A creative resume is a great way to stand out as a job candidate. Here are some inspiring resume designers that have been taking the art of creative resumes to new heights. Take a look.

The 25 Most Creative Designer Resumes You’ll See This Year
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25 amazingly creative resumes


Alexandre Gueniot animation cv


Watch until the end…

Alexis Trepanier flash animation cv resume

Azhar Jahed flash animated cv


Carole Courouble brochure pamphlet cv


Gary Meyer brochure cv


FJ Garcia comic resume


Lydia Velarde cartoon resume


Alex Xaysena cv


Toolkit resume


Standley Ahihiko Cortez cutout resume

Stephann Knotts cutout resume

Sid Santos Cutout resume


Poster CV Resume


Handwritten resume and photo

Manolache Tmillian handwritten resume


Krista Gregg doodle resume


Michael Mangus resume


T-shirt Resume

More t-shirt resumes

Warning signs

Keith Candiotti warning signs resume


Greg Dizzia beautiful resume

Video game inspired

Moises video game inspired resume

Subway / Metro / Underground Map

Jonathan Kaczynski subway metro underground map resume

’50s Advertising inspired

David Young 1950s advertising inspired resume

Web 2.0 inspired

Vianney Lecroart Web2.0 resume

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  • These are awful. As a senior designer, I wouldn’t consider any of these people for a position, and it’s not because I don’t like “individual” cv’s, it’s simply that the examples you use here are examples of appalling design. The toolkit and poster have at least been designed by someone with some grasp of aesthetics, but the rest are plain ugly.

    Send your cv as a one page word file, and don’t waste people’s time with frilly crap like the stuff you see above. Seriously. It WILL get you noticed, in a very bad way…

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  • Maybe the contents of these resumes aren’t the best, but A+ for the overall ideas. I’d consider these applicants first. But, can’t say the same for other up-tight hiring managers who are a-holes.

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by michellemilla: @RMStringer I love examples like that – a standout in the crowd and deviates from the norm. Check these out: http://bit.ly/16UfkO

  • Hey guys! what’s the best software to use to create such amazing Resumes? I’m guessing InDesign,Photoshop. But my old laptop won’t let me install the full Adobe master collection so are there any other programes I could use to create a professional yet creative resume? cheers

  • nicknackdesign- look for an older version of those programs. Not only are they more likely to work on your older laptop, you might even find them for free or close to free.

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  • Warning: Use with Caution.

    These resumes look great – well most of them – however I would suggest they be used when applying for ‘creative’ jobs only. I must stress use with caution as I doubt many employers would take them seriously.

    However with Social Media etc so prevalent today, we may see more creative resumes, video resumes etc.

  • Very creative, but your resume is any potential employer’s first impression of you and some of these just say sloppy. Unfortunately the Recycled one also has computer spelled wrong twice under Education. It’s extremely important to proofread any resume!

  • It’s always best to show your best work. Don’t try to impress with a cv, try to impress with a strong portfolio! These cvs are largely inappropriate for anything but a page of curiosities on a website like this.

  • It’s a shame that iPads don’t support Flash. I can’t see half of the creative CVs that are posted!

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