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Where To Find Internships and Fellowships in Israel in 2012

Over 30 places to find an internship in Israel in 2012.

UPDATE: this article is out of date. Find the latest, most current list of Israel internships here.

Intern or slave: David Sipress from the New YorkerSome of the submission deadlines may have already passed, so if you know someone looking for an Israel-based internship, send this article to them asap.

Each internship description below is more or less quoted from the source.

Except where noted, all the internships have fees of some sort, such as an application processing fee or registration deposit, but many also offer scholarships or other financial aid and/or let you use a Masa Israel grant.

After scanning the listings and visiting some of the sites, don't miss out on the tips at the bottom for finding hidden internships.

Summer 2012 internships

Ordered by submission deadline.

The Shalem Center Summer Internship Program – for students. “Assigned to one of the Shalem Center’s scholars, interns assist in research and writing of books and articles being produced at Shalem. Summer interns work in one of the academic departments or institutes at the Shalem Center.” (Applications will be accepted until February 1, 2012. Final decisions will be made by March 15th, 2012, PAID)

Birthright Israel Excel Fellowship – “a selective 10-week summer fellowship program in Israel for 20 talented Jewish rising college juniors and seniors from around the world who are planning to pursue careers in business and/or technology.” (February 26, 2012, NO FEES)

Tel Aviv University's TESOL Program (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) – “Acceptance criteria include a BA in any field from a recognized academic institution, a minimum GPA of 3.0 and high proficiency in the English language … Application Deadline: 1st session – February 29, 2012, 2nd Session – May 2nd, 2012.”

Yavneh Olami’s Summer Internship Program (SIP) – “open to students who have completed at least 1 full year of university …enables students and recent graduates from all over the world to intern in their fields of interest in Israel within a social and educational environment.” (March 6th, 2012)

University of Haifa International School Internship Program – “Only students who are enrolled as full-time students in the International School are eligible for the Internship Program, and students must have already completed at least one year of university study (anywhere)… Internships are mostly focused in the areas of social services, health services, and education.” (There are different application deadlines per program of study)

FFIPP Internship for Human Rights and Just Peace in Palestine/Israel – “For college and university students only. Intensive, on the ground, eye opening learning experience about the conflict in Palestine/Israel and the struggle for Human Rights Justice, and Peace.” (April 1, 2012)

Israel Government Fellows Internship Program – for fluent English speakers between 22-30 years old who have a Bachelor’s Degree plus a minimum 2 years work experience OR a Master’s Degree. “Fellows are placed in positions of genuine responsibility working with senior figures in the Israeli government and will be placed in accordance with their skills and interests as well as with manpower needs of the government.” (May 2012)

Real Life Israel’s Israel Internship Track – for young Jewish adults aged 20 – 30. “The Jerusalem-based immersion program designed to give you the most authentic impression of real life in Israel.” (apply asap, one track begins February 7th 2012, another begins August 2012)

Real Life Israel's Research Fellowship – “a Semester-long immersion and Research Fellowship program that is designed to give you an authentic experience of real life in Israel.” (apply asap, one track begins February 7th 2012, another begins August 2012)

Career Israel Summer Track – in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, “for college/university students and graduates”. This is the 3 month version of Career Israel's 5-month Internship Program (see below) and there is a possibility of extending it to 5 months. (begins June 3rd 2012, apply now)

Nesiya Community Internships – for students. “All participants who receive financial support from Nesiya are obligated to fulfill a Nesiya Community Internship in an education or non-profit agency… Nesiya Community Internships are usually completed during the academic year immediately following participation in Nesiya’s summer Israel program” which begins on July 2nd, 2012 so apply now.

Israel Teaching Fellows – this is actually a volunteering program, but since it's for a specific profession – teachers – I decided it made sense to include it here. (Begins August 2012, apply now)

LIFE Program – “for Jewish young adults aged 21-30 from North America, Israel and around the world … work for social change in top NGOs in India & Israel.” (Final deadline is July 31, 2012 but there are bonuses for applying sooner)

Year-round internships

Career Israel Internship Program – “…internship placements in leading companies and organizations in the private and public sectors in Israel in every field including: Law, Medicine, Media, Economics, Politics, Public relations, Education, Social Work, Engineering, Computer science, Advertising, Business, and more…”

Masa Internships in Israel – for young Jewish adults ages 18-30. “Internship fields include: architecture, advertising, arts, athletics, business, co-existence, education, engineering, environment, fashion finance, health, hospitality, journalism, law, marketing, music and entertainment, politics and international relations, public policy, public relations, science and technology, social action, social justice, social work and more.”

WUJS Israel – “a 5 month post college program that offers the ultimate Israel experience for Jewish young adults from around the world. The program is based in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. WUJS Israel allows you the opportunity to intern with one of Israel's leading companies or NGOs, or develop your artistic talent, while studying Hebrew and more. WUJS Israel will also help in your Aliyah process as part of its curriculum.”

The Magshimey Herut Internship Program – only Jews or people eligible for the Law of Return. “We have placed interns in various companies and organizations around Israel in fields including: law, theatre, engineering, sales, marketing, real estate, social work, computer science, graphic design, hospitality, politics, education, public relations, business, medicine, and more.”

Oranim’s Tel Aviv Internship Experience – for non-Israeli Jews 18-35, depending on country of origin. “You will have the chance to pursue an internship in whatever career path you choose. If you would rather take a break from the hustle-and-bustle of office work, choose a meaningful volunteer placement instead.”

Oranim’s Free Eilat Hotel Experience – for non-Israeli Jews 18-35, depending on country of origin. “Earn valuable experience in the hotel and tourism industries while living and playing in Israel’s resort city.” (no fee under certain conditions)

Oranim Short-Term Internship – for non-Israeli Jews 18-35, depending on country of origin. “Internships are available throughout the country, in every field. Head to Jerusalem and intern for an MK (Knesset Member); live beachside in Tel Aviv and work in marketing; settle in Haifa and join an international hi-tech firm – we’ll find you the right position in the right city. Internships are available for two months and longer…”

Oranim Summer Internship – similar to Oranim’s Short-Term Internship program but limited to 2.5-3 months.

Ben Gurion University Internships – for visiting students.

Summer Science Research Internships at Bar-Ilan University – for undergraduate science majors from Yeshiva College and Stern College students. Check back in Fall 2012 to apply for the Summer 2013 program. (NO FEES)

World Likud Internship Program – “open to young Likud supporters from around the world… the opportunity for young bright minds to actively participate in various activities of the Likud Party in Israel.” (NO FEES)

JCPA Internship Program – “The Jerusalem Center is a growing and evolving institution and intern research assistants are important to this development. Interns bring their own expertise and insight to the research, providing the center with a valuable resource.” (NO FEES, unpaid)

TASP Teaching Internship – 2-year internship teaching English as a second language “in elementary, junior high or high schools.” Apply here (PAID)

Intel Internships – for “bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral students in engineering, science, and business-related fields.” (NO FEES, PAID). If you can read Hebrew, there are more opportunities on their Students site.

Google EMEA Internships – “you should be returning to university afterward, or the internship should be a formal part of completing your studies … to maximise your chances of success we encourage you to apply as early as possible in the academic year.” (NO FEES, PAID)

OnTarget Communications Technical Writing Internship Program – “geared towards individuals who want to embark on a career as a technical writer.” (NO FEES)

MISTI MIT-Israel Internships – For MIT students and graduates. “Three-month summer internships (June-August) or longer internships (after graduation or while enrolled in a Ph.D. program) in dozens of corporations and research institutions across Israel.” The deadline for summer internships was January 26 although they say you can still contact them afterward to see if anything is still available.

Gvahim Young Leaders – Internship Program – applicants should be at least 21 years old and have studied at least 3 years. Participants all get free Hebrew classes and events “such as meeting with Israeli leaders or visiting successful companies.” There are 4 sessions each year (beginning Jan.1st, March 15th, June 1st and Sept.1st) so apply asap to get in to the next one. (NO FEES, monthly stipend)

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There are more Israel fellowships here: Israel for Researchers

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Hi, there are also several programs at Bar-Ilan University, one of these is the TASP (Teach And Study Program) listed here above.

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