You too can find your inner strength to beat the unemployment challenge.

Bleak Monday

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When I was a child I was scared and easily intimated but that changed when I was 17 and diagnosed with cancer. I became a fighter. I had to fight for my life. I had no idea at the time how much that would change me but it was a defining moment. My personality as well as the view of my world was forever different.

Now jump 32 years ahead to present moment.

I have survived cancer 3 times!

I have survived divorce 3 times!

I have survived 4 family reunions with 6 siblings!

It took me 13 years to finish college.

It took me 20 years to realize that my strength was a good thing.

Now for the reasons why unemployment is NOT going to kick my butt:

  1. I stay organized and busy with my job searches.
  2. I connect and engage with the HR and recruiter communities via social media.
  3. I volunteer as much as I can in a number of different areas to help keep my mind fresh.
  4. I volunteer to work at educational conferences so I can attend.
  5. I research resume and interviewing techniques.
  6. I get out to networking events.
  7. I do whatever I can to stay out of my own head.
  8. I do listen to good advice & I don't listen to bad job search advice.
  9. I write a blog that helps keep me focused.
  10. I believe the Faberge Shampoo commercial! And they will tell two friends and they will tell two friends and so on and so on….

With all those people knowing about me someone is bound to offer me a job!

Thanks for listening!

About the Author

Kimba GreenKimberly “Kimba” Green is looking for a Project Management position in the Washington DC Metro area. Expertise is in Training/Education/IT Management. You can find more about her on her blog or her her LinkedIn profile. She's on Twitter @kimbagreen.

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  1. Kimba Green

    Thank you Jacob for this opportunity! I am still fairly new to blogging and this is my first Guest Blogging. I know it is short but sometimes they just write themselves like that!

  2. Ed Han

    Kimba, I never knew this about you–but after what you’ve overcome, no question you’re gonna kick its butt!

  3. Kimba Green

    Ed, Our life experiences make us what we are good or bad. They will make us stronger if we allow the experience to be just an experience and not to keep living with the pain of the past.

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  5. Becky Pittma

    Excellent post. I do a lot of the same things to keep my resume from becoming stagnant but did not overcome adversity to the extent that you did. It’s obvious that you’re destined to accomplish so much more in future years.

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  8. Kimba Green

    Thank you Becky! My adversity is small compared to many others. I always remember that when things get heavy. My life has been a tough push but I would not change a thing!

  9. Nic

    “I do whatever I can to stay out of my own head.”

    This is definitely one of the key points and something that graduates may find very difficult. (I know I did) You stay in your own head while you’re searching for graduate jobs (or any kind of job for that matter) and you’ll go slowly round the twist.

    It’s easier said than done, to stay out of your own head, especially with the media insisting that it’s one long bath of acid for graduates but it’s something that needs to be learnt.

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