100 Top Pinterest Boards for Job Search in 2014

Where to find the best job search resources on Pinterest this year.

UPDATE: there’s a newer version of this article here.

100 Top Job Search Pinterest Boards

As Pinterest continues to grow, these pinboards have become the best places to find the latest and greatest tips and resources for job searching.

Some are managed by companies and websites, others are pinned by job search experts and some are just people who have done a great job collecting bookmarks:

100. Career Infographics by CareerFuel (960 followers)

99. get your resume ready by The Prepary (967 followers)

98. My Non-Traditional Resume by Salah Ahmed (986 followers)

97. Re-THINK! Your Job Search by The Sales & Marketing Connection (993 followers)

96. Job Search by Marvin Smith, Strategic Talent Sourcing Tech (995 followers)

95. for your job search by The Prepary (1,008 followers)

94. common interview questions decoded by The Prepary (1,021 followers)

93. for your job interview by The Prepary (1,073 followers)

92. Job Interview by Thomas Sullivan (1,073 followers)

91. Resume by Linda McMillan (1,113 followers)

90. Cover Letter & Resume by DECA Inc. (1,130 followers)

89. Job Search by Career Step (1,194 followers)

88. resume by Emilie (1,195 followers)

87. Job Search Infographics by Thomas Sullivan (1,249 followers)

86. Job Search & Interviews by Lisa Dabbs (1,262 followers)

85. Job Interview Infographics by Thomas Sullivan (1,264 followers)

84. Social Media for Job Search by FlexJobs (1,284 followers)

83. Job Search for Creatives by Shelley Novotny (1,287 followers)

82. Resume by Allison Carter (1,300 followers)

81. All About Job Search by Mordi Joel (M J) (1,323 followers)

80. Job Interview Tips by FlexJobs (1,369 followers)

79. Job Search Inspiration by FlexJobs (1,381 followers)

78. Job Search by Kimberly Martinez (1,382 followers)

77. Job Search by Jessica Miller-Merrell (1,387 followers)

76. Job Search by Elisa Koranda (1,442 followers)

75. Classy Career Girl Videos by ClassyCareerGirl Anna Runyan (1,472 followers)

74. Job Search by Education Minnesota (1,495 followers)

73. Career Advice by Target Careers (1,483 followers)

72. My Resume by Mark Miller (1,504 followers)

71. Salary negotiation by ClassyCareerGirl Anna Runyan (1,533 followers)

70. Jobs & Careers by San Francisco Public Library (1,552 followers)

69. Resume Inspiration by ClassyCareerGirl Anna Runyan (1,558 followers)

68. Job Search Articles by Sheilah Head (1,561 followers)

67. Job Interviews by ClassyCareerGirl Anna Runyan (1,566 followers)

66. job search by ClassyCareerGirl Anna Runyan (1,578 followers)

65. Job Search: Resume & Interviewing Tips by AKWagner Consulting for Nonprofits & Small Businesses (1,671 followers)

64. Job Search Infographics by Amy Neumann (1,767 followers)

63. careerisms by Rachael King (1,844 followers)

62. Recruiter Advice by ABBTECH Professional Resources, Inc (1,909 followers)

61. Career Training by ABBTECH Professional Resources, Inc (1,963 followers)

60. Employer Resources by CareerBuilder (1,970 followers)

59. Internships by ABBTECH Professional Resources, Inc (1,973 followers)

58. Career Negotiations by ABBTECH Professional Resources, Inc (2,036 followers)

57. Career Tips & Stats by CareerBuilder (2,051 followers)

56. CareerOz by MaxOz (2,052 followers)

55. AskCB: Career Advice by CareerBuilder (2,053 followers)

54. Out of the Box Resumes by CareerBuilder (2,135 followers)

53. RESUME by Lynn Nguyễn (2,231 followers)

52. > Resume Board – Infographic Resumes – Job Search – HR- by PinTalk (2,238 followers)

51. Job Search Inspiration by CareerBuilder (2,279 followers)

50. Professional Portfolio: Job Interview Tips, Documenting Practice, Proffessional Development Ideas/Opportunities, CV tips, Media Kit etc. by Ellen Jaye Benson (2,293 followers)

49. Job Search Tactics by ABBTECH Professional Resources, Inc (2,334 followers)

48. Interview Tips by ABBTECH Professional Resources, Inc (2,458 followers)

47. the living resume by Rachael King (2,469 followers)

46. Job Search by Amy Wilson (2,932 followers)

a pinterest minute cartoon

45. Green Jobs by GreenPeople.org Community (3,512 followers)

44. Career Infographics by ABBTECH Professional Resources, Inc (3,515 followers)

43. Job Search for teachers by Michelle McGrath (3,572 followers)

42. Cover Letter Tips by ABBTECH Professional Resources, Inc (3,595 followers)

41. Job Search and Resumes by Resumes by Marissa (3,610 followers)

40. Career Videos by CAREEREALISM (3,839 followers)

39. Personal Brand by CAREEREALISM (3,846 followers)

38. Cover Letters by CAREEREALISM (4,000 followers)

37. Interviews by CAREEREALISM (4,073 followers)

36. Todo sobre entrevistas de trabajo / All about job interview by Alfredo Vela (4,190 followers)

35. Job Search by CAREEREALISM (4,165 followers)

34. Resumes by CAREEREALISM (4,195 followers)

33. What to Wear to an Interview by The Daily Muse (4,285 followers)

32. Help For Job/Interviews by Sandra Marsh (4,584 followers)

31. Resume Tips by ABBTECH Professional Resources, Inc (4,609 followers)

30. Career Inspiration by CAREEREALISM (4,793 followers)

29. Job search tips by Geneva Bringardner-Deville (4,838 followers)

28. Job Search by Amy Diane (4,858 followers)

27. Job Search/Jobs/Resumes/Employment by Lisa Simpkins (5,436 followers)

26. 007 HR Smart by 007 Marketing (5,454 followers)

25. 007 Handy Personal Branding Hacks by 007 Marketing (5,465 followers)

24. 007 Job Interview Etiquette by 007 Marketing (5,522 followers)

23. 007 Social Job Search Circle by 007 Marketing (5,527 followers)

22. resume by Eva Morell (5,531 followers)

21. Promo Portfolio Resume by Kathy McGraw (5,539 followers)

20. 007 The Path to Career Bliss by 007 Marketing (5,633 followers)

19. Job Applications and Interviews by TES Teaching Resources (6,019 followers)

18. Job Interview Looks by Glamfoxx.com (6,266 followers)

17. Resume Writing Service – New York by razoredge resume (6,350 followers)

16. Executive Resume Service by Better Resume Service (6,365 followers)

15. Job Search & Recruiting by Book Tour Radio (FastBook & PR Coach) (7,271 followers)

14. Job Search Resources by razoredge resume (7,580 followers)

13. Job Search by The Daily Muse (7,679 followers)

12. Resume Service Tinley Park by Better Resume Service (8,731 followers)

11. Chicago Area Resume Writing Services by Better Resume Service (8,731 followers)

10. Professional Resume Service Oak Brook by Better Resume Service (8,735 followers)

9. chicago-resume-service by Better Resume Service (8,736 followers)

8. resume-writer-naperville by Better Resume Service (8,737 followers)

7. Job Search Related Resources by Better Resume Service (9,058 followers)

6. Job Search Info – Post to this board by Better Resume Service (9,681 followers)

5. Education, Jobs & Career by Top Deals (9,799 followers)

4. CAREER SAVVY | Advice & Resources by Levo League (10,026 followers)

3. PERSONAL BRANDING by Levo League (10,254 followers)

2. DREAM JOB | Stand Out & Make it Happen by Levo League (11,169 followers)

1. JOB SEARCH | Resumes & Interviews by Levo League (22,509 followers)

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Jacob Share
Connie Hampton says

Why are the first four listed separately? If you follow the first one, you follow all four.

Jacob Share
Connie Hampton says

In fact, there are 54 providers here. They may have more than one board.

Jacob Share
Jacob Share says

Connie – thanks for your comments. Regarding the top 4, those are separate boards, each one with its own list of followers. If you follow an individual board, you *don’t* follow all four. That only happens if you follow the board owner directly, in this case, Levo League.

You’re right that some of the boards listed are owned by the same people, like the example above, but this article is a list of top boards, not a list of top Pinterest users.

Jacob Share
Daniela says

You can also take a look at this board http://www.pinterest.com/007marketing/007-a%2B-for-the-resume/ It has a lot of CV ideas and infographics to help you create a rocking CV

Jacob Share
Jacob Share says

Daniela- thanks, we’ll take it into account in an update to the list

Jacob Share
Michele Smorgon says

Thank you so much Jacob Share for including my

“CareerOz” PinBoard


Jacob Share
Jacob Share says

Gayle- thanks for sharing

Michele- you’re welcome, keep up the good work

Jacob Share
Jacob Share says

Here’s another big one that we’ll need to add next time:


Jacob Share
Amie Paxton says

A very inspirational collection of careers boards! As a job board, EmptyLemon have begun to utilise Pinterest for career advice distribution and we’ve had a pretty good response. What jobseekers don’t realise is that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn aren’t the only social platforms that can assist their job hunt!

Jacob Share
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