Some of the funniest help wanted ad examples and now hiring signs you'll ever see.

Awesome / less Awesome sandwich sign
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How can restaurants and retailers stand out when they're trying to get quality hires for their hardworking jobs?

By showing a sense of humor that might mean an enjoyable workplace with fun colleagues.

On the other hand, sometimes their ads are funny for the wrong reasons…

Enjoy these “best of class” examples.

Do creative recruitment ads make you want to join the advertised company more?

Funny Help Wanted Ads and Signs

graphic designer obviously funny job ads

“We Need A Graphic Designer… Obviously.”

graphic designer funny job ads

“Please Help. We need a Graphic Designer. Email for an application. Thx. -Student Publications”

editors wanted funny job ads

“edtiors watned”

english language funny job ads

“Help Wanted. Must dominate the English Language”

server funny job ads

“Wanted: Server: Sober*, sane, non dramatic experienced. Able to work mornings, appreciation of skillful sarcasm helpful. I.D. Required.

*Sober in now way implies admission into a 12-step program, we do, however expect you to NOT be drunk when reporting for work”

pizzeria funny job ads

“Help Wanted

Food Experience a Must.

  • Do not apply if you'll need nights off because your band has a gig.
  • Do not apply if you'll need weekends off because you have a gallery opening.
  • Do not apply if you just want to work a few weeks before you go to Europe.”

gas money funny job ads

“Because your boyfriend will eventually ask for gas money. Now Hiring. Apply in person with manager.”

wendys funny job ads

“In Memory of Dave. We Will Miss You. Now Hiring.”

skeletor funny job ads

“Now Hiring Cashier – Weekends – Must be 21+ Applications avail. Inside

Cannot look anything like “Skeletor from “He-Man”.”

phones nights funny job ads

“I need a person who likes to work. Cashier, Grill, Phones Nights.”

piano player funny job ads

“Piano Player Wanted. Must have knowledge of opening clams.”

chew hay for horse funny job ads

“Wanted: Someone to grind or chew hay for horse with bad teeth”

hoolahoop funny job ads

“Wanted: Looking for someone do yard work. Must have hoolahoop”

surgeon wanted funny job ads

“Surgeon wanted for a new health clinic opening in the area. No experience needed. Must have own tools.”

sales person funny job ads

“Wanted: Part time sales person who won't quit after 2 months, who works hard and doesn't think she's doing me a favour by working here, who can take a joke and won't cry everyday on the floor. Enquire within”

scarecrow funny job ads

“Scarecrow Wanted:

A volunteer is wanted to work as a scarecrow in a field near Didcot (weekends only). No previous experience is needed as full training will be given. Must be able to stand up for several hours without a break, and have no fear of birds. No time wasters please.”

mccook glass funny job ads

“McCook Glass & Mirror Inc. is looking for hard working experienced employees that possess responsibility and are reliable. Must be self motivated and have a clean driving record.

Please do not apply if you:

Oversleep, have no alarm clock, have no car, have court often, have no baby sitter every day, have to give friends rides to work later than we start work, experience flat tires every week, have to hold on to cell phone all day, or become an expert at your job with no need to learn or take advice after the first day.

Must be able to remember to come back to work after lunch. Should not expect to receive Purple Ribbons or Gold Stars for showing up to work on time.”

that one funny job ads

“Sign #342, still looking for that Special person… you know the one, the open schedule one, the one that doesn't cry, the one that's not late all the time, the one that makes things happen and not waits for things to happen… that one!”

referee funny job ads

“Do you have strong opinions about the calls our referees make? If so… Then we want to hear from you!!

We need people like you to attend the clinics, study the rule book, strap on the skates and wear the jersey, because that is the commitment we need.

If you only want to yell from the bench or bleachers, then you're just a bully and are useless for anything in our facility. Bullying: It's not just kids!”

grape stompers funny job ads

“Wanted: Grape Stompers

Must Have Good Balance and Large Feet. Skinny Folk need not apply.”

head lice puller funny job ads

“The Dupree School District No. 64-2 is accepting applications for Part-Time Head Lice Pullers. Applications may be picked up in the Business Office of the Dupree School.”

dead end job funny job ads

“Help Wanted:

Start a career in the fascinating, fast-paced lucrative pudding business.

  • Long Hard Hours.
  • Very low pay.
  • Lots of Heavy Lifting.
  • Work for a ball-busting asshole.
  • Dead-End job.
  • No Benefits.
  • No advancement.
  • Must be college Grad.

Start Immediately.”

funny wanted ads

Funny Now Hiring Ads and Signs

now hiring funny job ads

“Now Hiring Now. Right Now We're Hiring Now.”

store closing funny job ads

“Store Closing. Now Hiring.”

now firing funny job ads

“Now Firing. Apply Within. Positions Available.”

ass manager funny job ads

“Now Hiring Ass Manager”

spongebob funny job ads

“SpongeBob Is Here Hiring Managers.”

toyz funny job ads

“Toyz: We are Hiring. Low Pay. Bad Hours. Jerk Boss. Apply Now.”

fried turkey funny job ads

“Now Hiring Fried Turkeys.”

smiling faces funny job ads

“Now Hiring Smiling Faces. We do drug testing

smiling funny job ads

“Now Hiring.

  • Part Time
  • Must have open availability
  • 18 or older only
  • Must like smiling and happy things.”

must have a brain funny job ads

“Now Hiring. Must Have a Brain.”

taco bell funny job ads

“Need a Job. Lets Taco Bout It.”

kitchen help funny job ads

“You don't have to be Heisenberg to cook. Now Hiring Kitchen Help.”

noun funny job ads

“Job: Noun I. the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money;

Now Hiring: Cashier Nights, Cook Nights, Driver P/T”

blockbuster funny job ads

“Now Hiring. Please no dinosaurs with clever human costumes – Fool me once shame on you…”

exxon funny job ads

“Help Wanted. All Shifts. We Pay More Then the NYPD.”

teenage mutant ninja turtle funny job ads

“Attention! Now Hiring: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Inquire Within.”

Shackleton talent recruitment marketing

“Men Wanted. for hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful, honor and recognition in case of success.”

Other Funny Wanted Ads

turn back time funny job ads

“Wanted: Somebody to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. P.O. Box 322, Oakview, CA 93022. You'll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before.”

situations wanted funny job ads

“Situations Wanted: Will clean your home, will take in washing & ironing in my home. Will also tattoo pet dog at your home”

wanted good woman funny job ads

“Wanted! Good Woman. Apply Within. Free tryouts @ 5:00 pm every 20 mins thereafter!”

7 year old kid funny job ads

“7 Year Old Kid Looking for a Job.

Saving up for a dream that has not come true yet. Wanting to swim like a mermaid. Babysitting small animals (non-evil). Or walking dogs. Experience: I have 2 dogs, 2 rats, 2 fish, 2 geckos, 1 hamster and 1 cat. Please call — I need to stay in walking distance of Garden St. Thank you! Please call! Broken heart. Still waiting for enough money for the mermaid tail.”

This was too funny not to include- a call to post a help wanted ad:

short staff funny job ads

“Sorry, we are closed due to short staff.” “Hire taller staff cause I need a taco!”

“Electrician wanted. Experience required, this time.”

(How do they know the electrocuted person was an electrician? We'll never know… 😋)

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    Hello Jacob, I love your posts! Thank you for the time you put in to amuse us! Jacob, I am interested in moving to Israel. I wanted to know how your government can prove that I am of Jewish decent? My Grandmother was Jewish, my Dad’s mom. They were German Jews, that came to America. I have always felt that my real home was in Israel, but I do not know anyone there. Can you point me in the right direction? The Lord bless you and keep you Jacob. Cheryl Mathis your friend in the US.

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      When someone moves here under the Law of Return, the onus is on them to prove to the government that they qualify. The best proof you could have would be the original or a copy of your grandmother’s parents’ “ketuba”, their Jewish marriage contract.

  2. Nana

    It’s funny!
    You know, sometimes I like funny vacancies in areas where it’ s appropriate. I even worked for a few months in a cafe ( in my freshman year of university) and got this job just by seeing a vacancy on a napkin. It’s not the same, but still…
    It’s creative, it’s funny, it shows that the team is friendly and the job is honest. I love it!

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