How can you not love the Cable Monkey?

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Pens. Staplers. Felt-tip markers. Pencil sharpeners. Pencils. Bacon-Flavoured envelopes. All normal items you might find in your office.

Wait, what was that last one?

Technology has taken us to levels of invention never seen before. And exactly what are the results of the application of this new science to the stalwarts of office products?

1. Bacon Flavored Envelopes

Not only does an MMMMvelope look exactly like a piece of bacon, when you lick the adhesive, you get the taste of bacon!

Bacon-flavored envelopes

2. USB Air-Conditioned Shirt

A 2-watt USB-powered fan blows fresh air right into the shirt. Made in Japan, it's 20% cotton/80% polyester, and comes in only one size: XL. Why is that no surprise?

Air Conditioned Shirt

3. Cable Monkey Cable Organizer

Pull out one of these Cable Monkey Cable Organisers, and use the monkey's 8.5″ bendable little arms to gather in the cables and hold them tight.

Cable monkey

4. Nappak Portable Sleeping Cube

It's a cubicle-sized mattress cube. You certainly cannot keep it hidden the way you hide that travel pillow in your desk drawer. Yes, we know all about that.

Nappak sleeping cube

5. USB Paper Shredder

Shred paper ephemera five sheets at a time. It's powered by a USB connection, or you can insert four AA batteries and go on a shredding rampage.

USB Paper shredder

6. Custom Badge Holders

Subvert the authority of the badge by picking a customised badge holder with a symbol for resistance: Pirate, Ninja, or Geek (for the shiny ones), or Mushroom, Meh, or Caffeine (for the ones with matte finish).

Custom badge holder

7. USB Blender Alarm Clock

I'll admit, I felt misled. It may look like a tiny blender, but it's actually an alarm clock. Still, it has that retro look, and plays four different alarm melodies (with, in addition, ball rotation!) – time and date appear on the LCD display.

USB Blender clock

8. USB Stylus Pen

It's a ballpoint pen, with 2 high-tech additions: the end opposite the ballpoint is a stylus for your PDA, and there's a pop-out USB plug for a 128 megabyte flash drive.

USB Stylus

9. Staple-Free Stapler

Staples just seem evil, don't they? But, we can't do without them – or can we? Ta-DA! The Staple-Free Stapler cuts a tiny flap through up to five sheets of paper, and folds it in on top of itself. The Staple-Free Stapler is a real alternative – unless you're stapling together six sheets. Oh, well.

Staple-free stapler

10. USB Posture Monitor

Are you sitting up straight? Sitting atop your computer monitor, this device will let you know by flashing a blue light if you're seated properly, and a red light if you're not. And all I can say is that I thank the heavens it doesn't have an audio capability.

USB Posture Monitor

11. USB Beverage Chiller

We've got warming, so, can chilling be far behind? This USB-powered device keeps your soda nicely chilled to a cool 45°F. It's got some heft to it, weighing in at a bit over a pound, but that's a small price to pay for a cold soda.

USB Beverage chiller

12. Bright Blinds

Put these Bright Blinds on a wall where there's no window, and, with the blinds closed, it looks like a window with light streaming through the blinds.

Bright blinds

13. Business Card File Cabinet

This tiny file cabinet actually holds eight hundred (plus a few) business cards. The two drawers actually work, pulling out to let you insert and remove your filed set of cards.

Mini business card cabinet

14. Character Stickers

Add human facial characteristics to your office objects. Put some goggle eyes and a big grin on your coffee cup. You get two full sheets with over one hundred stickers.

Personification stickers

15. Paper Email

“Remember the Great Power Fuzz-Out of 2012? When we had to switch from electronic email to the paper version? What? You haven't laid in your supply?”

Paper email

What's your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

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This post was contributed by James Adams at Office Kitten, a leading supplier of business equipment in the UK.

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  1. Jacob Share

    I love the Cable Monkey, it’s just too bad that usually it would hide under your desk, out of sight. I have a USB paper shredder but not a hand-held one, and I don’t have a USB chiller but I do have a USB mug warmer. The business card filing cabinet looks like something I’d buy too.

  2. NG

    Made in Japan, it’s 20% cotton/80% polyester, and comes in only one size: XL. Why is that no surprise?

    Japanese people are pretty small, so many their XL is like our M?

  3. Ilan

    I could probably use some of these!

  4. Yehoshua Paul

    Cool. I want the air-conditioned shirt once it comes out in medium size. I wonder if I can get my office to invest in the mattress cubicles.

  5. Jacob Share

    Natan- I’m pretty sure the XL-only comment was referring to the stereotype that all computer programmers are overweight.

  6. Natalie Sisson

    I frickin love these. So great. The blind for a windowless room, a staple without staples good for only 5 sheets. The email note pad – brilliant.

    Great finds thanks for sharing.

  7. NG

    Haha, in my experience about 40% of computer programmers are obese, but probably another 40% are terrifyingly skinny.

    1. Jacob Share

      Natan- I was the latter. Sometimes you get so focused on a piece of code that you actually forget to eat. And stereotypes be damned – it’s true that the majority of programmers are NOT obese.

  8. Jacob Share

    Natalie- the window blinds are awesome, they look so real. I wonder if anyone would ever notice unless they bumped up against them by accident.

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