On Recovering From Bad Work Experiences

You probably remember some terrible moments in your career that you'd love to delete from your memory. How did you cope?

Difficult to Leave Behind

Here are some of the things that I've dealt with, in no specific order:

  • Sitting in a tense meeting listening to one executive berate another one only to discover minutes later that they were at fault
  • Being yelled at by a receptionist for daring to follow up after sending over a CV
  • Told 7 months in advance that I was going to be laid off
  • Enduring a contract negotiation meeting with an outside company while my colleague completely reneged on everything we had agreed upon beforehand
  • Having a member of my project team publicly email the CEO and many other colleagues to insult and complain about another project member, when in fact the first person was the source of many problems and delays.

Stressful, frustrating moments that I'll not soon forget even as a bystander.

How do you deal with this kind of trauma?

To answer that, I'm going to hand off to Isabella Mori of Change Therapy. Isabella is a fellow JobMobber and blogger that you may recognize from her terrific entry of 3 key resume questions in the JobMob guest blogging contest in the summer of 2007.

Isabella offered to participate in this first blog conversation at JobMob. The idea is that I kick off a topic while Isabella then replies on her blog and perhaps sends it back here or to other bloggers.

The conversation is open to anyone. Leave a comment below or if you have a blog, join in with your response in a blog post linking back to this article. If your trackback doesn't appear afterwards in the comments below, please contact me so that I'll know to take your article into account.

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