From early November through early January, you responded.

On November 7th, 2013, I asked you guys to Please Take The 2-minute 2013 JobMob Census.

First off- big thanks to everyone who responded.

And hopefully you responded right away, while others needed a lot of prodding and shoving a reminder or two (which is ok, since we're all suffering from email overload, right?).

Google Docs' form features made the survey easy to set up, and all your replies were conveniently saved in a spreadsheet while the Summary of Responses feature quickly provided the easy-to-read graphs coming up below.

In addition to each survey question and its results, I'll tell you what I was expecting, and as you'll see, things didn't always come out the way I thought they would.

The census results

1. Are you male or female?

My expectation: roughly 50/50 split.

The actual result:


Male 79 64%
Female 44 36%

2. How old are you?

My expectation: mostly 30 and up, more specifically, university/college grads with at least 5 years of work experience

The actual result:


Under 18 0 0%
18 – 25 1 1%
26 – 35 14 11%
36 – 45 39 32%
46 and up 69 56%

3. Which country do you live in?

My expectation: other metrics already show that JobMob subscribers are mainly Israel/USA-based, so…

The actual result:


United States 45 37%
Israel 57 46%
United Kingdom 2 2%
Canada 4 3%
India 3 2%
Australia 1 1%
Other 11 9%

4. What's your profession?

My expectation: professionals, with a somewhat disproportionate number of people from the IT/high tech and job search/recruiting/HR industries

The actual result: no pie chart here. While there were answers from many different fields, there was a definite slant to the job search/recruiting/HR industries, even more than I thought.

5. Do you currently have a job?

My expectation: one of the first myths busted after I launched JobMob was that you would leave once you found a job. Instead, as people told me when I asked, you're more likely to stay on, in part because I helped you get a good result and you might need my help again soon, or a friend will, or you simply want to continue enjoying the content.

With that in mind, I expected that many if not most of the responses would be that yes, you do currently have a job.

The actual result:


Yes, part-time 23 19%
Yes, full-time 62 50%
No 25 20%
Other 13 11%

6. Are you looking for a job?

My expectation: yes, you are most likely looking for a job if you're here. Perhaps not actively, but you're open to newer, better opportunities than whatever you're working on now.

The actual result:


Yes 60 49%
No 47 38%
Other 16 13%

7. Do you have a personal blog?

My expectation: probably not, especially if you're a job seeker

The actual result:


Yes 23 19%
No 95 77%
Other 5 4%

8. On which social network are you most active?

My expectation: Facebook (for fun) or LinkedIn (for job search/work)

The actual result:


Facebook 43 35%
LinkedIn 56 46%
Twitter 3 2%
I'm not active on social networks 14 11%
Other 7 6%

9. How did you first discover JobMob?

My expectation: most likely via Google when you searched for information, or a recommendation from a friend (possibly on social media)

The actual result:


In a search engine result, such as on Google 26 21%
A friend shared it on social media/email 20 16%
It was mentioned on another website 41 33%
Other 36 29%

10. When did you first discover JobMob?

My expectation: I didn't have any. People subscribe all the time and I just wanted to see who was more likely to respond to the survey, newer subscribers or older ones.

The actual result:


2013 36 29%
2012 20 16%
Before 2012 67 54%

11. How are you a JobMob subscriber?

My expectation: almost surely via email

The actual result:


Via RSS 5 4%
Via email 101 75%
Via social media 19 14%
Other 9 7%

12. On which device(s) do you read JobMob articles?

My expectation: most likely on your desktop computer

The actual result:


On my computer / laptop 113 74%
On my smartphone 25 16%
On my tablet 12 8%
Other 3 2%

13. On which day of the week are you most likely to read a new JobMob article?

My expectation: during the weekend.

The actual result:


Monday 21 17%
Tuesday 6 5%
Wednesday 9 7%
Thursday 1 1%
Friday 22 18%
Saturday 7 6%
Sunday 17 14%
Other 40 33%

The census included 5 other questions, but they were all open-ended and it doesn't make sense to include all the responses here. That said, they will be very helpful moving forward as I try to improve JobMob for you.

Among those, there was one interesting result worth mentioning though:

17. Besides JobMob, what's your favorite source of job search information and why?

Lots of websites were mentioned, but by far the most popular answer was: LinkedIn. This refers both to articles posted in LinkedIn groups and articles posted directly on LinkedIn itself.

With that in mind, read next: LinkedIn Groups Top 100 for Job Seekers and Recruiters in 2014

Question of the article

Which result is the most surprising?

Which question would have you liked me to ask?

Love to hear what you think in the comments.

Thanks again to everyone who completed the census, from me and the entire JobMob Community. We'll do it again in the fall.

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