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Australia-Israel chamber of commerceChambers of commerce are a way of grouping companies together typically by location and/or industry.

How are chambers of commerce useful for job seekers? Here are 20 Chamber of Commerce Tips To Find Jobs Here or Overseas (you might want to read that first and then come back here).

With that in mind, here is the most complete listing of all Israel chambers of commerce in the world and if we missed one, tell us in the comments below and we'll add it.

The list is organized first by continent, and then by alphabetical order. Click any of these links to jump directly to the continent most relevant for you:


Ghana-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Ghana-Israel chamber of commerce

Israel-South Africa Chamber of Commerce

Israel-South Africa chamber of commerce

South Africa-Israel Chamber of Commerce

South Africa-Israel chamber of commerce


Israel-China Chamber of Commerce

Beijing-Israel chamber of commerce

Comodan-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Comodan-Israel chamber of commerce

Israel-China 2nd Chamber of Commerce

Shanghai-Israel chamber of commerce

Israel-China Institute Chamber of Commerce

Israel-China Institute chamber of commerce

Israel-Japan Friendship Society and Chamber of Commerce

Israel-Japan chamber of commerce

Thailand-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Thailand-Israel chamber of commerce


Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Australia-Israel chamber of commerce


Austria-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Austria-Israel chamber of commerce

Austria-Israeli Business Club

Austria-Israeli business club chamber of commerce

Bulgaria-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Bulgaria-Israel chamber of commerce

Czech Republic-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Czeck Republic-Israel chamber of commerce

Finland-Israel Trade Association

Finland-Israel chamber of commerce

France-Israel Chamber of Commerce

France-Israel chamber of commerce

Germany-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Germany-Israel chamber of commerce

Ireland-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Ireland-Israel chamber of commerce

Israel-Italy Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Italy-Israel chamber of commerce

Italian Trade Commission

italian-trade-commission chamber of commerce

Holland-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Holland-Israel chamber of commerce

Israel-Netherlands Chamber of Commerce

Israel-Netherlands chamber of commerce

Netherlands-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Netherland-Israel chamber of commerce

Israel-Poland Chamber of Commerce

Israel-Poland chamber of commerce

Israel-Portugal Chamber of Commerce

Israel-Portugal chamber of commerce

Portugal-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Portugal-Israel chamber of commerce

Romania-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Romania-Israel chamber of commerce

Israel-Russia-Ukraine & CIS Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Israel-Russia chamber of commerce

Spain-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Spain-Israel chamber of commerce

Catalonia-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Spain-Israel chamber of commerce

Israel-Switzerland & Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce

Israel-Switzerland chamber of commerce

Switzerland-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Switzerland-Israel chamber of commerce

Israel-Turkey Business Council

Israel-Turkey chamber of commerce

British-Israel Chamber of Commerce

UK-Israel chamber of commerce

Israel-British Chamber of Commerce

Israel-British chamber of commerce

North America


Canada-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Canada-Israel chamber of commerce

Israel-Canada Chamber of Commerce

Israel-Canada chamber of commerce


Israel-America Chamber of Commerce

Israel-America chamber of commerce

US-Commercial Service-Israel

us-commercial-service-israel chamber of commerce

California-Israel Chamber of Commerce

California-Israel chamber of commerce

Colorado-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Colorado-Israel chamber of commerce

Florida-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Florida-Israel chamber of commerce

Georgia-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Georgia-Israel chamber of commerce

Illinois-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Illinois-Israel chamber of commerce

Los Angeles-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Los Angeles-Israel chamber of commerce

Maryland-Israel Development Center

Maryland-Israel chamber of commerce

Michigan-Israel Business Bridge

Michigan-Israel chamber of commerce

Minnesota-Israel Chamber of Commerce and industry

Minnesota-Israel chamber of commerce

America-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry (New York)

New York-Israel chamber of commerce

Ohio-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Ohio-Israel chamber of commerce

Pennsylvania-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Pennsylvania-Israel chamber of commerce

Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Texas-Israel chamber of commerce

The Virginia-Israel Advisory Board

Virginia-Israel Advisory Board chamber of commerce

South America

Argentina-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Argentina-Israel chamber of commerce

Brazil-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Brazil-Israel chamber of commerce

Uruguay-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Uruguay-Israel chamber of commerce

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  1. elisha

    You have missed out an important Israeli partner in business – INDIA.

    Please add INDIA to the list and inform me after that.

    1. Jacob Share

      Elisha- it’s true that there’s an India-Israel Chamber of Commerce, but their site is under construction – and has been for some time – so we didn’t include it:


  2. Gail Kasper

    Thank you for sharing this resource, Jacob! When on the job search, it’s important to use tools like this as an out-of-the-box resource addition.

  3. Jaltar Singh

    Sir, I am a waiter cum bartender and have three years of experience in Nepal.I want to apply in the hospitality sector in Israel. How could i proceed myself to get into israel for job in the hospitality sector.
    Please advice

  4. karim ibrahim

    looking to work in isreal i get tired of bring livein egypt it so sicks over her if any one can get e any work in any place i don’t care where is it

  5. Mihaela L

    Hello, I am Mihaela 47 years old, East European, I live and work in London sice 2008, Last month my dream come true, that the visit Holy Land, I spend one week, traveling and visiting the most interesting historical places that I read in the Bible, the most beautiful and prosperous country of the world and the most beautiful, friendly, warmly, people. I really fell in loved, I am still there.
    My question is there any posibility to get a visa or a job in Israel ? Can be a volunteer, I am a helpful person, otherwhise I have experience as a Customer Service in Reilway Industry, Care Assistent of older people, Childminder, Nanny, Ready made chlothes, Manufacturing, Warehouse Operative, QA, Housekeeping / Cleaner,,Chitken assistant, Retail, Agriculture, picking, packing..I speak English, Spanish, Romanien, I just start to lern Hebrew online,
    Will be great to put into practice my knowledge, my skills and experiences.
    Thank you for considering my desire.
    May God Bles you all!

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