JobSpice is the resume tool every job seeker wishes they'd had when they first created their resume, as Keller Rinaudo explains in this “double interview”.

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Keller Rinaudo is a co-founder of JobSpice, the Silver Sponsor of the 4th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest, where every contestant will win a 1 year subscription to JobSpice's resume builder service. Come back next Monday, September 27th, when the contest winners will be announced.

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Podcast highlights

This is the first time my interviewee turned the tables on me, leading to a “double-interview” where half the time, Keller was asking the questions. Some of the highlights are:

  • How my Israeli Army experience helped my career
  • Why Israel is statistically a great place for entrepreneurs
  • What job seekers can learn from entrepreneurs' failures
  • The best predictor of success
  • Where the ‘nothing is impossible' culture of Israel comes from
  • How JobSpice came about and why
  • The reasons that you shouldn't try to design a resume in Word (hint: PDF)
  • Why JobSpice was designed for someone who's creating their resume for the first time
  • How JobSpice lets you transform your resume into an online profile
  • Why you want your resume to be found on Google
  • Why older job seekers will appreciate JobSpice as much as first-time job seekers

Here's a quick demo of JobSpice from Keller himself:

Thank you, JobSpice

Big thank you to Keller Rinaudo and JobSpice for being the sole Silver Sponsor of the 4th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest.

Here's the download link again to listen in. If you have any favorite moments in the show, tell us in the comments below.

MP3 Download

Download the MP3 [ 47 Minutes – 23 MB ]

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