Please Take The 2-minute 2013 JobMob Census

I'd like to make JobMob much more useful for you. This census is for regular JobMob readers and subscribers. The people who get the most benefit from JobMob. Why do a census? To make JobMob better for you and for me. If I know who you are and what you want, it'll be a lot easier for me to help you. And when I know that you're successful thanks to JobMob, JobMob is more likely to help others find success as well. Will this take a long time? No. The required questions are all multiple choice except for one, and that's a one-word answer. There are also a few optional questions - which I hope you'll answer too - that are more open-ended, but if you're pressed for time, just do the required ones. Thank you!


20 Most Popular JobMob Articles of 2012

Whether you're new to JobMob or you've been here for a while, here's a quick look back at the best of this past year. Top 10 Most Popular New JobMob Articles of 2012 These articles were all blogged during 2012. The list is ranked according to pageviews, in ascending order i.e. 1) is the article that had the most views. Funny coincidence- half the list was contributed by guest bloggers and half were blogged by me. And if that isn't random enough, the guest bloggers contributed 5) - 10), while mine are 1) - 5).

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The Winners of The 6th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest

800,000 pageviews later, the 6th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest is over and the prizes are ready to be won. Highs and lows of this year's contest Behind the scenes, this was a surprisingly intriguing contest. More on that in a second. There were many highs this year. * Over 400,000 people visited JobMob during the contest, generating over 800,000 pageviews * 25 articles were submitted from entrants across the USA, Canada, UK, Israel, and the Philippines * It was the first time an entrant used an openly-recognized pseudonym (that would be Recruiting Animal) * It was the first time that a sponsor also participated as entrant (that would also be Recruiting Animal) * The first grand prize winner broke our single-contest traffic record, breaking 2000 unique visitors for the first time Unfortunately, there were too many lows this year. That's what happens when prize values get so high, I suppose.


[POLL] Does Your Resume Include These Sections?

This poll was inspired by my own first resume. I remember trying to write my first resume as a university student. I was clueless. But I knew it. This was in 1994, and although the Internet existed and I had already created my first website, there was no easy way to look for resume inspiration on the Web back then. So I asked around, and did find some books in the McGill University library. One section that seemed important to have, besides Experience and Education, was an Objective. What was my Objective? It seemed so obvious but I didn't really have an impressive answer at the time, especially if I was giving my resume to company rep.s at a job fair or career fair without a specific position in mind.


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