Top 100 Pinterest Boards for Job Search

Top 100 Pinterest Boards for Job Search

Where to find the best job search resources on Pinterest.

UPDATE: there’s a newer version of this article here.

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Why use Pinterest for your job search?

Well, if you saw our previous article about The Best Pinterest Job Search Tips From The Experts, you already know about using it to make a visual resume, to show off your achievements (as a work portfolio) or just to be inspired.

With all that in mind and more, these are 100 most popular job search-oriented boards on Pinterest:

Latest update: March 18, 2013. Any unlinked listings are pinboards that have disappeared since the last update.

1. Job Search Resources by Writing Service (6,030 followers)

2. Job Search/Jobs/Resumes/Employment by Lisa Simpkins (4,383 followers)

3. Promo Portfolio Resume by Kathy McGraw (4,088 followers)

4. 007 A+ for the Resume by 007 Marketing (2,771 followers)

5. Job Search Info – Post to this board by Better Resume Service (2,800 followers)

6. Job Search Related Resources by Better Resume Service (2,784 followers)

7. 007 Social Job Search Circle by 007 Marketing (2,613 followers)

8. 007 Job Interview Etiquette by 007 Marketing (2,584 followers)

9. resume by Eva Morell (2,483 followers)

10. Job Interview Looks by (2,317 followers)

11. Job Search by CAREEREALISM (2,237 followers)

12. Todo sobre entrevistas de trabajo / All about job interview by Alfredo Vela (2,144 followers)

13. Job Applications and Interviews by TES Teaching Resources (2,124 followers)

14. the living resume by Rachael King (1,791 followers)

15. Professional Portfolio: Job Interview Tips, Documenting Practice, Proffessional Development Ideas/Opportunities, CV tips, Media Kit etc. by Ellen Jaye Benson (1,586 followers)

16. Job Search Inspiration by CareerBuilder (1,375 followers)

17. My Resume by Mark Miller (1,364 followers)

18. RESUME by Lynn Nguyên (1,311 followers)

19. Job Search Infographics by Amy Neumann (1,284 followers)

20. Job Search by Elisa Koranda (1,279 followers)

21. Help For Job/Interviews by Sandra Marsh (1,255 followers)

22. CareerOz by MaxOz (1,238 followers)

23. Job Search by Amy Edgington (1,188 followers)

24. > Resume Board – Infographic Resumes – Job Search – HR- by PinTalk (1,167 followers)

25. Job Search by Jessica Miller-Merrell (1,051 followers)

26. Job Search by The Daily Muse (1,021 followers)

27. Resume by Linda Schilberg (1006 followers)

28. What to Wear to an Interview by The Daily Muse (1,000 followers)

29. Resume by Allison Carter (971 followers)

30. How to Prepare for an Interview by The Daily Muse (951 followers)

31. Job Search for Creatives by Shelley Novotny (942 followers)

32. Job Interview Infographics by Thomas Sullivan (922 followers)

33. Job Search Infographics by Thomas Sullivan (902 followers)

34. Job search fun. by Anna E. Allen (853 followers)

35. Jobs & Careers by San Francisco Public Library (833 followers)

36. Job Interview by Thomas Sullivan (823 followers)

37. Job Search by Marvin Smith, Strategic Talent Sourcing Tech (815 followers)

38. Job Interviews by ClassyCareerGirl Anna Runyan (799 followers)

39. ED – Job Interviews by Kari Lockwood (775 followers)

40. job search by ClassyCareerGirl Anna Runyan (789 followers)

41. Re-THINK! Your Job Search by The Sales & Marketing Connection (710 followers)

42. Job Search Inspiration by FlexJobs (681 followers)

43. Job Interview Tips by FlexJobs (673 followers)

44. Job Search & Interviews by Lisa Dabbs (684 followers)

45. The Job Search by Jim Gray (664 followers)

46. Job Search by Career Step (670 followers)

47. My Non-Traditional Resume by Salah Ahmed (658 followers)

48. Resume by Sarah Griffin (652 followers)

49. Work/Job Interview by Allyssa Banks (639 followers)

50. Social Media for Job Search by FlexJobs (637 followers)

51. job search by Becca Keller (602 followers)

52. Current Job Search Strategies by Heather Coleman Voss (598 followers)

53. Resume by Cecilia Richey (595 followers)

54. Employment by SK (591 followers)

55. Job Interview Fashion by Mai Tran (586 followers)

56. Job Search Resources by Denise Mathews (587 followers)

57. Resume Designs by Wine Scar (528 followers)

58. Job Search infographics by Betsy Wills (527 followers)

59. Resume Tips by Lunova Group (523 followers)

60. Job Search Tips by SimplyHired (512 followers)

61. Job Interview Advice by SimplyHired (511 followers)

62. My Living Resume by Joe Wadlington (502 followers)

63. My Job Search by Katie Felten (492 followers)

64. Job Search & Social Media by Bucknell Career (483 followers)

65. Blog: Job Interviews by Ron Passfield (481 followers)

66. Job Interviews by The Prepary (482 followers)

67. Resume by Giorgio Pia (474 followers)

68. New Graduate Job Search by Simply Hired (468 followers)

69. Resume Building by Kristen Smith (464 followers)

70. Career Development .. Job Search Tactics by d D (462 followers)

71. Job Interview Tips by Queen of Makeovers, Dazzling Dianne Hanks (460 followers)

72. Interviewing for a teaching position by Alicia Eyer (458 followers)

73. Answer Interview Questions by The Prepary (448 followers)

74. Job Search Tip of the Week by The Prepary (447 followers)

75. All About Job Search by Mordi Joel (M J) (462 followers)

76. Job Hunting & Interview Tips by Coach for the Military (421 followers)

77. CV / Resume by Laura James (423 followers)

78. Job Search by The Undercover Recruiter (421 followers)

79. Craft a Better Resume by Job Dreaming (419 followers)

80. Job Search by Maureen Ballatori (416 followers)

81. All Things Resume by EmploymentGuide .com (425 followers)

82. Job Search by Jennifer Moulton (419 followers)

83. Resume – CV by Shah Baig (408 followers)

84. resume by Emilie (407 followers)

85. Job Search by Shelley W (406 followers)

86. Cover Letter & Resume by DECA Inc. (404 followers)

87. Job/ Resume Examples by Amy Kucksdorf (402 followers)

88. Job Interview by Lauren Goetze (382 followers)

89. Job Search Help by Duquesne University Career Services (377 followers)

90. Job Seekers-Career Changers by Chele Wells TheNetConnector (362 followers)

91. Social Media Job Search by FindEmployment (361 followers)

92. Job Search by Hannah Morgan (357 followers)

93. Interview Wear for Women by Carousel Consultancy (356 followers)

94. Job Search by Molly Love (354 followers)

95. Job Interview Attire/Dress by Peggy Mckee (351 followers)

96. Job Search Tips by Jenny Pollock (351 followers)

97. Cover Letter & Resume Guides by Zdenek Sedlak (350 followers)

98. Job Search by Peggy McKee (348 followers)

99. Job Search by Elle (345 followers)

100. Job Search Infographics by Carousel Consultancy (340 followers)

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Jacob Share
Jaynine Howard says

Good Morning,
Thank you so very much! I honored to have made your list. I will be sharing on my LinkedIn groups for Veterans, my Facebook – Coach for the Military and then other social media venues also.

Let me know how I can help you!

Semper Fi,

Jaynine Howard

Jacob Share
Christina says

Hi! Thanks for the list. I follow a lot of these boards. Great choices. Did you choose boards based on the most followers? I ask because my Job Hunt Board fits in the list. I was just curious. 🙂

Jacob Share
Top 100 Pinterest Boards for Job Search | JobMob | Understanding Social Media | says

[…] Where to find the best job search resources on Pinterest.  […]

Jacob Share
Top 100 Pinterest Boards for Job Search | JobMob | Awesome ReScoops | says

[…] Where to find the best job search resources on Pinterest.  […]

Jacob Share
Nigel says

I’m not sure I can see Pinterest taking off as a career search tool just yet – although I’m ready to be proved wrong! I’m also concerned that focusing too much on the visual in a resume – apart from ensuring that the layout and legibility are in order – might turn potential employers off an applicant.

Jacob Share
Top 100 Pinterest Boards for Job Search » CPG Jobs says

[…] article originally appeared on JobMob here.  Jacob Share, a job search expert, is the creator of JobMob, one of the biggest blogs in the […]

Jacob Share
Career Sherpa says

Visual is the future and that’s why Pinterest is so crazy popular, right?

Anything can be made visual, we just have to think in different terms!

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pin boards and of course, thanks for including mine!

Jacob Share
Top 100 Pinterest Boards for Job Search | JobMob | career and job seeking information | says

[…] Where to find the best job search resources on Pinterest.  […]

Jacob Share
Jacob Share says

Hannah- glad you liked the list

Jacob Share
Steve Mann says

We recruit for marketing jobs and thought about Pinterest as a source of candidates and/or traffic.

Initially we were sceptical about the likely results. However, we have noticed a lot of traffic from Pinterest to our site, and would rate it as a ‘worthwhile’ source. As Career Sherpa says, visual is the future, so it is worth embracing Pinterest.

Jacob Share
Jacob Share says

Steve- good on you guys for experimenting your skepticism away. Thanks for sharing.

Jacob Share
3 Ways to use Pinterest as a Visual Resume says

[…] For inspiration, visit the Top 100 Pinterest Boards for Job Search. […]

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