Surprising Results of The 1st JobMob Census

From early November through early January, you responded. On November 7th, 2013, I asked you guys to Please Take The 2-minute 2013 JobMob Census. First off- big thanks to everyone who responded. And hopefully you responded right away, while others needed a lot of prodding and shoving a reminder or two (which is ok, since we're all suffering from email overload, right?). Google Docs' form features made the survey easy to set up, and all your replies were conveniently saved in a spreadsheet while the Summary of Responses feature quickly provided the easy to read graphs coming up below. In addition to each survey question and its results, I'll tell you what I was expecting, and as you'll see, things didn't always come out the way I thought they would.


2014 Hottest Recruiting Trends in Israel: What You Need To Know

The latest edition of Israel's largest recruiting conference didn't disappoint. Special thanks to HRD CEO Yakov Rozen for his personal invitation to the conference, which took place on Tuesday Feb. 18th, 2014. I've blogged about HRD's Kenes Giyus before. It's the biggest and best gathering of Israeli recruiters and HR pros with over 400 attendees from across the country. It's a full day of keynotes and workshops, personal networking and sponsor pitches, special guests from abroad and great local food, and I already look forward to returning next year. After a full day at the event, here's what's hot in Israeli recruiting this year and what it means for you.


LOOK BACK: 20 Best JobMob Articles of 2013

These got the most views, the most buzz, the most shares, the most comments. Enjoy! Top 10 Most Popular New JobMob Articles of 2013 These articles were all blogged during 2013. The list is ranked according to pageviews in ascending order. i.e. 1) is the article that had the most views. Funny coincidence- like last year, almost half the list was contributed by guest bloggers. #3 is the one I'm most proud of, but #1 is my favorite in the list.


Please Take The 2-minute 2013 JobMob Census

I'd like to make JobMob much more useful for you. This census is for regular JobMob readers and subscribers. The people who get the most benefit from JobMob. Why do a census? To make JobMob better for you and for me. If I know who you are and what you want, it'll be a lot easier for me to help you. And when I know that you're successful thanks to JobMob, JobMob is more likely to help others find success as well. Will this take a long time? No. The required questions are all multiple choice except for one, and that's a one-word answer. There are also a few optional questions - which I hope you'll answer too - that are more open-ended, but if you're pressed for time, just do the required ones. Thank you!


The Dramatic End To The 7th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest

Time to give out $10K in prizes. 7th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest official logo As you'll see in a minute, this year's contest was the closest one we've ever had. We had to quadruple-check the results to be sure! But first- Highs and lows of this year's contest Let's start with the lows: * Lowest number of entries in 4 years, and the first time in 3 years that the contest wasn't full. It's never a good sign when the contest owner has to extend deadlines twice. Ouch. Lessons learned. That said, 19 high quality entries submitted is nothing to scoff at in this age of information overwhelm, and I salute every one of the guest bloggers. * (Somewhat) Buggy technology. This was the first year that the contest was gamified, thanks to our sponsor Captain Up. Although their system worked beautifully %99 of the time, there were a few moments here and there when contestants found their points not being recorded. But at least those issues affected everyone simultaneously, and Captain Up's team was very reactive in fixing issues. * Has the contest grown too big and complicated? Could be. More than a few people said that the contest launch announcement was overwhelming, and I admit that it gets long when you have so many sponsors and prizes to mention. Next year will be different. And now, the highs: * No one cheated or was disqualified, unlike last year * 33 players shared articles and commented over 3000 times during the 'contest within a contest' * Stephan Wiedner's article How to Get a Second Interview: Not What You Think was picked up by Lifehacker. * The most dramatic finish in the history of the contest: less than 40 visitors separated the top two grand prize winners, and less than 5 visitors separated 3rd and 4th place. Unfortunately, the extended nature of this year's contest hid the drama as it was unfolding, but we'll work on that for next year.

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