Social media websites have made the Internet more fun to use for networking than ever before. Here's a list of suggestions to make the most of the top social media websites for your job search.

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Quick and Easy

  1. Browse Flickr for great resume format ideas or upload your portfolio to it.
  2. Create an online resume on LinkedIn, and put the URL on your print resumes and business cards. See my profile as an example.
  3. Join industry groups and Pages on Facebook such as JobMob Facebook Page.
  4. Twitter about your job search so that your friends can find you jobs.

Bigger Effort, Bigger Payoff

  1. Use StumbleUpon to become an influential authority or power user on your domain of expertise by consistently bookmarking terrific links related to your profession.
  2. Post a video resume and respond to YouTube job contests like Diddy's Assistant search.
  3. Be like Vianney Lecroart who put a CV on the Internet in such a creative, original way that it could become popular with Digg readers.
  4. Brand yourself with a MySpace page related to your expertise, and have your page show you job alerts.

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  2. Katalin Holmgren


    I would like to recommend the use of business cards when looking for a job – the front of the card being just an “ordinary” business card and the back containing a “mini-CV/resumé”.

    I am a fairly social person, but hate making phone calls, so this worked perfectly for me and I actually got my previous job by using this kind of business card and passing it out to most of the people I met.

    A woman I had never met before thought I seemed nice and recommended me to her neighbour who had a recruiting business.

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  4. Kate

    Great advice. I shared it with all the social media I use.

  5. Kate

    According to my stats, only 2 people click on a link for every 100 I post.

  6. Kate

    And plus+ doesn’t count for Captain Up points at all.

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