In this podcast interview, Gerald Weber explains how to leverage for great guest blogging results.

Who is Gerald Weber?

Gerald WeberWhen he's not contributing to guest blogging on Search Engine Journal, Gerald is president of Search Engine Marketing Group in Houston, Texas, USA and a moderator on Follow him on Twitter @the_gman, on skype at ‘searchengineguy' or on MyBlogGuest as ‘thegman3'.

MyBlogGuest is the free platform which bloggers join to easier find each other and exchange guest posts. The most popular feature inside is the Articles Gallery where you can upload an article for blog owners to come to review it and make their offers.

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Download the MP3 [ 37 Minutes – 23 MB ]

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Podcast highlights


  • What is guest blogging and why it's such a good idea
  • How to use to find potential employers, whether you're a blogger, freelance writer or not
  • 3 different ways to get the most out of MyBlogGuest's 10000+ members
  • What to do to find the most relevant connections on the site
  • Where to showcase your best articles to attract bloggers (blogging employers?) who want to publish your content
  • How to get started on the right foot
  • What to do to get results as quickly as possible

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MP3 Download

Download the MP3 [ 37 Minutes – 23 MB ]

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  1. Gerald Weber


    This interview was lot’s of fun! 🙂

    Thanks again for the interview and looking forward to helping out anyone looking to get started with MyBlogGuest!

  2. Ty Banfield

    Two key points:

    -The network effect can’t be emphasized enough. A relationship that starts with just a blog post can develop into much more when you show you’re a helpful person to have around.

    -The issue of not having a blog came up several times. Since anyone can spend less than $10 and a few hours to set up a self-hosted WordPress blog, there’s no reason not to do so. Even if you only post on it once a month, having a central online presence will still be quite beneficial.

  3. Mike Nemeth

    Thanks for posting the interview. Nicely executed, too. Gerald is very convincing.

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