Are Salary Surveys Actually Useful? [PODCAST]

The numbers are there, but do they really mean anything? After I recently published Over 100 Salary Surveys, Guides and Calculators For 2014, Mark Anthony Dyson, creator of blog, reached out to interview me for Episode 34 of his ongoing podcast series. The podcast is split into two parts. In Part 1, spanning the first 23 minutes of the podcast, Mark and I discussed: * Why I spent so much effort to create the compilation * The differences between salary surveys, guides and calculators * Important: a typical mistake job seekers make with salary resources And more...

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Gerald Weber: MyBlogGuest is Guest Blogging on Steroids

In this podcast interview, Gerald Weber explains how to leverage for great guest blogging results. Who is Gerald Weber? When he's not contributing to guest blogging on Search Engine Journal, Gerald is president of Search Engine Marketing Group in Houston, Texas, USA and a moderator on Follow him on Twitter @the_gman, on skype at 'searchengineguy' or on MyBlogGuest as 'thegman3'. MyBlogGuest is the free platform which bloggers join to easier find each other and exchange guest posts. The most popular feature inside is the Articles Gallery where you can upload an article for blog owners to come to review it and make their offers.


Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg: Marketing and Targeting Secrets for Job Seekers

In this fast-paced podcast interview, Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg gives you many practical tips to get through to employers now. There are so many tips given, you'll need to listen to this podcast more than once to catch them all. A marketing idea machine: who is Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg? In case you’ve been living in a cave for the past several years, Rabbi Issamar is an internationally acclaimed advisor to successful business owners, and a winner of Inc. Magazine’s prestigious “Entrepreneur of the Year” award.


A Simple Way To Create A Professional-Looking Resume and Post It Online

JobSpice is the resume tool every job seeker wishes they'd had when they first created their resume, as Keller Rinaudo explains in this "double interview". Keller Rinaudo is a co-founder of JobSpice, the Silver Sponsor of the 4th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest, where every contestant will win a 1 year subscription to JobSpice's resume builder service. To listen to the podcast now, press the Play button to begin streaming the audio or else right-click the Download link and choose "Save as..." or "Save link as...".


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