How To Beat Your Bully Boss

Learn how to deal with a horrifying boss. This is a guest post by David Deke. If you’d also like to guest post here on JobMob, follow these guest post guidelines. It all started back in high school, looking for extra money, for concert tickets, bikes, skateboards and other miscellaneous stuff. I was about 14 years old, at the time, and had an opportunity to help a friend of my parents, work in the construction field, building houses. Now I thought I was going to use the high pressured air guns, power saws, and heavy equipment, to put up some walls and a roof, but instead, was told to haul a pallet of wood, 500 yards across a hot concrete slab, in the middle of August. It was brutal! I ended up being a laborer and a gopher. Have you ever been there?


6 Bad Things It’s OK to Say to Your Good Boss

Work Happy Now! is Karl Staib's blog about "maximizing your work happiness". When Karl wrote about 6 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss, all I could think was "Karl, you've had some really bad bosses." It doesn't need to be like that. You can always talk to a good boss See for yourself. Quotes from Karl's article are in italics. Tip for job seekers: use the hypothetical situations below in job interviews to test if your new boss is someone with whom you can talk freely. 1) Dirty (swear) words When your boss angers you to your core and makes you feel like screaming, you don’t respond with a rant that would make Paris Hilton blush. Although name-calling is never a good idea in the workplace, it's important and even healthy for people to blow off steam from time to time and even at the boss when deserved. You'll appreciate your boss much more if you know it's ok to react that way instead of keeping your frustration pent up.


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