectives For Your Next Job Interview

Last week, I asked you if you could describe yourself in one word. In anticipation of that personality-testing job interview question, here's some help that will also make you happier.

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