Social media websites have become mega-popular in the past few years, and can be very useful for networking with people who share your interests or are in your profession. The Social Media group writing project had some terrific articles among a long list, so I categorized them for you here below.

Good Reads for Job Seekers

Use your avatar to build brand awareness by David Airey

8 Creative Ways to Use Social Media for Your Job Search by Jacob Share

You’ll Learn Something Here Too

Here’s what happens when you get on the front page of Digg by David Airey (funny)

5 easy ways to get bookmarked on delicious and become hot by Mohsin

Cause-Based Viral Marketing: How Your Nonprofit Can Maximize Social Networking Tools by Maya Norton

Why Networking Socially Beats Social Networking Every Time by Jason Falls

Interviews with Peopleized by Adam Donkus

The Rest


Mob vs Smart Mob: 7 Reasons Why StumbleUpon Traffic Is the Best on the Planet by Tad Chef


Download The Ultimate Twitter Job Search Guide


Facebook’s ad weakness: our “friends” are not our friends by Dave Walker

Why A Facebook Page Is A Must For Job Seekers

Top 200 Job Search & Recruitment Facebook Pages of 2014


Success Story: How I Used LinkedIn and Facebook to Find a Job During the Recession

Niche Social Media:

Jango: Putting the Social Into Internet Radio by Fred

FitFiend: Social Networking For Fitness Enthusiasts by Shannon Nelson

IQONS: Social Networking For The Fashion Industry by Shannon Nelson

Photographers Have A Social Networking With by Shannon Nelson

General Social Media:

Choose Your Audience: The Uncaring Social Media Crowd Or Your Loyal Readers? by Mohsin

Stop Link Building, Links != Traffic by Tad Chef

The Real Rules of Social Media Marketing Unmasked! by Tad Chef

78+ Super Web 2.0 Marketing Tools by S. Kumar

Social Media Networks: Entering the Third Dimension of Connectivity with Web 2.0 by Maya Norton

3 Common Mistakes in Using Listservs: Maximizing Time, Value, and Energy Among Users by Maya Norton

Beginners guide to Social Media by Peter Newsome

Link Building – What they don’t tell you by Peter Newsome

7 Reasons to Embrace Social Media by Peter Newsome

Why Advertising Will Not Win The Battle Of Social Media by Jason Falls

Gaming The System Or Web 2.1? by AdTracker

OpenID to pave way for Web 3.0? by Wayne Smallman

Social Networks: immersive 3D worlds by Wayne Smallman

Do You have a list of your Networks page? by Adam Donkus

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