After over 2 months of attracting submissions and showing them on site, the 2008 JobMob Guest Blogging Contest is finally over. Time to announce the grand prize winner…

JobMob Guest Blogging Contest Thumbs Up

Thank you to all the contestants

This year's contest had 10 participants. Each guest post shared a unique story and perspective, with the whole list covering many different aspects of job hunting in Israel or in general. Each writer put in the time and effort to bring you ideas in the hopes of helping you, your friends and family. I'd like to thank each and every one of them for a job well done and I hope they'll come back next summer as well.

Traffic-generating tactics used

Before I get to the final rankings, here's how contestants achieved their results:

  1. Social bookmarking services like Stumbleupon, and – Sharon Gefen, Andrew Rondeau, Dr. Michael Britt, Andrew Rondeau, Hillel Porath
  2. Social networks like Facebook – Benji Lovitt, Sharon Gefen, Kate Baggott, Andrew Rondeau, Aviva Sieradski, Hillel Porath
  3. Writing about their guest post on their own blog – Benji Lovitt (multiple times), Sharon Gefen, Andrew Rondeau, Kate Baggott
  4. Getting fellow bloggers to mention the post – Kate Baggott, Benji Lovitt, Sharon Gefen
  5. Blogging in guest posts about their guest post – Benji Lovitt
  6. Posting about their guest post to mailing lists – Aviva Sieradski
  7. Emailing friends, family and contacts – everyone
  8. Search engine optimized (SEO) content – some of the contestants may have tried to blog about a topic that the search engines would like, but everyone benefited from the fact that JobMob is in good standing with Google.

Final contest rankings






1 689 04.09-12.09 Benji Lovitt The Idiot’s Guide to Finding a Job in Israel
2 441 21.08-29.08 Sharon Gefen How To Use Your Blog and the Long Tail Effect to Help Your Job Search
3 396 27.08-03.09 Kate Baggott Keep The Light Shining: 3 Unemployment Survival Lessons From Your Canadian English Teacher
4 336 18.08-26.08 Andrew Rondeau The Secret “So What?” Method To Resume Writing Success
5 316 25.08-01.09 Aviva Sieradski Shortchanged: Israeli Pay vs. American Pay and Why I Changed My Mind
6 301 03.09-11.09 Dr. Michael Britt 5 Ways Your Voice Speaks For You in a Job Interview
7 88 08.09-16.09 Hillel Porath Dreams of Riches? Here’s Why You Should Start Your Business Before Firing Your Boss
8 72 13.08-21.08 Yehuda Why Immigrant Lawyers in Israel Must Watch TV
9 48 01.09-09.09 Jason Nethercott How I Dramatically Improved My Job Interview Skills With Video Analysis
10 36 05.08-13.08 Daniella Offbeat Yet Normal Israeli Marketing Writer Job Interview Story

The 2008 JobMob Guest Blogging Contest Grand Prize winner is…

Benji Lovitt of WhatWarZone with The Idiot’s Guide to Finding a Job in Israel

Congratulations Benji! I'll be in touch soon with the US$150 prize.

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Jacob Share

Job Search Expert, Professional Blogger, Creative Thinker, Community Builder with a sense of humor. I like to help people.

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  1. Sharon

    Congrats to Benji!

    And prizes or not – it was a pleasure participating in this contest!

  2. greatmanagement

    Congrats to Benji

    Well done.

    Jacob, thanks for letting us all take part!


  3. Kate

    Wow! That was the year I performed best!

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