[POLL] Have You Told Your Social Networks About Your Job Search?

16% of job seekers found jobs via social media One of the interesting results of Jobvite's Social Job Seeker Survey 2011 was the above statistic. LinkedIn has over 100 million users Twitter likely has over 300 millions users Facebook has over 800 million users When you put these numbers together, you realize that either many, many people have still not begun using social media for their job search, or if they are, they're not yet getting results.


[POLL] Have You Ever Googled Your Name?

This poll was inspired by a recent talk I gave. Why this is important In 4 Things to Know and Do Before Employers Google Your Name, I mentioned a 2008 survey that reported how 20% of American employers researched candidates' backgrounds on social networks. In April 2011, career expert Joshua Waldman - who sponsored the just-ended 5th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest - quoted a more recent survey claiming that 81% of American employers google candidates. And in a recent talk I gave at the Jerusalem Business Networking Forum...


The Winners of The 5th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest

After the biggest edition of the contest in 5 years, it's time to announce the winners of over $5000 in prizes. Here we go... Contest statistics Before we get to the long list of prize winners, let's take a look at some of the numbers that sum up what happened this summer: * 25 guest posts were submitted by contestants from Israel, the USA, the UK, Germany, The Philippines, Spain and Canada * 10 guest posts were rejected because they didn't meet the guidelines or arrived after there were no spots left * 17 of 25 contestants, or 68% of the participants, won prizes (so yes, it really is worth getting in on this every year) * 1 contestant - Judi Perkins - had her part of the competition interrupted by Hurricane Irene * The articles were shared with over 1850 retweets, 1904 Facebook Shares and Likes, 328 Google +1's, and they were emailed over 2000 times * Almost 250,000 people visited JobMob during the contest


Latest News for the 5th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest

What's happening as we enter the final leg of the contest. Mission accomplished! All goals going to be achieved My goals for this year's contest were: 1) Get more sponsors and prizes than ever before - DONE With over US$5000 in prizes to be won, this year's contest was over twice the value as last year's. 2) Get more entries than ever before - DONE For the first time ever, the contest is full. There were 25 spots, and there are now 25 guests posts that have either been published or will be. I also had to turn away more entries than ever before, either because they didn't follow the rules, or they arrived after the 25 spots had been filled.


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