Amazing colors and designs with post-its, stickies, sticky notes or whatever you call them.

Piles of paper

This is a guest post by James Adams.

Bored in the office?

Tired of sticking post-it after post-it up your leg, due to mind numbing boredom as the boss (if you have one…) keeps talking, and talking, and talking, and talking, and talking.

Well put those post-its to good use. Make little pictures and stick them to your friends.

Here's twenty-two brilliant examples of what you can do with the sticky office items.


Probably one of the most famous post-it pieces, this stunning stop-motion piece was created by art student Bang-Yao Liu. This has set a huge benchmark for other ‘stop-motion' artists.

Here's the incredible, international followup, DEADLINE 2:

2. Post-it Cow

Sticky note cow

Who doesn't love cows. They're so weird. Make other animals friends for the cow and have your own Orwellian dream across the walls. Put the post-it pigs in the boss's room to show him/her he/she's the best.

3. Jaguar

Sticky note car

A little something to do to the bosses car after a sacking. Or to your neighbour's after a ruckus BBQ they had and didn't invite you again, because they hate you.

4. Untitled

Sticky note office

Another one for your boss – pass it off as an elaborate prank.

5. Directed Perspective

Sticky note sculpture

This is where post-it clowning around turns into actual art. The positionings of the post-its force different perspectives on you. You believe you are seeing some kind of form, but there will always be something slightly out of order in the form. It's like re-arranging all the items on your desk into some kind of height order; one of them will be some annoying width.

6. To Do

Large sticky note todo

What are post-its for? Reminders and To Do lists, so why not make a giant one across the office. Someone did actually write on this massive to do list: it said ‘Eat Paint'. This is not a clever way of getting out of a meeting.

7. Cyclical Perspective

Sticky note tube sculpture

Another Rebecca Murtaugh, this piece looks good enough to eat. Eating post-its is not a clever way to get out of a meeting.

8. Elvis

Sticky note Elvis

The King, in post its – enough said.

9. This Night's Alive

Why play Mario Kart when you can live it. Although, this probably takes a lot longer to load up than a Wii.

10. Abstract Wall

Sticky note Wallpaper

Wallpapering made easy with not paste to deal with. You also have the ability to redecorate in an exciting array of colours. Plus, your kids can scribble across the walls without getting into too much trouble.

11. Angry Post-Its

Sticky note anger

To advertise to others in the office that you're being picked on, because your the loser and can only communicate to others via post its. Or, put this in the boss's office and show just how crazy he makes you.

12. Post-It Note Art Collage

Sticky note collage

Here's something different, why not draw on the post-its? They were designed to be written on, step up and draw on them. Get everyone in the office on-board for one large collage.

13. Mah-Rio

Sticky note Mario

A fine example of students using tax payers' money effectively. Due to the pixelated look of the 8-bit era, post-it notes are perfect for creating your favourite video-game heroes around the office.

14. A whole Mario level, animated

15. Pacman

Sticky note Pacman

16. Hatchback

Sticky note covered hatchback

17. Marilyn Monroe

Sticky note Marilyn Monroe

18. Guitar

Sticky note guitar

19. Legend of Zelda: Link!

This guy has done a bunch of videos like this with other characters.

20. Clown in a store window

Sticky note clown

21. Dilbert

Sticky note Dilbert

22. Swatch ad desk prank

Swatch ad sticky note prank

Bonus: 23. Star Wars

Star Wars sticky notes office wall

Bonus: 24. The Extreme Sticky Note Experiments

This is great.

Bonus: 25. Pranking a teammate

More sticky note and post-it art

Question of the article

Which sticky note creation do you think needed the most time to be made? Answer in the comments below.

About the author

Written by James Adams from Cartridge Save, a UK based supplier of HP laser cartridges.

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