Like a terrific resume stays lodged in the mind of a recruiter, a great ad can make a company and its brand. Courtesy of, below are 9 companies from around the globe that are trying to do just that.

Warning: you may want to close your door so that no one else hears you laughing out loud…

10. Canada Canada, Rethink for Condé Nast’s – Where can we find an Internet-aware person with a digital camera? Photographer Wanted

9. India India, Law&Kenneth Worldwide for India’s “leading private airline” – Non-color-blind pilots needed.

Pilots Required

8. Singapore Singapore, Arms Advertising for Accolade System Pvt. Ltd. – “Candidates must possess a keen sense of hearing.” In other words, not an equal opportunity recruiter.

Accolade Needs Medical Transcriptionist
7. United Arab Emirates UAE, MBR Recruitment – Competence is a requirement.

Art Directors Wanted

6. Germany Germany, – “Head Full of Ideas and No Job?” That explains all the head-in-wheelbarrow pushing.

Head full of ideas and no job?

5. Ireland Ireland, – How a line gets to the head of the line.

How A Line Gets Ahead

4. United Arab Emirates UAE, MBR Recruitment – “Make sure your CV goes further”. So they invented the Aerodynamic CV.

Make sure your CV goes further

3. USA USA,’s Age-O-Matic – “What Will Your Job Do To You?” They think it will make you ugly, so very ugly.'s Age-O-Matic

2. Switzerland Switzerland, – Houston, We Have A Problem (video) Ad

1 . Germany Germany, – Don’t you love the way people are lining up for it? Ass Kisser Project

Bonus: Enterprising Warrior Seeks Partner

Desperately Seeking Time Traveling Warrior

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--Jacob Share