Get inspired daily in your work or job search by using some of the most creative office tools and gadgets that designers could come up with.

What if someone took all the objects in your office and exchanged them for designer versions?

Have the coolest work area

Pacman stapler

Who doesn’t want one?

Cool stapler

Pencil tree

Even if you used regular lead pencils, this would still look neat.

Cool pencil tree

Delete key eraser

Gets the job done, just like on your screen.

Cool eraser

Blackboard memo board

Small enough to take with you.

Cool memo board

Connected fountain pen

This pen would take notes, then email them or send them as text messages.

Cool electronic fountain pen

Block of sticky notes


Cool Sticky notes block

Kakuzai via swissmiss

Easy use waste bin

Never need to use your hands again.

Cool waste bin

Seat cushion

Feels like you’re sitting on a baby’s bottom.

Cool seat cushion via swissmiss

DIY wall clock

Make a clock out of whatever you want.

Cool custom wall clock

World time desk clock

Tells you what time it is in 24 timezones.

Cool world time desk clock

Hook and pinboard-in-one

Use it for reminders not to leave anything on the hook.

Cool hook and pinboard

Hook and Pinboard via swissmiss

Box of tissues

Cool box of tissues

Sprout vase

Cool vase

Or maybe you prefer…

Mini terrarium people

Cool terrarium people

Domsai via swissmiss


Marks which page and line you were on.

Cool bookmark

Coffee mug

This coffee mug switches to “ON” when hot.

Cool coffee mug

On Off Mug via Oddee

Flexible lamp

Wrap it around anything you like.

Flexible lamp

Isolation chair

When you just need time to think.

Cool reflection chair

Computer desk

“…features Speakers, USB and Audio Hub, Monitor Stand, iPod Dock, Power Strip, Cable Channeling, Keyboard & Mouse, Laptop/A3 Paper Drawer, Drawing Utensil Drawer and Electrical Equipment Drawer.”

Cool computer desk

USB hub

I haven’t seen a better looking USB hub yet.

Tulips usb hub

Fred Flare via swissmiss

All-in-one gadget charger

Great space and plug saver.

Cool gadget charger

Callpod via Fubiz

Solar-powered battery recharger

Click through to see how you could stick it to a window.

Cool Solar battery recharger

Digital picture frame & camera

Take a picture and have it framed instantly.

Cool picture frame

Puck-like mouse

Takes scrolling to new lengths heights.

Cool mouse

Rollup computer

I love how the whole system is basically one big touchscreen.

This article is part of Design Droplets’ Industrial Design Group Writing Project that I discovered on Group Writing Projects.

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-- Jacob Share