Job Search at Work? 5 Must-Read Tips

Put less pressure on yourself by job searching while employed. This is a guest post by Dave Thomas. If you’d also like to guest post here on JobMob follow these guest post guidelines. There are always individuals with jobs who for one reason or another choose to search for a different position. When those cases arise, it behooves the individual to be as discreet as possible so that their present employer is not privy to their search, something that in the end could cost the employee their present job. The last thing you want is to really need to search for a job because you just lost your current job due to wasting the employer’s time. In the event you want or feel the need to get another position while presently employed, keep these factors in mind.


Reader Question: Job Searching at Work?

Already have a job but want something more? Here's a guide to help you think through your plan for a successful confidential job search and avoid ending up with no job at all. A JobMobber asks: "One problem with job hunting is that I'm trying to be discreet - ie. not letting my current job know - and posting on sites, especially like JobMob, is tricky... in terms of putting myself so out there, frankly I'd love the help but can't lose my job. Any ideas?" 7 questions to ask yourself first Measure the risks of a confidential job search carefully before deciding if the potential consequences are worth the effort. 1) Is the confidential job search truly necessary? Think of which changes would be needed to make you stay at your current job. Have you made a serious effort to have them? If you feel that it would be easier to get another job than get ahead in your current one, you're ready for a confidential job search.


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