Where to find the best job search resources on Pinterest in 2018.

Top 100 Pinterest Boards Every Job Seeker Should Follow
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Why use Pinterest on your job search, you wonder?

According to The Best Pinterest Job Search Tips From The Experts, you can use Pinterest to make a creative pinboard resume, to show off your achievements (as an online work portfolio), to find best practices and resources, or simply to just be inspired.

Free bonus: Download a spreadsheet with the top 100 Pinterest job search boards for 2018 including contact information for many of the board owners.

With all that in mind and more, these are the 100 most popular job search-oriented boards on Pinterest right now, in reverse order.

Some are managed by companies and websites, others are pinned by job search experts and some are just people who have done a great job collecting bookmarks:

100. Job Search: Resume & Interviewing Tips by AKWagner Consulting for Nonprofits & Small Businesses (2,923 followers)

99. Career Tips by Urban 20 Something (2,979 followers)

98. Career & Job Advice by The Daily Change Jar | Frugal Living | Save Money | Work from Home Mommy | Blogging | Side Hustle (3,082 followers)

97. Employment News & Views by FindMyDreamJob (3,154 followers)

96. Job Interview Tips¬†by¬†BestResumes ‚Äď Professional Resume Templates, Downloadable Resume Templates, Modern Resume Templates (3,188 followers)

95.¬†Tutorial ‚Äď Job Search by¬†Falling-Star.com (3,286 followers)

94. Career Tips by Good Financial Cents (3,472 followers)

93. Job Search Advice by The Prepary (3,532 followers)

92. Job Hunting, Resume & Cover Letter Advice! by Jennifer Barnes (3,599 followers)

91.¬†> Resume Board ‚Äď Infographic Resumes ‚Äď Job Search ‚Äď HR- by Pin Talk (3,610 followers)

Have you used Pinterest on your current job search?

90. Tips + Resources + Career by Ange-line Tetrault (3,658 followers)

89. Job&Career Advice by Emanuela Marcu (3,747 followers)

88. Career Advice Round-Up by FlexJobs (3,940 followers)

87. job hunting by Stacy Mcconville (3,954 followers)

86. Job Search and Resumes by Resumes by Marissa (3,981 followers)

85. Job Search by Randy Block (4,201 followers)

84. Career Advice by Capitol Hill Prep (4,307 followers)

83. Career, Work, and Interview Advice by Bry Jaimea | Life | Style | Beauty | Wellness | Blogger (4,342 followers)

82. Resume / CV Templates by Veronica Garcia (4,403 followers)

81. Resume by Kristi Hastings (4,618 followers)

80. Career Tips by CareerBuilder (4,661 followers)

79. Resume by Resume Foundry (4,833 followers)

78. Career tips by Wisestep (4,911 followers)

77. Career Tips by The Confused Millennial | Millennial Blogger / Lifestyle / Career / Home / Adulting (5,052 followers)

76. Career Tips by Home Jobs by MOM | Home + Parenting Tips (5,144 followers)

75. Career Tips by TheCollectiveMill Blogging + Freedom + Lifestyle (5,172 followers)

74. Career Advice by Chase the Write Dream | College and Millennial Life (5,211 followers)

73. Career Advice by Patricia D. Sadar, Leadership (5,281 followers)

72. | CAREER ADVICE | by JB (5,362 followers)

71. Career Advice by GoGirl Finance (5,572 followers)

70. Career Advice by CLEVERISM | Career Tips (5,605 followers)

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69. Teacher Interview Tips & Preparation Strategies / Teaching Interview Questions and Answers by A+ Resumes for Teachers (5,751 followers)

68. Career Tips & Financial Advice by MSN Lifestyle (5,762 followers)

67. Career Advice by Elana Lyn (5,763 followers)

66. Job interview by Mackenzie Giertz /(5,797 followers)

65. Job Advice by Amanda Blakeman | Social Media | Casual Style | Travel | Self Improvement (5,862 followers)

64. Resume Tips by ABBTECH Professional Resources, Inc (6,053 followers)

63.¬†Life Hacks | Career tips by¬†Kayla Butler @ Ivory Mix ‚äĻ Marketing ‚äĻ Inspiration and Styled Stock Photos (6,067 followers)

62.¬†Resume & CV Templates by¬†Template Monster ‚ě∑ Marketplace for Website Templates (6,347 followers)

61. Promo Portfolio Resume by Kathy McGraw (6,649 followers)

60. Resume Ideas =D by Krisy (6,658 followers)

59. Career Tips by Laura Simms | Meaningful Careers (6,738 followers)

58. Job Search by Amy Wilson (7,017 followers)

57. Career Inspiration by Work It Daily (7,172 followers)

56. Career Ideas + Advice by Smart Twenties | Personal Development + Lifestyle Advice (7,710 followers)

55. personal branding for entrepreneurs & small business branding by Aja Edmond | Business Coach, Life Coach, Personal Growth, Entrepreneur Tips, Minimalist Living (7,801 followers)

54. Resume / CV Templates by Jessica Brown (7,812 followers)

53. career advice by WomenWorking.com (7,844 followers)

52. Help For Job/Interviews by Sandra Marsh (7,882 followers)

51. Resume and Job Hunting by Suzan Borden (8,615 followers)

50. Creative Resume Designs by iBrandStudio (8,702 followers)

49. Career Advice by Working Mother (8,932 followers)

48. Career Tips & Advice by Everything Finance (9,071 followers)

47. Personal Branding by Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley (9,382 followers)

46. JOB INTERVIEW by GenTwenty | Career, Personal Development, Self Improvement, Growth, Finance (9,917 followers)

45. Job Search Resources by razoredge resume (10,367 followers)

44.¬†Career Advice by¬†Corporette¬ģ (10,656 followers)

43. JOB HUNTING by Girlboss (10,727 followers)

42. Job Search & Recruiting  by Book Tour Radio (PR Strategy) (11,175 followers)

41. 007 The Path to Career Bliss by 007 Marketing (11,757 followers)

40. Job Search by Amy Diane (11,786 followers)

39. Get that job! by MoneyPantry (12,242 followers)

38. Cover Letter & Resume Design by OK Studios (12,301 followers)

37. CV Templates / Resume Templates by introDuice (12,572 followers)

36. Millennial Job and Career Advice by Jasmine Watts | Millennial Advice at Miss Millennia Magazine (12,872 followers)

35. Resume & Cover Letter Tips by CareerBliss (13,109 followers)

34. Job Interviews 101″ by Luxurydotcom (13,516 followers)

33. Biz~Job Search. Resumes by Laura Plyler @ TheQueenofBooks (13,690 followers)

32. Career Tips by Dinks Finance (16,072 followers)

31. Best Resume Templates by Maria Alena (16,467 followers)

30. Resume & CV Creation | Inspiration Gallery and Free Templates by Piktochart (17,206 followers)

29. Resume Quotes by Resume Templates (17,529 followers)

28.¬†Job Search Info ‚Äď Post to this board by¬†Better Resume Service (21,735 followers)

27. Career Advice by AskMen (23,320 followers)

26. job search tips by Geneva Bringardner-Deville (23,384 followers)

25. the Muse // Job Search by The Muse (23,647 followers)

a pinterest minute cartoon

24. Job Searching Tips by ClassyCareerGirl Anna Runyan (23,931 followers)

23. Job search by Memento Dream (24,224 followers)

22. CAREER ADVICE by Career Contessa (28,801 followers)

21.¬†Branding | Personal, resumes & portfolios by¬†Ricardo Berm√ļdez Pi√Īeiro (41,297 followers)

20. { CV/Resume } by Nastasia (50,629 followers)

19. Interview and resume by Belem Estrada (58,162 followers)

18.¬†Job Search Info ‚Äď Post to this board by¬†LiveLikeYouAreRich (58,655 followers)

17. [Career] Tips by Studentrate Trends (59,970 followers)

16. Career Tips by Real Men Real Style (61,893 followers)

15. The Job Hunt by Forbes (68,519 followers)

14. RESUME by Lynn Nguyen (71,879 followers)

13. Career Tips by Business Insider (76,230 followers)

12. Carrière & Personal Branding by Suzanne van Triest (77,499 followers)

11. Resume by Sangaji Pramono (78,001 followers)

10. Dream Job Search by Levo League (79,398 followers)

9. Job Interview by Renata Iwaszko (94,819 followers)

8. Career Tips by POPSUGAR Smart Living (98,892 followers)

7. Career Advice / Professional Development by PediaStaff (108,504 followers)

6. Career & Financial Advice by MyDomaine (197,016 followers)

5. COSMO Careers by Cosmopolitan (198,402)

4. Resume by Matteo Nativo (203, 609 followers)

3. resume by Andrew Walbridge (216,095 followers)

2. Resume by Vishal Souda (297,362 followers)

1. Job interview by morsa (Sergio Morales T.) (327,414 followers)

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  1. Jaynine Howard

    Good Morning,
    Thank you so very much! I honored to have made your list. I will be sharing on my LinkedIn groups for Veterans, my Facebook ‚Äď Coach for the Military and then other social media venues also.

    Let me know how I can help you!

    Semper Fi,

    Jaynine Howard

  2. Christina

    Hi! Thanks for the list. I follow a lot of these boards. Great choices. Did you choose boards based on the most followers? I ask because my Job Hunt Board fits in the list. I was just curious. ūüôā

  3. Nigel

    I‚Äôm not sure I can see Pinterest taking off as a career search tool just yet ‚Äď although I‚Äôm ready to be proved wrong! I‚Äôm also concerned that focusing too much on the visual in a resume ‚Äď apart from ensuring that the layout and legibility are in order ‚Äď might turn potential employers off an applicant.

  4. Career Sherpa

    Visual is the future and that’s why Pinterest is so crazy popular, right?

    Anything can be made visual, we just have to think in different terms!

    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pin boards and of course, thanks for including mine!

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  6. Steve Mann

    We recruit for marketing jobs and thought about Pinterest as a source of candidates and/or traffic.

    Initially we were sceptical about the likely results. However, we have noticed a lot of traffic from Pinterest to our site, and would rate it as a ‚Äėworthwhile‚Äô source. As Career Sherpa says, visual is the future, so it is worth embracing Pinterest.

  7. Jacob Share

    Steve- good on you guys for experimenting your skepticism away. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I appreciate you including A+ Resumes for Teachers pinboard in your list. I will be sharing your excellent selection on my social media channels.

    Have a lovely day Jacob.
    Candace Alstad Davies

    1. Jacob Share

      Thank you, Candace, and keep up the good work ūüĎć

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